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Run, don't walk to the Presentation page of your blog and drag the Blog Stats widget into your sidebar! It will display a simple counter on your blog now but we will add more stats in time.

For performance reasons the counter is only updated every 60 seconds and because it uses the same data our stats charts use it won't record your hits on your own blog.

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  1. P. A. Monteiro

    I ran. I saw. WP conquered. WP rules.

  2. phrostypoison

    WP rocks, WP rules. When’s Asides coming?

  3. Rushi Vishavadia

    Great stuff!

  4. Livia

    YAYY! Thanks guys! It’s a lovely thing

  5. Abhijit Nadgouda is getting more and more sufficient, no need of 3rd party counters now. Thanks!

  6. Sukhbir

    You guys are too good!

  7. Sankar

    That’s great. We probably won’t need external site counters anymore.

  8. greenlightsabers

    This should be interesting to try out.

  9. Destiny

    wow,that’s really great, bt still, have a calender?

  10. Destiny

    hey hey, i didn’t noticed that there’s a calender! GREAT!

  11. Atariboy

    Wow 265,725 hits in 4 months, an overall hits was jsut what i asked for, thanks wordpress :)

  12. akhater

    WP is just going from best to even better you guys rock ;)

  13. akhater

    one more request, can you spoil us and install fgallery addon on PLEASE

  14. Lee Kelleher

    Great widget… now I can see how un-popular I am! ;-)
    Good work guys!

  15. .i dream in red.

    whoa. very cool

  16. iabhinav

    Thats really a great news!

    I would have apprecited more updates till now.
    But slow and sturdy..


  17. camdenlady

    And yet another great new feature! Excellent!

  18. bombie

    So cool! Now if only my stats can be more than 2 digits, it would be presentable…

  19. தமிழன?

    Err.. The Emperor is naked.. i cant see the widget!

  20. tifty

    Mmm… I still want to see the IPs though.

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  22. wrnc

    really cool.Thanks

  23. tabreziqbal

    love it! now i just don’t think, but i *know* that no body reads my blog ever!!

    good work :)

  24. Damien

    Thanks alot this is great for me to see how many people have visited…31k in 4 months is amazing for me thanks WP :)

  25. Qwerty Maniac

    Real good! Finally!

  26. swartzonmedia

    This really improved my blog. I learn something new on WP everytime I use it. Thanks. But, I only have 170 hits so I realize I have some work to do.

  27. Ternezia

    You guys do great work. Thank you!

  28. swartzonmedia

    Anyone living in the Dayton, Ohio area check out this site…

  29. K

    Because of these, I’ve now decided to change my favourite Hemingway Theme to another theme. However, I hope you could find ways to implement these widgets to the Hemingway Theme.

    Great Feature!

  30. taraden

    Neat Feature…thank you! And the calendar widget is much appreciated as well! :)

  31. Sri

    and now all my frends wil add it to theirs and il have to do it too and embarass myself,,
    tut,, i hate wordpress :P

  32. foreverandnever

    fantastic feature. now i need get the hang of blogging

  33. Cari Duit

    this is a good one. the one thing that i really need. thanks wordpress. u r the best :)

  34. nerdiiblackgirl

    Awesome! Can’t wait to add it.

  35. fuchsiacow

    great job. and really, wp rocks.

    just wondering if we wld be able to see the ip of the users. if that could be added, it’ll be splendid.

  36. swartzonmedia

    Hey, I started this new blog where I’m trying to promote random acts of kindness. I think this can make a difference to some people, so please take two minutes and check it and leave a comment if you can.
    Thank you.

  37. talkislam

    you guys must be over whelmed with all the compliments. there all well deserved. WP rocks!

  38. Ute & Christian

    Jep! WP rocks! When will there be a picture-widget?

  39. Ryan B

    When did it start counting? If it is when the blog is created, mine is quite a bit off.

  40. tifty

    I would love to see IP addresses in the stats. Any chance of that happening?

  41. vnoel

    That’s great, but seeing the hit count so low is kinda depressing ;-)

  42. Sanjay Kumar

    was waiting for that since long!!! Thanks a lot!!
    WP rocks!!

  43. myscribbles

    It’s a great addition to WP blogs. But we have to understand that it is still in its primitive days. It will have to get more efficient in order to fulfil the gap of the disuse of an external stats counter.

  44. Jota A

    Regulus 2.0 still doesn’t have widget capability… :(

    C’mon you guys! I wanna be part of the party too!!

  45. vjp

    I’m with Jota A. Can we Regulus 2 users PLEASE get widget capability?

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  47. neok

    More Widgets for Hemingway ¡please!

  48. xSxCx

    I found a calendar widget for dusk that’s new too! cool!

  49. K

    Did someone elses noticed? FLICKR has been added as widget for sidebar. I also notice few changes in the DASHBOARD. It is now replaced with a “BOOKMARK”. Apparently, the page LINKS are merged along with the “Categories” lists. Now it’s confusing. Thanks

  50. techbee

    Merci beaucoup, vous êtes des anges.

  51. J

    yeah, i’d like to have the counter for regulus 2, as well. i hope you guys add it soon!

  52. neok

    Yes, Bookmarks are now also in Categories.

  53. Tom

    I was waiting for it thank you!

  54. Tom

    wow very cool!

  55. zhaol

    Yes, it’s there. I changed my template to the classic in order to use the “blog stats” widget. it’s cool. will it be available to other templates? how to change the format of those categories? thanks.

  56. livingjourney

    hmmmm…..Do I really want to advertise my loser stats!!!



  57. Harsh

    nice going!

  58. ruberad

    One cool way to expand the stats widget would be to divide it into

    blog: 1,234 hits
    post: 123 hits

  59. nortel

    what period does it count? daily, monthly, historical?


  60. jaotte

    I am with the creatures above: I hope widgits are enabled for the Regulus 2 theme sometime soon!

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  62. socrateesvs

    Hey that should be a cool feature, n wordpress rocks for sure!!!! But Hemingway’s Bottombar doesn’t have this widget!!! :(.. Pls I need it :)))))))

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  64. Logitha

    Seriously, WordPress is awesome!! I love you guys. =)

  65. Cari Duit

    really neat widget. the best to me :)

  66. diaguita

    and regulus 2? when?????

  67. heimtommy


    I’m happy for all the new widgets!;)

  68. sunnyworld

    Great Work WP team. Nice to see the number of hits to the site increasing gradually.

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  70. Jezzeiffy

    Bagus! Bagus!

  71. totaltrust

    Terrific new feature — thanks a bunch!


  72. rodrigohashimoto

    That sounds good…

  73. litlove

    That’s amazing – I have no faith in my techno skills, but what joy – I didn’t need to have any! Thanks for a great feature.

  74. ttech5593

    Does regular Wordress get it too?

  75. Matt

    Sorry, it’s just for

  76. Moey

    can i add it to a hosted blog?

  77. chanux

    Gr8 work WP. I love everything u gimme 2 me. Nize. Even the free service is priceless.

    Longlive WP

  78. weehaggis

    cool, but would be nice to have option to hide it from visitors or to have it in the admin panel

  79. chanux

    wordpress ROX!!!

  80. prideandjoy

    ah hah. thankx.

  81. بهمن

    Its really good to give us an option for sort our “Categories” in sidebar widget.
    I love classification and sorting anything ;)


  82. opiated

    Very non-intrusive counter. I like that. Thanks!

  83. 4xbizexec

    very cool, me like it!


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