New Feature: Avatars

Avatar UploaderOn your profile you can now upload an image to be associated with your account, also known as an avatar.

We’re still rolling out the places these will show up, but for now you can see them in the comments section of this blog.

Why not upload an avatar and then leave a comment to show it off? Any ideas for how we can use avatars?

Update: You asked for it, you got it. There are now avatars in the latest posts, tag surfer, and my comments pages.

Update 2: There are now avatars in the forums.

Update 3: The Mac Daddy has written a great tutorial on the feature.

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  1. Katie

    I’m having trouble CHANGING my avatar. Several times I’ve uploaded a new one, it sticks for a while, and then a while later my avatar reverts to the original file. What’s going on?

  2. engtech

    You know what would be awesome?

    If there was a per-blog option to display the avatar of post author. This would be really good for multiple-author blogs like

  3. adam

    mine’s not showing up in the forums yet, but i trust it’ll get there eventually.

  4. trancefixed

    Nice touch
    I hope you realise how much work you’ve created for yourselves now everyone will want avatars on EVERYTHING

  5. telegehirn

    Cool Feature! Thanks a lot.

  6. mactiste

    testing, testing…

  7. slvrbullt02

    uh huh

  8. lily

    verrrrrrry cool!

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  10. La spectatrice

    I’m just testing my own avatar. You, guys, do really great things!
    Thanks. :)

  11. La spectatrice

    I’m testing again!

  12. Pippi

    Yay Avatar!

  13. Robert

    Too bad that avatars do not show up with trackbacks yet.

  14. Shoulung

    Very cool, now we just need access to plug-ins…

  15. delimoon

    Great idea ! thanks a lot ! I’m just testing. My avatar was succesfull upload in section profile, but I don’t see it anywhere. ????? I’m using theme “connection 1.0″.
    It’s my first blog. It’s was hard at the beginning, but thanks to wp, I just did it !
    Sorry for language errors, my language is french (Switzerland).

  16. tekoda

    This is a really cool feature!

  17. maupin

    Please consider making our avatars favicons!

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  19. Drache

    ooh, pretty avatars. Thumbs up!

  20. Yaser

    Mad cool. Now just to find a good avatar, I’ll be playin with this for a while. Thanks again.

  21. drhaisook


  22. amandakern

    nice addition

  23. dcd1955

    Very cool.

  24. bridgetmarie

    I just uploaded mine….I’m just testing too…Cool new feature!

  25. David Waterston


  26. Edna

    Nifty! This just keeps getting funner all the time!

  27. Carpus

    I get to try too!

  28. cynthesis


    Thanks for coming up with a feature that I was wishing for!

  29. vjp

    Cool beans :)

  30. mooth

    Very nice!, it was time to! =)

  31. oddmix

    Very Cool!

  32. inadvertentgardener

    I have to say…I like it! It’s another good option to help identify us to each other, and helps build the WordPress community. That’s a good thing.

    The Inadvertent Gardener

  33. Annaleis

    This is a great idea from our friends at WordPress! It makes the blogs just that little bit more personal. Thanks!

  34. calupict

    Just test my avatar.

    How we can use it at our own blog?

  35. Matt

    We’re going to begin adding them to the theme templates soon.

  36. Bryan

    Yep! I’ll be getting right on that. ;)

  37. Addie

    Brilliant!!! Love the idea ;-D How about if my avator was visible on other blog sites as well and not only in my blog … would be nice if it was.

  38. SimonD

    It’s the unpredictable little add-ons like this which make me love, guys.

  39. Qaan

    that’s great! thnx :)

  40. Rebecca Aguilar

    I don’t smile friendly enough to post my own picture for an avatar! (Yes. I face too many unnecessary hurdles in life due to this problem.)

    Any suggestions for avatars, other than my own mug?

  41. problogger

    ooh – pretty….

  42. Chittaranjan

    Nice! Whoever it was that had this Brilliant idea deserves a round of applause *stands up and Applauds*

  43. rant-inc

    Avatars are great idea, except I always need some assistance picking a good one.
    Good job.

