New Feature: Avatars

Avatar UploaderOn your profile you can now upload an image to be associated with your account, also known as an avatar.

We’re still rolling out the places these will show up, but for now you can see them in the comments section of this blog.

Why not upload an avatar and then leave a comment to show it off? Any ideas for how we can use avatars?

Update: You asked for it, you got it. There are now avatars in the latest posts, tag surfer, and my comments pages.

Update 2: There are now avatars in the forums.

Update 3: The Mac Daddy has written a great tutorial on the feature.

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  1. foolswisdom

    Sweet action. I also like the idea of Gravatar.

  2. Matt

    We could definitely enable the avatars to be accessed and hotlinked by an email MD5 sum, just like Gravatar.

  3. Greg Brown

    Avatars in the tag surfer would be lovely.

  4. thehype

    This is quite awesome!

    My Suggestion: maybe have it up top the WP menu bar?

  5. barry

    Avatars are awesome!

  6. Stephen

    Very cool *searches for picture*

  7. Dante

    On the front page of for the “Hot Posts” list, display the author’s avatar next to the post title maybe?

  8. The Eternal Wanderer

    Three words: Awesome, awesome…AWESOME!!!

  9. Elaine

    Just checking to see if my Avatar works – had problems uploading picture – but otherwise great idea
    Perhaps use it as a sidebar widget??

  10. Ashish C. about a Yahoo! style avatar – create your own and then it shows up in the sidebar.

  11. Babbler

    It is a nice idea. I suggest allowing the avatar to display right next to the post. It would a great way to distinish between people in group blogs.

  12. Babbler

    Oh, BTW … could you add it to the forums?

  13. Zeezat

    Wonderful feature. I have no words can ever express the advantages of feature like this! It is more interactive!! Keep it up.. :-) Hope WP will give more and more features for its community.


  14. toni

    Love it! Put them everywhere :)

  15. bluesaze

    wouldn’t it be better if you guys Enabled Gavatars :)

  16. mac

    Can we block avatars on our site, or edit them out of comments if they are inappropriate for our site? Not my site (very little is inappropriate there), it’s more a theoretical question.

  17. Matt

    If we did that people would have to register for another website to have an avatar, and it might put an undue load on a free service. Remember we’re doing close to 2 million pageviews a day here, which would translate to many times that avatar image requests.

  18. bluesaze

    Good point matt. What I meant was there were a lot of people who comment on the blogs who are not registered at wordpress. So enabling Gravatars for these people would seem fair :)

    I just uploaded my Avatar but it not showing up :( . I am on a blog with multiple authors. scribez.wordpress(.)com

  19. mudin001

    cool! how’s my avatar looks like?

  20. Neely OHara

    thats a great new option

  21. marcoss

    API anyone? query the avatar by user email, but using the api key to avoid abuse, so that it be used as an alternative to gravatar or in conjunction with it… that will be nice :D

  22. K

    Thanks for this and I hope all the Themes has this function on the comments too.

  23. Mark Jaquith
  24. nightfox


  25. eclecticgeek

    Thanks for another great feature. Love it.

  26. Aurélio Jargas

    Hey, nice to see real people here :)

    I would suggest an option to show avatars on the top of each post, near the post title. But *only* for blogs with multiple authors. Solo bloggers showing up their pretty face everywhere would be annoying, I guess.

    Thanks for this new feature and for this excellent blog engine that WordPress is. I’m amazed.

  27. Brent

    Wow that is cool!

  28. bluesaze

    somethings Weird going on I can’t see my avatar in this comment box but I can see it on the My comments Page.

    I don’t like the default Icon could you guys change to the Icon that the K2 guys show when someone doesn’t have a Avatar.

  29. belindaschneider

    Swell! Ditto on gravatar and to just allow it to be put anywhere.

  30. MadQuark

    A great idea

  31. Stargazer

    This new feature is great! Thanks a lot!

  32. Linh760Li

    This is my avatar.

  33. derkinderkurier

    So great! I would like to put it in the sidebar widgets–>text. This offers the possibility to tell about the blog, including the picture of the author!

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  35. Arthur

    This is sooo cool!!!

  36. Matt

    Mark, wouldn’t that expose the secret API key publicly?

    We should probably put it on a subdomain, say

  37. livingjourney

    Cool…good feature!

  38. Arthur

    This is sooo cool!! Woohoo!

  39. Marco mkc Costanzo

    This is a wonderful upgrade!
    Thanks Folks.
    ] marcomkc [

  40. kyramas

    Hmm, lets see now…

  41. Nicole


  42. Galen

    To see how mine looks,
    I’d have to join in somehow,
    And so I now have :)

  43. Arief Fajar Nursyamsu

    How can you read my mind?
    Nice work Matt..

  44. Lee Kelleher

    Great new feature! It adds life to the comments!

  45. بهمن

    So Delicious…

  46. bluesaze

    Hey its all working fine. So when will we see this on all the Themes. Yeah I know thats a lot of hardwork wish I could help out :D.

