Ask and ye shall receive.

You folks have been clamoring for forums to communicate with each other almost since this site got started. (Was it just a few months ago?)

We’ve added forums, which you can see in the new nav menu above if you’re logged into The forums are powered by the lovely bbPress software, so of course your same username and password works just dandy there.

Starting us off are two forums: Support and Ideas. We hope they’re self-explanatory. If you think you can contribute to either, drop on by.

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  1. CarLBanks

    Sweet, thank you so much!

  2. Kaf

    Phew! Good to see them, ande thanks. I’ll warn…er, I mean inform everyone about them over on that unofficial locale.

  3. lucacicca

    Good idea.
    I’m a new user in
    You are doing a great work!

  4. Jope

    Thanks for that! 8-)

  5. paradox


  6. zhaol

    great !
    i will be there all day ! :)

  7. kapeka

    Thanks! This is a great new addition. The adding of your news to the dashboard is great, too.

  8. c.trinity

    I’ve been waiting for this.
    Thanks guys!

  9. lucifersam

    nice..I’m sure this will ease my confused newbie head…hahaha

  10. searchhigh

    Good to see you encouraging community spirit.

  11. lchiles

    You guys are amazing. HOpe fully this will be easier than running it off the darn server. No less addicting though.

  12. Carlo

    A million thanks! :D

  13. erinjulian

    Congratulations on building a great site & constantly adding new features and benefits…I’m glad I found you!

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