  44. wurd


  45. undercovermutha

    Excellent move. I was wondering why WordPress didn’t have them. You guys are on it!

  46. tigerfeet


    can’t wait to have a template with my Avatar on :)

  47. .i dream in red.

    thats awesome

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  49. findingbabyg

    It would be nice to have as an option for the sidebar

  50. Aaron Brazell

    Hot dog…. Nice deal. Another way to drive people to :)

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  52. avuee


  53. hazel8500

    Very cool! Thanks WordPress!

  54. graphicaimee

    I can’t wait till this feature is available for my blog!

  55. psychodelicategirl

    Love this idea.

  56. Melissa Barton


  57. blarz

    Woohoo!! :)

  58. jazzle

    Good move.

  59. trime


  60. rici


  61. Justin

    This new avatar idea is really awesome. You can never go wrong with avatars can you hehe. It would really be cool if somehow they could get integrated into the comments on ppls blogs, or on their blogs in some other way.

    That would be cool, keep it up guys!

  62. Guy Murray

    Way Cool!

  63. Griffin Lilly Jr

    WOO HOO! Finally!!! WordPress finally is officially da bomb!

  64. Righteously Insane™

    I can’t wait till they start appearing in our own blogs (comments and posts). ^_^ Cheers!

  65. Kelly


  66. Amit

    pretty good going Matt!! :)

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  68. zappi

    Nice one, thats why I choose wordpress, or was it ’cause it is f****** 1337?
    I realy can’t remember. :P


  69. elitrope


  70. hsigrist

    de pelos!!

  71. helenl

    I’m using this to test the avatar, which, hitheto, appears to be invisible.

  72. Alex Daniel Barril

    Genial, espero poder usarlo pronto en otros sitios.

  73. Elizabeth


  74. huniii


  75. tacofish

    I now have an avatar. I am quite possibly the coolest person ever. Thanks,!!!

  76. bstewart23

    Terrific! Can’t wait for the full rollout!

  77. Elsie

    Thank you guys!!!! I love these things :)

  78. blackscribe

    Me like!

  79. Gray

    [Request] could you also add an option to integrate Gravatar?

  80. hyperreality

    Excellent, thank you!

  81. Dick Devos's Head

    I LIVVVVVE!!!!!!

    Love me, Fear Me, Elect me as your Dark Overlord!

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  83. zaranda


    Sounds like a great idea. Now if a techno blockhead like me can work out how to get my pic next to my posts … (I mean, IS that the idea?)


  84. சாத்தான்

    Cool! Like everybody I’m commenting here to have a look at my avatar.

  85. azahar

    Cute idea … though might be a bit much if they end up on all our blog comments. Especially as most of them will probably end up being question marks.

    I’m still hoping for a comment preview button … (hint hint)

    But I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – I really love WordPress and all the new stuff you keep doing for us. People keep asking me if I’m getting a commission from you guys …

  86. Jonás

    Me encanta este nuevo gadget :), thank you very much.

  87. சத்தியா

    mm… Excellent! thank you!!!

  88. Matt

    Hey folks you should start seeing avatars show up in a few of the themes now.

  89. fmatt

    awesome! thanks!!!!

  90. brenda

    I like it. But can we have it show up on the sidebar near our ‘about’ section? :) Pretty please.

  91. Robert

    @brenda: you can create a text item in you widgets that holds some html. Simply include an img-tag to your own avatar. The url to your avatar is:

    So, your avatar should show up as

    Was this of any help?

  92. Hypnos

    Thank you so much!!

  93. Orion

    nice touch.

  94. JV

    That’s absolutely amazing! Thanks for the avatar!!! Yay!:grin:

  95. Kurt

    Ok, works fine. Will people who comment and have a gravatar, see it appear next to their comment ?

  96. terminallycute

    Fabulous! Keep up the awesome work!!


  97. engtech

    Does anyone have a list of what themes support avatars?

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  99. Naoko Kensaku

    I love you guys.

  100. healingmagichands

    I barely have enough time to just type my blog entry and now you want me to find a picture and upload it? AAAAAAAaaaaaaaIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!


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