Rubric and Sapphire

Two themes just joined the custom header image club: Rubric and Sapphire. Enjoy!

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Andy Skelton


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  1. everythingelse

    brilliant andy. thanks a lot

  2. bothack

    Hey cool. Thanx a lot.

  3. MadMark

    Good Work Guys! Keep on movin’ and join Custom Header Image on Default Theme! :-P

  4. Rui Martins

    Wow! I like Saphire! It´s now my current theme! Great work from !!!

  5. Julian

    Waiting for Kubrick, but thank you any way.

  6. sulz


    muito bem! obrigada!

  7. Tanasije Gjorgoski

    Any chance of Andreas09 getting custom header images ?
    Or it isn’t possible for this theme?

  8. Qwerty Maniac

    Thats cool, I like Rubric, lemme see how it does with a custom header :D [heh, didnt like the pen...]

  9. adam

    oooo, a fluid width custom header!
    nice, thanks!

  10. lily

    YAY! Thank you thank you thank you… can’t wait to play with these!

  11. jtintle

    Great News, You all full of good news these last few days, hope to hear some more

  12. mactiste

    thanks a lot, guys!
    I’m waiting for custom header image on default theme, too.

  13. sorasky`

    that’ the way! finally a new theme!!!!

  14. Linh760Li

    My current theme is Emire, hope it will have custome theme. My blog will be better.

  15. Michael

    Default theme is the one that should get the custom header : )

  16. ShiNa

    thanks guys.. really appreciate what u guys are doing.. :D

  17. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    That’s cool, but can we have Andreas09 with a custom header image, please? I am waiting madly for that change. Also, can we have some more of the three-column themes like Andreas09?

  18. Justin

    ah always fun when we have new themes or modifications to themes to enjoy! Great stuff!

  19. NeoArch


    Thanks alot for all you did. I’ve already tweaked my blog,

    You guys are the best.

  20. Moey

    awesome work guys.. ur the best

  21. lordgk

    I hope we will have custom headers in all themes ^^


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