Even More Languages

Based on your feedback we’ve expanded the languages you can select in the list to a grand total of 119, so hopefully your choice is now available. Of course if it’s not, just let us know in the comments here (the ISO code and the language natively) and we’ll add it to the list.

The new features based on the language information is coming soon! Thank you to the thousands of you who have already started classifying your blogs. Curious what the top languages are? Here are the top 5 non-English choices:

  1. Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese

We’ll be using this data to prioritize services for different languages so encourage your friends to sign up if they speak the same language as you.

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  1. nepali

    Can the admin please put the Nepali language. The files can be downloaded at http://www.ujjwal.com.np/wp2/

  2. MadMark

    wow… Italians at 4th position!

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  4. Ryan B

    That’s crazy Matt…

  5. drmike

    But do you have staff that reads all 119 languages? :)

  6. Matt

    Not yet!

  7. stone

    Chinese is the first!

  8. Ben

    lat la Latin

  9. 59ideas

    Great! I’m getting some of my Chinese co-workers to sign up as soon as the interface is language ready. Read English is still very strenuous for many.

    They need to be liberated from feature oppression!

  10. dragonpoet

    I can enter English, Japanese, and Chinese without specifying any language.

    Perhaps if I specify a language my wordpress controls would be in that language?

  11. lucacicca

    You are great!
    Now we are waiting for the new features based on the language information.
    Good work.

  12. M. Liang Liu


    But,please NO the GFW(Great Fire Wall)!

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  14. neok

    Spanish go go go!

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  16. dabia

    Excelente noticia ;)

  17. tamster

    Ok. Lithuanian (lt) is available, but no latvian (lv)?

  18. Mads Topp

    I would like “Danish” to be a part of it..

  19. kriseplan

    Norwegian! How can we contribute?

  20. caly

    i set the language to spanish but i dont see anything changed, ever in the wp-admin or in the front :(

  21. socialdemokrat

    Swedish would be nice ;-)

  22. ectv


    I see all language at languages select in the list but i dont see one of the world oldest language Geez or ethiopic. We are using Amharic language weblog in unicode UTF 8
    can you add the Amharic am- on the list if you need more info about ethiopic for Amharic am


    or you can even see unicode.org and find out more so you can help us on you languge list

    thank you

  23. myross

    Oh! J’aimerais bien avoir un interface en français. :)

  24. bloubser

    I’ll do the Afrikaans translations!

  25. Stupid_Cow

    If you want, there’s already a Hebrew translation (including interface) in http://www.trans.co.il/files/wp/wordpress-he-2-0-1.tgz
    But i assume you need the author’s approval for that…

  26. comitecivicobarranco

    Once you give us access to the spanish interphase, you’ll get swarmed by latin and hispanic bloggers.

  27. garvanit

    You should consider also the Greek language interface as i know a lot of bloggers that they use Greek and using the blogger.com service beacuse of that reason.

  28. bernardino

    Español,…………..¿para cuando?

  29. marcbarriere

    Pourquoi pas le Français?
    Langue belle entre toutes ayant survécu en Nord-Amérique.
    Langue fondatrice de l’ancienne Nouvelle-France, de la Louisiane, de tout l’Ouest du Mississipi.
    Par ailleurs WordPress existant déjà en Français, ce serait pas si compliqué…

  30. razzi

    Can there be Urdu?

  31. Dinçer Çelik

    I need turkish language to start posting on my blog :(

  32. 기불?

    Korean, please. I expect more than a few thousand Korean bloggers would move to wordpress.com very soon (from “egloos.com”). If wordpress provides easy tool to import data from “egloos.com”, it is possible for more than 10,000 Korean bloggers to settle down here…

  33. 기불?

    Korean, please. Sooner or later, more than 5,000 Korean bloggers may move in wordpress.com because of the recent merge of “egloos.com” by SK communications. If wordpress.com provides an easy tool to import data without any problem from “egloos.com”, it is possible for more than 10,000 Korean bloggers would settle down here…

  34. gibul

    Korean, please.

  35. kuks

    I would like to see Latvian language in the list, charset iso-8859-13 or utf-8. I would even like to help with translation.

  36. azazlulu


  37. emilianojpa

    Portuguese – Brazil Br Please!!!!

  38. intherye

    one more korean, here.

  39. Jörg Wartchow

    German, please!

  40. Hasan

    Turkish please.

  41. Prakash Shenoy

    I write my blogs in Marathi language (Devnagri) using unicode. The log is displayed properly in Internet Explorer but not in firefox which is my default browser. The same blog hosted on blogger.com shows properly in firefox. I request you to add Marathi language in the Language list (spoken by more than 60 million people in Indian state of Maharashtra) and also improve the unicode interface of the blog with firefox browser, which is getting popular day by day.

  42. hakabon

    I’ve translated WordPress to my language, Turkish.
    I can send the file… :)

  43. skellibjalla

    Eða bara ?slenska…..

    Icelandic would be very nice

  44. eyko

    Yay! Can’t wait for spanish!! ^^

  45. nicose

    Yes, I agree with socialdemokrat! Swedish would be VERY nice indeed!!! :) Please add it soooooon! :)

  46. zizz

    Slovene would be nice. Though actually I’d be completely satisfied with DATES (days of the week and moths) in Slovene (and other languages).

  47. gennady

    Can the administrator enlarge the possibility of mainly used languages? As a translator I’m using 3 languages and this can be helpful. Thank you in advance!

  48. अनाम अंतर्मन

    I need wordpress in Hindi (Devanagari, Unicode)

  49. esgrimalibre

    la interface de usuario es muy importante

  50. chaoticmind

    can u guys add Tagalog

    main dialect in the Philippines..

  51. Dhaleta Surender Kumar

    I’d like to to have a Hindi interface for Publishing.

