New Admin Bar

The admin bar, or that blue thing on top of you window when you’re logged in, has been getting a little long in the tooth. I asked our buddy Bryan to take a look at it, and his work is now what you see at the top.

Functionality-wise, if you have multiple blogs you will appreciate there are now quicklinks to each dashboard and each post page in a dropdown. Also the “Blog Info” dropdown will be expanded as well, to give you more information about a blog and also a quick link to report a blog as mature or spam.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments.

Update [by Bryan]: Glad to see that so many people liked my little project! Well I’ve finally got the chance to fix some of the styling errors concerning the bar in styles such as Hemingway. The only lingering one is style error lies in Fauna, which I’m still working on.

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  1. Babbler

    It’s great, much nicer than the old one.

  2. nfxfsx

    Very nice.

  3. Greg

    Holy crap, I just posted a review, then there was this amazing new admin bar on the top of my screen. It looks and works great. Finally I don’t have to go to one of my other blogs to post to it. Thanks guys.

  4. mick

    Seems nice, especially the drop-down for posting. Thanks guys.

    Seems like you’ve been busy lately

  5. Ari

    I think the new look on the admin bar is great! Adds freshness to the whole interface especially with the wordpress logo faintly appearing in the middle of the backdrop.

    Nice work!

  6. vjp

    Cool. I like the new one. Any plans to also put the admin bar at the bottom?

  7. tazo

    It would be nice if the admin bar could actually stay in place as we scroll up and down the blog page. Otherwise, it is nice to see the admin bar updated. :-D

  8. Christian

    looks good

  9. dorknation

    well done

  10. eoinpurcell

    Very slick indeed!

  11. dresramblings

    It’s really sleek and it looks like it will be easier to use. Great job!

  12. Nobodyknows

    Nice revision! Have y’all been busy lately, or what?

    And, just so it’s said: Thanks for everything you do for us.

  13. Rui Martins

    Now is much easier to manage several blogs at the same time! good work!

  14. buterscotch

    I just LOVE the new admin bar!!! looks nice and more logical as well!! u guys rock!

  15. livingjourney

    Thanks heaps for this, it is a much better way to handle multiple blogs!


  16. janardui


  17. Adi

    Great stuff. Also, how about making the admin bar a ‘sticky’ bar via Javascript so as we scroll down we can still see it/use it? You could also always fall back to the standard version if people don’t have JS enabled.

  18. Galileu

    nice! I liked!

  19. gamehawk

    Thanks, looks nice!

  20. [KwZ]

    Looks really cool… but is there a profile page? It will be more useful if the order were Dashboard -> New Post -> My Account

  21. homesweethome

    I like it.

  22. Stephen

    Very cool. I don’t mean to nitpick, but is there a chance you could put the link to the actual blog back?

  23. m

    Hermosa ! very nice funcionality

  24. Dave Sovde

    I love it. I join the WordPress family today and a couple of hours later they improve the tool bar. It’s a sign…

  25. gpessia

    work fine!

  26. Shilo

    Very nice job!!
    Thank you!

  27. bigcrow

    I think, it’s just new design… for me it’s the same, what was previously…

  28. dearme

    Love the new admin bar! But when I click on “view site” the words on my bar disappear, but only on the left side (“My Account”, “My Dashboard”, “New Post”). Otherwise, works great!

  29. Nei Freitas

    Gostei da nova barra, parabéns! Hoje tive uma boa surpresa também, agora o WordPress está em português!!

  30. peteremcc

    rather than vjp’s suggestion…

    i thought an option to have it static would be nice.

    ie: you can leave it at the top, or you can have it follow your when you scroll (ie: its always at the top of what you are viewing.


  31. ahouseholdkate

    Nice work.. Not keen on the color change, though.

  32. darki

    i like that. You’re really faster thankz.
    wordpress rulaz.

  33. Ruff

    I would love to make a firefox extension or a bookmarklet that adds this to the sites you view. That would be cool.

  34. totaltrust

    Thanks so much for yet another wonderful feature!

  35. litium

    keep up the good work guys!

  36. Brent

    Whoa, I go away from my computer to watch a baseball game ,and I come back to see this!

