We worked on it!

I'm very happy to say that I'm confident we're at the other end of the tunnel. When we last spoke our first datacenter was really beginning to break under the load, but the new datacenter wasn't fully online yet because we were waiting on hardware. The next day we gained access to everything we needed to bring it fully online and a short time thereafter we began serving pages from Dallas as well as San Diego. The final problem was making sure your uploads were in sync across the different datacenters, and I was able to write a quick plugin to make that happen.

The next week we watched how things performed and kept a close eye on bug reports coming from the feedback form. Finally, a few days ago, we switched the hardware in Dallas to be the "primary" location for WordPress.com traffic, as it's 3-6x faster than what we have in San Diego.

We've had zero performance or downtime issues since the final switch, but already we've started planning out new waves of hardware and redundant datacenters to bring online in the next 6-12 months to prevent any issues like we had before from happening again.

As we approach 200,000 blogs just 6 months after we opened to the public, I couldn't be happier with the state of our infrastructure and our capacity for future growth.

So to summarize:

  • We quadrupled our database hardware and doubled the web servers powering WordPress.com.
  • There is a live copy of your posts, comments, and uploads in San Diego, California and Dallas, Texas.
  • Backups are still made hourly.
  • Most pages load 2-3x faster, and the new hardware should scale to well past half a million blogs.
  • We consumed a lot of Dr. Pepper.

Now, back to the fun stuff. Thanks for sticking with us through that rough patch. :)

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  1. Rob

    Thanks for all the hard work :)

  2. traya

    Muchos gracias guys!

  3. Ankur

    Thankx ppl

  4. Luminus

    Way to go guys!

  5. chaoticmind

    Yeay! Awesome! Thanks guys.. gread job :D

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  7. theeternalwanderer

    Thanks so much to everyone at WordPress for their efforts and hard work into making WordPress one of the best bloghosts EVER!

    With much gratitude from all the way from Malaysia!

  8. macbuckley

    Well Done Guys, Your work is very much welcomed.

  9. Just Mohit

    Great news!

    Hopefully the problems I face while posting will now go away. There have been times when an entire typed & linked post has disappeared on pressing the “publish” button.

    Also, could we please ask for more templates, and more user-configurable options? Please?

  10. K

    “There is a live copy of your posts, comments, and uploads in San Diego, California and Dallas, Texas.”

    Such an exciting news! Patience is such a virtue. Thank you to all the hardwork. KUDOS to all the wordpress theme.

  11. K

    *Team rather.

  12. robertmillion

    This is a fantastic service and you are doing an incredible job maintaining it.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  13. taraden

    Awesome! Thanks guys. :)

  14. Chrono Cr@cker

    Great job team. Keep up the good work. Would like it if trackbacks work too, hope the probs get solved.

  15. rdgujarati

    great work. superb work. thanks a lot

  16. gpessia

    Thanks for all!

  17. Andy C

    Now that all the little lights on the servers are glowing Green, does that mean that the brilliant WP developers can all work on launching the Shuttle ?

  18. puny

    thanks, guys!
    nice job

  19. techbee

    I am starting to wonder about Magic Matt. How does he look? Is he single? Could we have a thumbnail photo of him when he speaks from the maontain top ob blogging?

  20. Aditya

    yay :)

  21. Michael Cox

    Sounds great – unfortunately it comes a little too late for me: the blog I was setting up was for a small business, and as I asked one of the founders to take a look, he was confronted with a “Scheduled Maintenance” screen. I was then ordered to find a host that doesn’t schedule maintenance for the middle of the day.

    Thanks though!

  22. Ryan B

    sweet, I would love to see the stats

  23. TheShortFatKid

    Thanks for doing all the heavy lifitng so I can write about farts and bigfoot :)

    I know wordpress.com has been very, very good to me!

  24. azureus

    Thank you All! I never had a problem with WordPress.com, except for the occasional hiccups, but logging in today, I can see the difference!

