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One thing that became pretty apparent after we launched the Tag Surfer, people were going to start leaving a lot more comments on blogs they may not visit regularly and it’s a real pain to track followups to comments you’ve left on (Or even remember what comments you left!)

Well we’ve got a little something new for you today. (Free!) In your Dashboard sub-menu you’ll see a new tab called My Comments.

When you click on this, it’ll show the comments you’ve made across, as well as the comment directly before yours and any replies to the post since yours. Posts with the latest replies are at top. If a comment thread gets really long we trim it and only show the latest stuff.

So check it out, and to celebrate why not find a blog or post with no comments (like on the tag surfer) and share your thoughts? It’ll make someone’s day and now you can easily follow the conversation from the comfort of your dashboard. :)

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  1. rantran

    this won’t help me at all because all my commentes are detected as spam!

  2. snarla

    I’m new to this, but it seems like a good idea.

  3. 4youreyesonly

    Love it! Where do I get ideas like this?

  4. anhinga

    This is a super helpful feature. Thanks.

  5. gottabkd

    This is great and I wonder if it also works for comments/posts in WP forums?
    Would be great(er) if it did. ;)

  6. administrator

    it’s very useful, i’m loving to use it. Thanks !

  7. gvsuceltic

    Hi, All,

    I’m posting this to see if it will jump-start the My Comments feature on Dashboard. Wish me luck.

  8. beesknees

    Thanks for this. I’m new on WordPress and eager to see how it would work on my blog

  9. New York Wedding Photographer

    Thanks, this is truly a very helpful feature.

  10. rockinred


  11. opit

    Great idea. I actually use CoComment on Firefox 2.0 Often I don’t use WordPress as a base for all my surfing but roll my own with various browsers, web aggregators, online bookmarks and Pageflakes personalized homepage.
    Sometimes being technically at sea I’m sure I do some odd things. Despite niggling annoyances ( I said I didn’t consider myself up to speed ), WordPress has made it possible to keep up a slow evolution of my blogging skills from pretty much zip.

  12. DulceDiana

    easy and useful….thank you!

  13. febgirl

    yup its really great thanxxxxxx……but one more problem is there …. who ever vist my blog and wana write sum comment then it always ask them to log in …and becoz of this people really dn write anything to me…wat shud i do for it…..

  14. Sonia

    WordPress is the best blog you can get.
    Danmark’s motto: Truth must at least be the opposite of lies.


  15. wasatchmwa

    it’s great to know i’m not the only one who doesn’t!

  16. vettiliveinnorthcote

    love this feature! thanks folks! i’m newish to blogging, and am constantly impressed by all the new toys you keep giving me to play with :)

  17. John Reid

    I kept wondering what my comments were in the blog stats. Then today I saw the tab and clicked on it. It’s a good feature.

  18. hgold2000

    its realy a good one to be add to the stats , thanks wordpress thanks .

  19. italy119

    Cool!!, please pay a visit towards, a quest for information.



  20. rimdera

    labas, gal kas žinote kaip padaryti lietuvių kalba?

  21. abuahmadassuhaimi


  22. abuahmadassuhaimi


  23. E Queen

    oooh. oooh. Is there any way that all comments made on my blog, by myself an dothers, can be kept opened up, and visible to all my readers automatically? As in, without having to click on the “2 COMMENTS” link to see my comments to each post. I want themt o be open at the end of the individual posts permanently. Is there a feature that allows that? Thanks.

  24. E Queen

    Oh oops. Sorry I just read that I should not use these comments for asking questions or getting support. *sheepish* Sorry. I’ll do it through the feedback form. Thanks. Sorry again.

  25. flowon


  26. Lady Jane


  27. sridharreddy

    Ohhh! Its Really Great

  28. julilubov


  29. isar16


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