    I love it!

  37. Wizzel Cogcarrier Wizzleton IV

    Excellent! Just posted this week’s Thursday Humor segment over at Wondrous Inventions and noticed the new admin bar.

  38. E@zyVG

    Like this one

  39. ياسر

    I just logged on and I was like whoah. Thanks again!

  40. K

    Nice new feature. But if you only have it “static”, no more scrolling up to find the dropdown. Overall GREAT!

  41. fuchsiacow

    it’s great! esp now we can choose which blog we would like to post from. great work as usual!! =)

  42. Bill

    Wonderful! Looks great. Now, is there anyway the new admin bar can be added to the “dashboard” page? With multiple blogs it sure would be nice not to have to “view” one of the blogs to get the dashboards of the others.

    Keep up the good work!

  43. rollmops

    Very handy, slick. i like the w-logo i the middle.

  44. Chittaranjan

    Good Job that!
    I would also prefer it to be a ‘Moving’ one i.e. It stays at the top even when we Scroll Up/Down. Also the Arrow to the extreme right does not have a text (or even a tooltip) to indicate that it is going to navigate to the Next WordPress Blog.

  45. Justin

    i love this new admin bar, so much better than the previous one. I love how you guys at wordpress continue to come up with new things for all us bloggers to enjoy!

  46. Rory

    This is a great improvement! Thanks Matt!

  47. sorasky`

    rapid improvements is wat made wordpress great! carry on with the excellant job!

  48. 布 瓜

    I love these new features..thanks!

  49. Linh760Li

    Sure, it’s better now. That’s all i expected.

  50. Destiny

    i totally like the new admin bar, at least you have some design on it rather that a plain one

  51. archane

    Looks superb but I get errors when ever I use the bar, it says that it isn’t redirecting properly???

  52. Ujwala

    I love it! thank you very much. this was something that i really missed. it will make handling multiple blogs all that much easier. thanks!

  53. Studley

    Fantastic! This is what I love about WordPress… a little while back I reported how annoying the admin bar was, and asked for exactly these features, and I had a reply saying “we’re working on it” – and you really were! Top stuff!

  54. lostmoya

    Okay, it’s great and everything, but when I click “New Post” it just takes me to the Dashboard, not to write a new post. Also, hovering over the “Blog Info” does nothing: no menu drops down, as it does when I hover over “My Account”. Clicking on “Blog Info” just takes me to my blog homepage.

    The above happens on both IE and Firefox.

  55. Karen

    Can someone please explain how I can got between dashboard of my two blogs? I can’t see anything in the new admin bar that lets me do that. I have no “view” option.

  56. Hakim Bennis

    It’s been only a week since I am using (moved from Blogger to Typepad to, I had made a suggestion couple days ago to change the admin bar in a way that it allows you to post to a specific blog when you have many of those.

    You guys are really listening to your users! Rocks !

    Many Thanks,

    Hakim Bennis

  57. charleslemark

    its great… i was suprise to see the new look of the admin bar…

  58. Azelpds

    Nice, and very useful if you have more than one blog like me. Thx for all the hard work.

  59. catholicwriter

    The red link does not contrast against the blue background of the bar, making it hard to read. Perhaps a brighter colour?

  60. helar

    I enjoy the new Admin bar; however, when adding pages today the date of the pages was suddenly “1970” which is not exactly correct and not exactly how I set my options :-). Has it something to do with the new Admin bar?

  61. Qwerty Maniac

    I kinda dont like it… Someone added me as a subscriber to his blog and am seeing his option of a new post even though I dont have rights to make one! Gets irritative for me but its a boon for those who own multiple blogs ofcourse!

  62. vinu

    one word – great! :-) I have 4 blogs and its superb …

  63. Chittaranjan

    One More suggestion: Please leave the “Log Out” button on the bar itself rather than in the dropdown menu!

  64. Avatar DJ Flux

    Great! I love the possibility to easily switch between blogs.
    I’ve been here just for a couple of months, but I love WP more and more every day.
    Now don’t feel too flattered and keep on working… ;-)))


  65. marialectrix

    This is pretty useless.