  52. Attiq

    I want URDU as well as Support for Right to Left languages(Arabic,Persian etc).

  53. Mike

    French is not in the top non-english languages? Sacrament va falloir attendre! Ok d’abords…!

  54. slovenski


    I`ve just translated WordPress into SLOVENE (slovenia, not slovakia).
    I am just wondering where do deposit the translation, so that it`ll reach the largest group of people possible.

    I already posted the link on Wiki, but is there any official depository?

    Thanks in advance!


  55. livingtrue

    I need russian language support, could you add russian language? There is ruusian wordpress site with russian lang support.

  56. donandrez

    Pls add Tagalog. language code is tl (ISO 639-1) or tgl (ISO 639-2 & ISO/DIS 639-3).

  57. zemene

    Can Latvian be included?

  58. gluepl


  59. siavash


  60. eddye

    Portuguese – BR

    Brazil is the 2nd country in the world’s ranking of number of computers with Internet access.

    Isn’t it enough?

  61. ltvan

    Can you include Vietnamese, please?
    Now most of themes use Georgia font that doesn’t include Vietnamese code page (1258). I wish that I can change the font. Thanks.

  62. aufklarung

    My team could give you Indonesian version.

  63. veltis

    From the country that brought you Linus Torvalds, Nokia, and the antiheroes of Eurovision…Finns are #1 in WP translation too! Wheee! ;P (for now, at least…couldn’t resist)

  64. Jorn!

    Don’t forget Dutch please.

  65. dhri

    There are over 700,000 and growing, Iranian blog heads in and out of Iran. So please please include Farsi as well. Blogging is very important for Iranians as it is their main means of communication. Remember about 70% Iranians are under 30 years of age.

  66. Luna


  67. vanndeth

    Can you put Cambodian language into selected language so that many of my friends that cannot write English can write it in Cambodian language or Khmer.


  68. deloco

    The Germans are on 3rd place… Soon we will be on the first, and then we will rule the earth! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

  69. starrseed

    Happy Trailzz to you the more languages the merrier. And what of dialects. obviously I`m commuicating in English yet the dialect is Eubonnic Semi-Bliss Bunny

  70. tomavana

    Please include Malagasy [Madagascar] language.

  71. pridumala

    it will be great to see “russian” too :)

  72. nobody

    ok good , verry good

    yup esperanto-eo are exist !!!!!!!

    dankon matt !!

  73. Kayla

    yup i like it too

  74. Павел

    Matt contact me adnarug@gmail.com , I can translate into Russian

  75. vparaschiv

    What about having a blog in more than one language, for example in English and Romanian :-)

  76. efvila

    And Catalan? I’ve got my blog in Catalan, but all appears in English… :S If you want, I can help with the traductions…

  77. elisabetecunha

    português é mais charmoso!!!

  78. vincent0103


  79. madh

    Hi all,

    To have all these languages is blazing hot, yet I doubt there will be much BLOG’s using them. The majority of Cybernauts still speaks English; and that is good so ;-)

    Honestly, WP is a wonderful thing and already gives a million choices to the Admin, sometimes only available in one of the nightly’s. I had recently made that expierence myself trying to import external data. Thanks again, lad. It worked perfectly!

    Back to the lang stuff: Spanish is nice, but there are at least a dozen different types of Spanish, just like with en-uk, en-us, etc. I am currently working in Mexico and have come to learn, that es-es is not quite es-mx. As for that, my question would be a:) are there any localized sub-langs planned, and b:) can the user interface be switched to one language, while the admins interface remains at plain English?


  80. samathuvam

    தமிழ் மொழி இடைமுகம் இருந்தால் நன்று.

  81. khvoigt

    Plse add Pap. for Papiamentu

    Papiamentu is a well known and established (Caribbean) Creole language.

  82. befrielsen

    Could help with some danish translations, if interested?

  83. nuno

    portuguese! cool. nice work :D

  84. christianlevesque


    one of the most spoken language in the world…. a lot of new adept for you !!

  85. PGB

    Catalan is welcomed also :)

  86. sindhiblog

    Sindhi is not included, its being spoken as regional language in Sindh Pakistan and has the status of National langauge along with other languages in India. Dont have technical know how of ISO code so cant let you know. I hope you will include it too. My blog is in sindhi langauge. You can have a look at it for reference.

  87. jentilisa

    Me too, like tomavana I need malagasy language (from Madagascar) [mg]

  88. margrethe

    Norwegian, please.
    Can I contribute in any way? Of course translating only the frontend would be a big step forward.

  89. ireadabook

    עברית בבקשה, Hebrew, please. It works very good in the Hebrew version of wordpress

  90. Αναμαρια

    Slovene please.

    I would be really gratefull if some details i cannot change were translated in slovene language (eg: ‘posted in’, ‘comments’, etc.) Thanks.

  91. ansoo

    Swedish, thank you :)

  92. captaindemocracy

    how do I post a chineese blog with keeping my site also in english

  93. Ladyjane

    Danish would be great :-)

  94. ngadutrafik2007at

    What about Javaneese? Google has it ( http://www.google.com/intl/jw/ ) !! :)

  95. rota360

    My goodness the new languages will make the wordpress the best of the world.

    Yes… worldpress… these options will be so good.

    I’m Brazilian and my coworkers don’t understand the English as good as me so it will improve our communication, because I want that they can post it easily.

    Brazilian people show to the world that is in the web deeply, we are the number one in orkut. Our language are so important to the wordpress. Mainly that just one state in our country is bigger than so many countries in Europe and Asia. We are continental.
    So I think I gave you so many reasons to Brazil have its language in wordpress.

  96. kevinxu899

    Wow! chinese language at the top one. Bravo!
    But how the Japanese and Korean? are they on the future list?


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