A few days after our announcement of the Gadget (now at we were contacted by an anonymous gadget zealot. He has enthusiastically created several ways to use our new mini-admin panel. My personal favorite is the Firefox Sidebar extension.

To keep a permanent record we now have an official Gadgets page. Please tell us what you love and what you dislike and if you create a new gadget implementation that you’d like to share.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. MadMark

    I’m a FireFox User… that sounds very cool…

  2. Rui Martins

    I love it! I´m starting using the IE toolbar (toolbar)…

  3. Nobodyknows

    Well holy cow. You guys say you’re going to do something and you do it. That’s a pretty exhaustive list of places to use the mini wordpress gadget. Thanks!

  4. Kunal

    Firefox extension! Nice work Ruff :)

  5. Qwerty Maniac

    Wow, the Firefox Sidebar way is real handy! Thanks for that!

  6. tazo


  7. Chittaranjan

    Goodie! Imma gonna get that Addon…….BTW, any uber-geeks out there working on Yahoo/Konfabulator widgets??

  8. Ruff

    Thank ye, Kunal

  9. range

    Good work Ruff.

  10. Ruff

    I love your photos, range!

  11. Wizzel Cogcarrier Wizzleton IV

    I can’t seem to get the Mac widget to function properly.

  12. Ruff

    I think it’s because it was zipped on a Fetch 3000 machine and not on a mac.

  13. Justin

    oh i love the new gadgets page, really cool.

  14. Moey

    I love it

  15. livingjourney

    Ohhh… I have just figured out how to use this… how dumb am I!

    Yeah it is a handy took for checking stats… I like it.

    Thanks guys


  16. Ruff

    there is an opera widget now too

  17. Ruff
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