  25. *version-3-point-1

    Go WP.com team! Seriously.
    My hat goes off to you.

  26. Brandon

    Wow i can already see the difference! Thanks alot!

  27. .i dream in red.

    you guys rock

  28. greenlightsabers

    Woo, live copies of our comments and posts. Not bad. ;)

    PS. Dr.Peppers is the pwnage.

  29. ches

    You guys kick some serious @$$.

  30. Rui Martins

    thanks! your are the best “blogger” available! so I will keep with you, of course!

  31. ches

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Riva

    Great job, thanks!

  33. britgirl

    Great work! I can hardly believe this wonderful service is free. Hope I I don’t wake up :) You are streets ahead.

  34. Nobodyknows

    Thanks, y’all!

  35. drmchsr0

    Well, that’s good to hear.

  36. effy

    Good job! Thanks!

  37. Bill

    Bravo! Thanks Guys!

  38. Guru Panguji

    Indeed!! I think WP.com is the BEST blog host I have ever been with. Thanks a ton ya guys!! You are ze best!! ;-)!

  39. Mark

    Thanks for giving your all for us, guys. rock on!

    Oh, before I go, could I suggest the WP-contactForm plugin?

    Thanks and God bless!

  40. ychittaranjan

    Good Job guys!!! May you continue to serve ppl. eith the same helpful attitude! Cheers and Lotsa Thanks….

  41. Sonnie

    Thank you or “maraming salamat” in Filipino.

  42. Sankar Viruthachalam

    This is great news. You are really working hard for the community. :)

  43. jaytomio

    Thank very much!

  44. Qwerty Maniac

    Cool, way to go WP!

    Ps. Doesnt wp.com/next have some downtimes still … ? I face em sometimes…

  45. Logitha

    You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the hardword. =)

  46. Peter

    wordpress … so … awesome. Seriously though how do you guys manage to pay for all of this goodness?

  47. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Thank you, Matt and the team for working so hard to provide us with an unparalelled blogging service.

    I found it difficult to log into my member area, where pages loaded very slowly before due to a lousy internet connection, but now things have visibly improved. this means I can blog better.

    Thank you again, and keep up the hard work.

  48. lapstre

    As i always say….

    Thank You!
    Thank You!
    Thank You!

  49. chella

    Namaste from India. Even some of my friends suggested me to move elswhere when you were working for us and I stayed. I know our community is something unique. Like Mac lovers!lol! Cheers and thanks for all your efforts. There may be thousand skycrapers but only one Taj Mahal! You have built a Taj Mahal for us!

    We love you all
    Chella from India
    proudly from http://www.osai.wordpress.com

  50. E@zyVG

    Awesome news – love to hear such things.

    Have noticed that pages load much faster with lower downtime.

    Now looking forward to implementing some cool plugins – CoComment being first on the list.

    Tnx. WordPress.com rocks.

  51. unzelblog

    youre the greatest, man. wordpress is really the best

  52. kasa

    You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for all the work and the commitment.

    Big ups to all of you !!!

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  54. manu

    Really appreciated ;)


  55. endtimesjournal

    excellent job! you guys are the best blog hosters out there! keep up the good work.

  56. jewaira

    A big thank you from Kuwait.

    You are a wonderful team :)

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  58. JV

    Congrats and kudos to all you!!:)

  59. Damien

    Thanks your hard work is appreciated :)

  60. dljournal

    Thank you!

  61. drhaisook

    That’s nice! Now more themes and widgets please!

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  63. chartreuse

    nice. congrats!

  64. Clodimedius

    When we hear «blogging», we think «WordPress».
    One World Class De Facto Standard has been set.
    How can one write and publish without it?

    WordPress has been a life experience change.
    Left behind many little black writing books.

    Share it on WordPress. The Virtual Writing Book.
    Everywhere. Any time.


  65. baddminton

    You are awesome! Thanks so much!

  66. Elizabeth

    Thank you!!