    Once again the default Icon is just not cool.

  47. Cem Basman

    Hey, cool. Is this really me on the left hand side …

  48. Ömer Ücel

    good work :) Thanx

  49. sheida


  50. sweska


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  52. kapeka


  53. prince of dakar


  54. shem kerr

    Dont like the question mark showing up beside my comments

  55. Rui Martins

    and you not to have different avatars for different “moods”, like one for “Happy” other for angry and so on… After, when someone writes a coment with :-) and :-( they will be automatically shown on the left site of the “Logged in as Rui Martins”…

  56. Matt

    Shem, then upload an avatar! It’s easy. :)

  57. George Simmers

    Nice idea.

  58. norbijúzer


  59. Benny Martini

    That’s a wonderfull new feature !! Keep up the good work !!

  60. darki

    go go go avatar in the hole :)

  61. norbijúzer

    yeah, and what if my avatar is not as tall as wide?
    i cant crop it normally after the upload :/
    this feature should be tuned up a bit…

  62. rdgujarati

    this is very nice feature.
    i like it very much
    thanks to

  63. The Bugged Debugger

    Hey that’s cool! It’s great to see WordPress adding new features often!

  64. electrobix84


  65. electrobix84

    is this thing working? it’s a great feature. thanks :)

  66. TheShortFatKid

    That is purty cool!

  67. Mrs. Fadingflowers

    this is neat

  68. Christian

    thanx … wordpress keeps on rockin …

  69. Rémi

    Cool feature!

    It doesn’t seem to be working in every blog comment, is it an option?

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  71. dinsan

    Hey this is cool…… Something that I waited for …Thanks Matt… Rocks.. !!! I already brough 6 friends here ;)

  72. Humaro

    Bravo, WordPress roxx.

  73. Humaro

    Excellent ! :)

  74. podious

    Cool! Totally agree with the Gravatar feature.

  75. analytik

    the best got even better.

  76. Erasable Ink

    How about use them as our favicons!?

  77. topofmind

    Oh no. Now we get to see the faces as well as have to read the blogs!!

  78. the forester

    Very cool — what a great idea. Thank you!

  79. Jeffrey

    It’s a wonderful feature.

  80. .:Mariana y Manuel:.

    Me encanto esta idea! Gracias!

  81. defrostindoors

    Very cool!

  82. raincoaster


  83. defrostindoors

    …is it showing up?

  84. Gymshoes

    Avatars that show up in posts are really needed for group blogs ’cause some of the themes don’t display the author name. :-( It would widen the number of themes that could be used for group blogs. Maybe have an option in admin to show the avatar of post author in post—default off since most blogs are single person blogs. Then group blog owners would have the option activating it.

  85. gowda

    nice !

    Hey, Ho! (not in a bad way :-)) let’s go!

  86. berowl

    well thats a good idea indeed
    just for the ones who put a picture, i mean the other, who dont have avatars, it possible not to have the “?”
    (it’s just a suggestion, i don’t mind i think the avatar suff is great)

    Also in the tag surfer, everything we write is moved i mean it’s like this :
    avatar title

    Cant it be like this? :
    avatar title

    Well done and thanks anyway !

  87. ShahStruck

    Check out a cool avatar platform by the team at Oddcast ( You can create animated characters that speak and even follow the mouse movement. Very slick product. Avatars need to be representations of YOU, so shouldn’t it be more than a still shot image? That’s a photo, not a virtual representation. I created my own character through Oddcast, which I can change, edit and even add my own voice or use their text to speech functionality. I recommend using your own voice (through a mic or phone) – much more authentic. Kudos to the guys at WordPress for recognizing the need for virtual avatars. Everyone should have the option to create one of these characters in their dashboard and then have it appear on all comments, etc.

  88. Nicholas

    This is why I’ve abandoned running my own copy of rocks!

    You keep improving! And The base package is absolutely free!!

    I have a feeling I’m going to like everything you have in store for us.

  89. глагол

    do the avatars appear on trackbacks too?

  90. Tina

    Cool feature! In the comments section here the avatars are on top of the usernames and dates though (I use Opera).

  91. глагол


  92. Thomas

    Oh sweet ;-).

  93. dink

    brilliant idea :)

  94. blayde

    Yay. Me gravatar is me avatar. This’s neat.

  95. Vee

    i’m sure i’m not the first person to suggest this… what about a sidebar widget with the avatar and profile information?

  96. chacko

    Cool. Can’t wait to have this on my blog!

  97. purplemoongarden

    what a great new feature

    mama kelly

  98. missionmexicocity

    great work on the avatars! I know the perfect place to use them: make them the favicons for people’s blogs! Perhaps this could just work for those who have paid for CSS customization… anyway, it would be totally awesome.

  99. amitpisavadiya

    good one… thank you.

  100. rade

    Hey, nice idea! :)


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