    If I click on “New Post”, I don’t go immediately to the blog’s “Write” page — I go to the Dashboard. Why make something that worked before stop working? Why have the button at all, if we already have a “Dashboard” on the sidebar?

    I hate to be totally negative for the second time in a row, but this new bar is completely pointless, looks busy, and is more trouble than it’s worth.

  66. narval

    the previous bar was fine

  67. Avatar DJ Flux

    Great! I appreciate very much the possibility to switch easily between blogs.
    I’ve been here for just a couple of months but I love WP more and more every day.
    Now do not feel too flattered and keep on working… ;-)))

  68. Gymshoes

    Love it. I’ve been wanting a drop-down menu to selct which blog for “new post” for a while now. I never asked for it because I knew you would do it eventually. You’re tops in implementing good ideas. :-) Thanks! :-)

  69. MadMark

    The new admin bar looks very powerful and useful, thank you guys!

  70. -peng

    Beautiful! Splendid!
    Way to go guys!!

  71. taraden

    Very nice indeed!!!

  72. drmike

    I just like how the New Post link no longer only goes to your main blog. :)

  73. mac

    Like the new multiblog functionality. Two requests: let us add links to any of our blogs via dropdown menu like the Dashboard and New Post dropdowns now do (the new bar still only allows us to add links to the blog listed in our profile) and let us leave comments on blogs with different profiles. Example: I have a journal blog, a tech blog, a photo blog, etc. I want to leave comments on other photoblogs that link back to my photoblog and leave comments on tech blogs that link back to my tech blog. Right now, all my comments link back to the blog in my profile. Thanks for considering this!

  74. grayle

    ooo pretty, i like it! looks albeit like “Shuttle” (is it coming? *gasp*) very nice improvement. Nuff said. ;)

  75. Mr Cuzac

    Nice Job! This is a welcomed change.

  76. drhaisook


  77. David

    Nice work, guys. I’m very impressed with the continuously improving nature of WordPress. My blog,, is coming along nicely.

  78. carina

    I think it’s great. I like not having to go to my blog homepage to get to my other dashboards. It can get a little annoying though because it pops down as soon as you pass the cursor over it… but it’s still great! :)

  79. Moey

    lovin it

  80. bargainprofessor

    Good Job on the bar. Nice to not be stale.

  81. matty

    Good work.

  82. bargainprofessor

    Only 1 negative opinion…..can’t please everyone. It’s a great bar. Keep up the terriffic upgrades they are appreciated.

  83. haken

    Really nice!

  84. poppy8sd

    –“Cool” –“Nice”??? It flashes non-stop, it covers/cuts off top of front page…it flickers so much I can’t focus long enough to even see what it says. I way don’t like it. What am I missing?

  85. adminbot

    thumbs up!

  86. Matt

    poppy8sd, sounds like you should send in a support request.

  87. Fredi

    Nice! i’m just having one problem now: the “new post” button goes to the admin panel instead of the “write” page.

    Great anyway.

  88. designbeauty

    Wow! It’s great work. Ajax is cool.
    Thank u

  89. talktodylan

    poppy8sd’s comment brings up a good point as I have the same trouble – I think it’s a Vista or IE7 Thing.

    I love the bar, as long as I use FF (I think someone should try to fix the IE7 Bug though, as it is due to be piped to users soon)

    please don’t give me the Microsoft is Evil line, everyone makes mistakes – even Google and FireFox

  90. chdot

    A tab for blog stats would be a good addition

  91. Colin

    Great update. But please do _not_ follow the advice of a few to make the bar sticky, and always visible as you scroll down. Such implementations are too jerky,and annoying.

  92. blogdosantinha

    I have problems with the bar and IE7.

  93. lmighton

    I like chdot’s idea re: adding a tab for blog stats.

  94. agring

    Great job! Keep it up and Thank you.

  95. Kristine

    A day late and more than a dollar shot…thanks. It makes things much simpler when posting for two logs. That was something that could have driven me to, ummm…lose my collective bargaining skills.

  96. comodisc

    makes a huge time saving difference for me

  97. Bryan

    We have yet to test the bar in IE7, but will do so with in the coming days. :)

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