  67. markblog

    Wow! This is great! I logged onto my computer this morning to see the updates but decided to check my blog for comments first and it was done with in 2 seconds of me hiting enter on my keyboard!

    Great job and keep up the good work!

    -Mark S

  68. litlove

    An Ode to A New Server

    There once were some guys from wordpress,
    Who thought they’d keel over with stress.
    When accessing your blog,
    Became quite a slog,
    How we cheered now the problem’s addressed!

    Ok, ok, so it’s not exactly poetry, but it’s intended as a tribute. Just got to hope that next time I’m not moved to try a sonnet…

  69. Sagacious Himself

    yay! why weren’t you drinking Lost Soda or Jolt Cola? Maybe now you’ll install the Spam Karma 2 plugin? ;) It’s the DCC of blogspam management.

  70. Sven de Vries

    Yep, thanks a lot for all that work.

  71. bofh69

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  72. Shailesh S. Khandekar

    धन्यवाद! (Thank you in Marathi)

    WordPress.com is a wonderful service. Keep up the great work!

  73. swartzonmedia

    great work…this is really great stuff and I’m excited to be a part of this and see it grow

  74. Richard

    matt, thank you and the team very much for your hard work.

  75. hasin

    Thats fantastic. I hope wordpress.com will continue this service and they wont stop. Really love your service. But keep in mind to give support for exporting blogs from here, at least let use take a backup of our blog database.


  76. aparna

    Great job!! Thanks for the support from you guys!!

  77. Jensen Hearing

    Thought that WordPress was just another blog CMS. But I was wrong. It has great support and even have WordPress.com which is no ordinary place. We get help just as good or even better than the paid CMS. Now you’ve gone and upgraded the system. Way cool. Thanks for making our blogs stable, fast and always UP!

  78. blogger

    Thank you and Dr. Pepper ;o)

  79. lgreer

    “Dr Pepper” doesn’t have a period after the ‘Dr’

  80. erik

    it is encouraging to see you guys keep trying to improve. I have enjoyed the recent updates/enhancements.

    Keep up the good work.



    Great job, thanx

  82. gidibao

    Thanks for all the hard work ;)

  83. defrostindoors

    You guys are the BEST! Many thanks!

  84. verb


  85. sunshipballoons

    They say diet Dr Pepper tastes more like the original Dr Pepper. Well, that made sense when “new” diet Dr Pepper tasted more like the original Dr Pepper; they were comparing “new” to “old” DDP. What about now? Compared to what does diet Dr Pepper taste more like the original Dr Pepper? Compared to Coke and Pepsi? Compared to asparagus? Just wondering.

  86. ruturajv

    hey that is great news!!!
    believe me, I know what it is adding Peer nodes to the system
    Great job

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  88. Ashish C.

    All thanks from the DeadMan for a really pleasurable experience!

  89. the forester

    You guys are awesome. It wasn’t easy moving from Blogsome over here because I knew I’d be giving up the ability to customize my design theme. But in the end I figured it’d be worth it for the superior service. You’re definitely proving me right. Thank you for all you’re doing to keep us up and running!

  90. kisumi


  91. RyanC

    Excellent work, WordPress.com just keeps on getting better and better – and even more excellent – its still free!!! Wonderful stuff!

  92. swartzonmedia

    nice work

  93. Will Chester

    Things seem to be working a lot faster. Great job!

  94. Kirk M.

    Good job guys…and you keep us informed too!

    Sometimes with pictures : – )

    It’s the reason I left Blogger.


  95. aabiransabeel


  96. Sharique

    Great job done and i am in complete agreement with the comment above..

  97. Vish

    Thank you. I’m really impressed.

  98. charlesstricklin

    Those of you in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area should consider drinking the real Dr. Pepper instead! :)

    Ryan, if you read this, they serve it by the bottle at Love and War in Texas, there’s one in Plano near where, I think, you live. (Their chicken-fried steak is excellent!)


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