Theme Thursday

Two days a week? What we will think of next? ;)

I came across this cool brown theme Solipsus and just couldn't wait for you guys to try it out. This theme comes courtesy of the talented Tiffany Nguyen (Rikkye) and I've updated it to support widgets as well. (Though the sidebar can look funny with some types of widgets.)

Update: Chalk it up to 2 AM silliness, but last night I forgot to "activate" the theme for you guys after deploying it. You shoudl be able to find it under your Presentation tab now. Sorry!

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  • May 25, 2006 @ 9:12 am
  • Themes


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  1. Uncle Su

    Matt, I don’t see the new Solipsus in the theme list. Is it up yet?

  2. Uncle Su

    Matt, is the theme up yet? I don’t see it from the list…

  3. MeL

    sweet! but it’s not selectable yet from our dashboard?

  4. drhaisook

    First post!
    Will check this out!


  5. gpessia


  6. Sonnie

    Thanks. Am waiting for your premium account so I can have the liberty to fully customize my site.

  7. greenlightsabers

    YES! Another theme. *Seizure time*

  8. Qwerty Maniac

    Thanks a ton x 2 again ;)

  9. Qwerty Maniac

    Umm, I cant find it… :?

  10. felixmeyer

    Where is it??

  11. felixmeyer

    where is it?

  12. sanyuja

    Thanks once again.

  13. livingjourney

    I can’t find it either!!

  14. Björn

    Where is it??

  15. avuee

    Ditto. I don’t see it. Maybe I should empty my cache?

  16. felixmeyer

    i DID empty my cache and still don’t see it

  17. phrostypoison

    Ditto. I can’t see it.

  18. ychittaranjan

    Err…Couldn’t find any Solipsus theme in the ‘Presentation’ section!:|

  19. karthiksn

    Dude really happy for you to give us another theme but where is it

  20. bluesaze

    some kinda of joke?????????????

  21. Cynthia

    yeah i can’t see it too

  22. berk

    This theme must be available only in certain data centers? I’ll bet it’s hitchhiking from San Diego to Dallas right now. ;)

    Check out the original theme author’s site to get a view of the theme.

  23. Tina

    Cool! I love Tiffany’s website, so it’s cool to see her getting recognition.
    I think I might have suggested her themes, but I can remember because it was so long ago. :P

  24. swartzonmedia

    so many good themes but I hate to keep changing mine…keep up the good work though

  25. Björn

    But where is it?

  26. Sankar Viruthachalam

    5 themes for a week… You are just getting better and better…

  27. chaoticmind

    it’s just a joke! hahhaha

    where is it? thanks anyways

  28. chaoticmind

    omg! it is actually awesome! take a look :D
    Can’t wait to use it.. hey guys.. put it up already :D

  29. bombie

    Wow, it does look pretty cool, but yeah I don’t find it in available themes either.

  30. nice
  31. taraden

    WOW….two days in one week? We love you! :D

  32. taraden

    err…I don’t see it either….I look at presentation in dashboard…not there :?

  33. Matt

    Sorry guys, I made a boo-boo. Check it out now.

  34. Qwerty Maniac

    Whee! now its there! Thanks a ton againnn! :mrgreen: I am loving it!

  35. Qwerty Maniac

    Hmm, but for the header text (the back black mixes with the text colour, both are black :?) it rocks =)

  36. felixmeyer

    Another WP-theme thats nothing for me. The silly header image and rounded vs. straight corners kills it.
    Apart from that, like most themes, its main column is too narrow, i.e., doesn’t allow pics of at least 450 pix width being displayed without being scaled down = messing up diagonal lines.

  37. Stephen

    I’d like to see Finius added. Thanks for all the new themes!

  38. talkislam


  39. Ryan B

    I have to give this the biggest double thumbs down possible. Have you ever thought about accessibility? Other than White as Milk? Light mint on white, yeah, have fun people with having problems seein non-contrasting colors. Why not just put it green on green?

  40. blaze

    Hey there, fantastic work as usual.

    I’d love it if you were able implement Tarski as it is a great looking skin and I think would also be great if users could choose an image/url of their own for the topbar. Just a thought!

    Otherwise, keep on truckin!

  41. nylusmilk

    one week later we will all be having withdrawal symptoms from theme overdose.

    but we love it anyway! merci merci!!

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  43. Vincent

    Very nice templates there. Thanks for adding.

    By the way, I can’t view the screen shot of Flower Power 1.0.

    Is it only me who face this or you guys do too ?

  44. CheezWhiz Sensei

    Theme is great looking, but I agree with Blaze above… It would be nice if users could choose an image/url of their own for the topbar… sort of like blending the vision of the blogger with that of the theme artist… Like the Regulus theme for example! That one rocks!!!

  45. தமிழன்


  46. Jenna.

    Is there a reason that these new themes link to the wordpress tags instead of the inner blog tags when clicked on? Example: When you click on “personal” under my heading, it takes you to all “personal” tags for all wp users.

    What gives?

  47. camdenlady

    Very nice indeed. Has gotten me away from Regulus, at least for a little while

  48. Scottk

    China Red PLease Please Please Please…..I dont know how or I would download it for myself. Please Please

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  51. Thomas Schmeling

    I love the Pool theme. But why leave off the name of the author of the post?

  52. fourcrows

    I would use this forever and ever, if you could actually read the text on the header!


  53. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    I found it. And it’s neat. But you’re right, some widgets do look weird in it. For example, the FeedBurner animated GIF Feed looks awkward, buttons don’t display well, and a bunch of other problems. But I guess the xml literates could work the problems out. For the rest of us, however, it’s difficult to apply the theme and benefit from it.

  54. beeteew

    I think you should add the theme “Bosa”

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