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Sense something different today? Well, if not, log out of your blog and log back in again. Wait! What’s that? A new login page!

Okay, let me explain. A long time ago, there were seven guys, including myself, who started a project named Shuttle. Shuttle’s mission was to redesign the WordPress back-end and it sort of happened, but it didn’t go as far as we wanted it to. One of my missions here is to see that Shuttle finally makes its debut in whatever form we as a team see fit.

The login page is the first step towards that. Remember, baby steps. :) This particular design was made by Michael Heilemann during the course of the project. I hope you like this little change, and be sure to expect lots of other changes to come.

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  1. logan

    It’s the little things. Looks great!

  2. K

    That is so sweet.

  3. blayde

    Very sleek looking, and a nice blue. I even logged out jsut to check it out.

  4. Rui Martins

    Well… I´ve noted a minor bug when using Firefox (at least) with the portuguese language… If I mistake my first password, the next screen shows “The I forgot the password” (in portuguese) over the Enter button, getting it difficult or impossible to press… A issue related with the portuguese translation (thanks again for it!)

  5. Rui Martins

    Apart a minor bug with the portuguese translation (reported to support) I found the new design very cool and swift! Great design work!

  6. SippinWhisky

    Refreshingly clean and simple.

  7. Shotgun

    I dont see nothing new on my login or dashboard…

  8. Julian

    I LOVE IT. Looks greats and I love the blue.

  9. dresramblings

    Looks great! Very simple and fun. I’m looking forward to see what other changes lie ahead.

  10. Ken

    Pretty — but it took me a while to find it: I was using the login box on the homepage to :)

  11. Bryan

    Dude, that’s freaking hott. I love blue. :)

    – The other Bryan

  12. Livia

    Nice and neat!

  13. mikelrecondo

    Really cool design. Keep up the good work.

  14. Erasable Ink

    Looks nice, but there appears to be a slight color difference between the main page background, and the background just behind the login box background. Main page background is slightly blue, but behind the login box is a gray. Otherwise, it looks alright.

  15. donal

    Nice one. Is that why I had to re-login so that I’d get to see the nifty design ;) Probably just a coincidence! Keep up the good work.

  16. jewaira

    Nicer than the previous log in page

  17. Brent


    Very slick! :cool:

    It seems to match the top navigation bar too.

    Great work, team.

  18. chilledsteam

    This is nice, along with that new admin bar. I’d still like to see more themes for (not the narrow ones, but ones that make better use of screen real estate) and a quick blog stats link added to the admin bar. AJAX for blog stats through the admin bar would be cool. But all these are the little things, the crux of why I embrace is its fantastic backend and bandwidth capabilities :). So kudos to all of you!

  19. Nobodyknows

    ‘Tis purty

  20. errantking

    Very nice! (although I kind of miss the bigger font :) )

  21. lordgk

    Nice change xD

  22. Aqib

    It’s really good, I was like “Am I on the right page?” at first. Then I noticed the logo and stuff.

  23. Babbler

    Very nice, although I doubt it get much use. At least, from me.

  24. Rociel is getting prettier and prettier!

  25. Amit

    If the WP-Admin can be styled as per what the Shuttle promised(via screencaps), WP will become one damn hot package!!! :)

  26. britgirl


  27. Moey

    wow.. just lovin it..
    too classy

  28. sulz

    trés chic. j’adore!

  29. Greg

    It is rather beautiful. I bet it would look better if I had a 19 inch flat panel Mac monitor, but it’s still nice on my 15 inch beige beast.

    Good work.

  30. Justin

    The new login page is really nice. so much more aesthetically pleasing than the older one well all know of. You guys at wordpress are always doing everything you can to keep our blogging experience on of the best on the net, thanks so much!

  31. iNeoTeCh

    Nice update and great design. Thx!

  32. Kean

    Is the login page ‘’??? because mine is exactly the same as it has always been.

  33. Matt

    For you guys who can’t find the login page, it’s the per-blog login. Here’s an example:

    The login page on the front page is still the best one to use.

  34. Bryan

    Agreed. Sorry for my n00bness in not realizing that. :)

  35. Ruff

    I want that dashboard!

  36. fool45

    Love the design so much I’ve placed it on my own blog for everyone to see. :-D

    Thanks Matt for the direct login link.

  37. ceeque

    very cool looking feature, you people just keep on getting better…and this coming from a total noob!!! :-)

  38. generally

    Yeah, I noticed it. It’s neat.

  39. displayblog

    I was pleasantly surprised. It looks very nice. Keep up the good work!

  40. techie

    You can thank the good timing of the firefox update to me seeing the login page. For some reason when firefox updated and restarted it made me login to my blog again.

    It surprised me, but looked nice. Honestly, the login page doesn’t matter to me. I am more interested in the admin console like you described. I hope you take some thoughts from the Tiger Admin plugin.

  41. nfxfsx

    Looks great.

  42. ches

    The Shuttle project looks wicked. Can’t wait to see it build up to its crescendo.

  43. Kunal

    Blue is good, but the older login page was better.. Clean & white … The only problem with the old login page was the HUGE font..

  44. Qwerty Maniac

    It looks so like Vista :D

  45. fool45

    We can only hope that Vista is as straightforward as WordPress. meh.

  46. fool45

    We can only hope Vista will be as elegantly straightforward as WordPress. meh.

  47. Thomas

    The new design is great ;-).

  48. Skulled

    Looks ravishing :)

  49. Gray

    finally! “Shuttle” takes off! wewt!

  50. damascity

    I love it!

  51. Ivy

    Very groovy!

  52. Lee Kelleher

    My cookie had expired, so at the login page… my first thought was: Wow! Shuttle is finally happening!

    Just wondering if we’ll see this in WP 2.1?

    Good work guys!

  53. ray


  54. Chittaranjan

    Good job! I wrote about it as soon as I found it :mrgreen:

  55. Bryan

    Lee: Yes, I just submitted it to be included in 2.1. Hopefully that won’t be the only thing that’s included. :)

  56. Cem Basman


  57. allansiew

    Definitely love it. Looks more aqua like.

  58. divane

    it’s great..
    very beatifull

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  61. no_tv

    looks good :)

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  63. helzeph

    Looks great.

  64. equestriansales

    It looks good


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