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When it comes to free video hosting, apparently YouTube isn’t the only kid on the block. Google Video support is here! You didn’t think we would deny you the pleasure of posting videos like this, did you?

This is the code that displays that video (spaces added to force word wrap):


You’ll find that long URL in the HTML code provided by Google Video’s “Put on site” feature. To extract the URL, remove everything from <embed to src=" and everything after the next quotation mark (").

Sorry this is harder than the Youtube integration, but Google makes things a little tricky. Enjoy!

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  1. Matt

    By the way, this feature (and post) was brought to you by Andy. :)

  2. sukhbirsingh


  3. laang

    Wow, so cool, looking forward to more features. I really think rocks~

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  5. MadMark

    Thank you!!

  6. abraham

    Excellent! Thanks.

  7. Ryan B


  8. Michael

    This is great! Now I can add even more hilarious videos to my site.

  9. ohmzzz

    Rated EXCELLENT!

  10. Dario Salvelli

    Very Good ;)

  11. CarLBanks

    Awesome! rocks!

  12. davidputnam

    Nice. I get more and more impressed with WordPress everyday.

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  14. tommax1083

    I have tried… but I do not succeed to make it to work :(
    But the code goes inserted in modality HTML?

  15. drhaisook

    I appreciate this feature, and thanks, WP..

    I hope you introduce some more important features that may be helpful to a wider level of audience. Not all people like videos on their blogs. A more general feature would be nicer.

    thanks a lot

  16. NET-TEC internet solutions

    Quite nice feature! :-)
    But where is this video from? Can you take any video, or do you have to take one from Google?

  17. Livia

    Thanks guys! That rocks!

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  19. MaBU

    jupp – great.

  20. phasetwo

    Thanks so much, great work!

  21. CarLBanks

    Thanks so much Matt. I have been waiting for this.

  22. swiecki


  23. Brady

    Amazing, thanks!

  24. Dewayne Mikkelson

    Wow, I did not expect yet another Video option. Great Job!

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  27. CarLBanks

    I notice a white box on the Google Video in this blog entry.

  28. Krec!K

    it’s good tag :) google videos :) nice feauture :)

  29. Steph

    How about support, too? It’s a great service!

  30. russellreno

    I am so glad I switched to WordPress.

  31. Steph

    Hi! I thought I’d commented this already, but it seems I haven’t. Could we please have support for too? It’s a service similar to YouTube (and imho, nicer: no watermarking, less clutter).

    Having the choice of Google Video is already great, but I’d really love Daily Motion support :-)

  32. Steph

    If you support it I promise to do tons of video blogging :-D

  33. Donncha

    just testing a little bit!

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  35. constantlysu

    hey, all these hype and positive feedback seem so fake to me.

    get real guys. don’t even have all thesehassle of modifying HTML codes, and you guys applause when give you all these limitations?

    seriously, get real.

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  37. clevergael

    I don’t know if it’s google’s problem or mine, but I can’t get it to work. They player shows up, but no video. I think it’s a great feature, just spell it out for us noobs a little more. ;)

  38. RyanC

    It would be cool if these sort of clever features were on the editor window, sort of like click here and it will ask you for the URL and then insert the code for you, just a reminder of the extra features that are available for new users who may not have spotted this news post and the previous YouTube one :)

  39. hombrelobo

    Thanks! good job!

  40. overburn

    Everytime i try to post a google video the editor automatically links the url between [googlevideo= ... ] … no matter how many times i tell it to unlink it… :(

  41. Brad

    Um, It wont work for me :-(. I’m using a new template, maybe thats why.

  42. ilalang

    wow it’s so cool

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  44. vdovault

    This is nice to support another video format, but when I tried to embed videos in my posts, it made the loading of my blog really slow for me (and I am on DSL) — so I post links out to my videos.

    Still waiting on my customizable header — is that so much to ask? All I wanna do is swap a picture for a boring plain solid color header.

  45. blaze

    Hahahahaha that gazella ran into a tree!!!!!!

    But seriously… nice work guys cheers.

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  47. 4elearning

    Pretty good.. Have you see

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  49. office

    I just found out that I can add google videos! Cooool! Keep up the good work!

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  55. ditchthedummy

    excellent! thanks so much and it made me laugh to!!!

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  59. Ali Asger

    hmmmmmmmm fabulous………..hahahah nice one…..its really made me laugh,

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  62. aabiransabeel

    Sweet, thank you.

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  66. Roadster_Brabus

    Works perfectly! :D

  67. rollmops

    Does anyone know how to change the size of the embedded video?

  68. latindancelust

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure this out all day!

  69. expresscheckout

    The Google Video page doesn’t seem to have “Put on site” anymore, so I can’t get the long URL to put the video in. Anyone know where I can find it?

  70. hundredfires

    I agree with expresscheckout, I can’t find where in Google Video I can get that long URL. Any idea ? There is not a “Put on site” button anymore

  71. pieterr


    What about an [mp3:] syntax, that would insert an inline flash player like the one in Podpress: ?



  72. guideinfo

    google has removes this feature?

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  75. Shane Bill

    It has changed but I think I figured it out!!! YAAH!

    So you want to use the followings steps.

    1) Change to the code view when posting a new message.
    2) Type [googlevideo= in the code view.
    3) In the Google video there is a button you can press the "Email-Blog-MySpace" button
    4) It will expand into a new section
    5) Beside the bolded "Send Link" click on the "Embed HTML" link -- getting there!
    6) Copy the entire text from the window that appears
    7) As stated above just cut out the text between the quotations after the src= bit.

    8) So if you had src=""
    9) You would end up with a link
    10) Place this after the [googlevideo= bit and you're done
    11) Add an end brace --> ]
    12) You’ll get [googlevideo=] (don’t forget the end brace.

    Happy vidoeing!

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  77. oracles

    Thank you Shane !

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