Avatar’ed Themes

As an update to Matt’s prior avatar introduction announcement, I’ve now put avatars into all of the themes.

Remember, if you run into any problems with the new avatars or if there are any places where we happened to miss placing them, don’t hesitate to let us know. But for now, enjoy them!

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  1. sheida

    Great Job,
    I like them a lot

  2. Linkey

    Every day it’s better :D Good Job guys!

  3. Greg Brown

    Thanks. They look great!

  4. darki

    wordpress is workexpress :) we like it. thkz.

  5. friedreich rommel delos santos

    you know what would be cool? if we can tag other wp users as friends and show there pictures when we link them in our wp sites. :D

  6. mksucks

    Thank you!

  7. bluesaze

    This is great …. Love what you guys have done. Though I wish you guys would change the default Icon.

  8. the forester

    Very cool. Thank you!

  9. Bryan

    bluesaze: I’m workin’ on that one. ;)

  10. The Eternal Wanderer

    Love ‘em!

    Thanks very much!

  11. avuee

    Could the avatar feature work for non-wordpress bloggers? I mean, if someone lets say from I don’t know,…um 9rules.com responds to an entry of mine, could they have their own gravatar that would appear on my site? Or is this feature only working wordpress to wordpress users?

  12. Confused

    Thanks a lot. A great feature.

  13. Bryan

    avuee: Unfortunately, the current avatar system is strapped to your WordPress.com account. I could see some type of gravatar/wpavatar hybrid going on, but I wouldn’t know where to start with that. For now, in order to get an avatar to show, they must have an account here at WP.com.

  14. bluesaze

    Hey cool … You guys respond really fast … I like avuee’s Idea … When you guys released Avatars I had intitially suggested using Gavtars. But Like Matt pointed out it might be taking to much resources from a free service. A hybrid system where the wordpress avatars are shown by default or else gavtars would been show seems like a good idea.

  15. Fred.cpp

    Great! a lovely feature. Thanks a lot:D

  16. Stephen

    I love how you guys are turning WP into more of a communal blogging service. I think you should add a blog-subscriber sort of thing. Something like the Tag Surfer, but rather than subscribing to tags, you subscribe to other WP.com blogs.

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  18. Righteously Insane™

    Excellent~! Thank you sooo much for this additional service. Now all we need are surveys. Heheheh~! Cheers!

  19. Matt

    Nice work.

  20. oboa

    Brilliant. I am happy to have this new feature without plug-in.
    Many thanks for the effort.

  21. chacko


  22. Davies Lim

    Very nice, Excellent work WordPress!! ~*~

  23. chioko

    awesomeness ^^ XD XD XD yay

  24. Karen

    thanks :)!

  25. E@zyVG

    Nice lil feature. Cool and tnx.

  26. Thomas

    I’ll give it a try!

  27. elvenbyte

    Will be any help for knowing its use?

  28. Curmudgeonly Yours


  29. Marco mkc Costanzo

    This is really Kaizen…
    Constant and continuos improvement…
    ] marcomkc [

  30. KesheR


  31. bizwriter

    If I get that avatar’ed themes post right, avatars should be showing alongside comments. Well, in my blog at least, they don’t. Am I missing something here?

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  33. royalflare

    thanks for the avatars!
    wordpress really rocks!

  34. januarys

    Pleasantly surprised. Thank you sweetheart, I love being able to show a sloth face to anyone and everyone. I mean look at it now, it’s cheering you up isn’t it. M hm.

  35. blayde

    Nice new feature, thanks for it…

  36. ladyvera

    Thanks a lot! Congratulations for this good job!

  37. K

    It adds life to my comment sections. It looks cool to any themes. Thanks for this feature.

  38. ClioCup

    Really nice feature. you guys rock’s

  39. phrostypoison

    I like avuee’s idea.

  40. taraden


  41. Galen

    Like bizwriter, the effect of including avatars in themes has not
    “dawned” on me yet but probably it will come to me evenutally. We
    can still show our avatar, wherever it may pop up, if we have one
    so it is nice that the application is expanding. Like my head? :)

  42. Guy Murray


  43. [KwZ]

    Good job, I was expecting that but not so soon. You guys are really doing something cool.

  44. Fredi


    Could you make them be the same size in all the themes? They’re way too small in Light!!

    Thanks for this.

  45. oinky

    hi thanks wordpress for all those wonderful touch.
    just one thing though, i’m currently using Connections theme but i don’t really understand what you meant by “putting avatars into all of the themes”

  46. dusselhayvan

    fascinating, splendid, well job. thanks wp. :)

  47. EclecticGeek

    Noticed I was avatar’ed earlier with my site comments. I really like this feature. Thanks for always adding new stuff!

  48. Kayakman

    Almost everything I do on the web allows me to use my avatar. I was really happy to see wordpress offer this feature.

  49. helenl

    My avatar seems to work only when I’m signed in.

  50. aishel

    Bryan, looking good. Whatever happened with my suggestion to make the Dashboard into a menu so you can access everything with one click?

  51. missionmexicocity

    Make our avatars FAVICONS!

  52. Bryan

    aishel: It’s still here. Just need to sit down and stare at it for awhile. ;)

  53. Avatar DJ Flux

    Just to see how it looks…
    And I share oinky’s question: I don’t really understand what you meant by “putting avatars into all of the themes”
    IOW, where do they appear?

    Ignorant Flux

  54. ClioCup

    weird, i can see my avatar in every comment that i leave around wordpress. but when i comment on my blog i can’t see my avatar!!! using regulus theme

  55. Pavan

    [Matt/Bryan]: The avatar pics arent placed properly when viewed in Opera (in Linux). The pic overlaps the name and date of comment. Just thought of letting you know.

  56. Pavan

    [Matt/Bryan] One more thing, is there a way I can delete my comments from other’s blog? (as in blogger)

  57. timethief

    I’ve been working the forum and haven’t had the time to check out the avatar feature on my own blogs yet. There is however a forum thread that I want to draw your attention to please take note of the second to last entry http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3728

  58. Bryan

    Pavan: Yep, please send any display errors you see to feedback so I can keep track of them.

  59. Fábio Nogueira

    WordPress… the best!!

  60. Sue

    Happy camper here. Thank you!

  61. moranguita

    Belo trabalho :)

  62. Moey

    well, i do not think that they’re showing on my blog

  63. Brent

    Nice feature.

    Good work Bryan!

  64. archiearchive

    Great idea and well worth the effort. Thank you Bryan.
    May be worth checking its effectiveness in Quentin 0.9. It seems very small. Would it be possible to change the logo on Firefox tabs to the individual’s avatar?

  65. Josh

    I’m using the Sandbox theme with custom CSS, and I’m not seeing any avatars in the comment area. Is this just a problem with Sandbox?

  66. Danny Barros

    I love this idea!!!
    I love you … WP stat!

  67. timethief

    I’m a happy camper. One of the best things about wordpress is the amazing blogging community that’s being built here and features like this are adding to the appreciation of the community experience. Thumbs up Bryan and sysadmin – you rock!

  68. Chittaranjan

    Good! Thanx a ton Guyz!

    Umm…How can I see’em now?

  69. VxJasonxV

    The lack of transparency is bothersome.
    Wreaks havoc on my avatar :/

  70. VxJasonxV

    Ok, so about the comment that I actually meant to make here:
    I might be missing something, but:

    As an update to Matt’s prior avatar introduction announcement, I’ve now put avatars into all of the themes.


    I’ve gone though and clicked on the links of a bunch of commenters here and gotten a pretty decently sized sampling of different themes, and I’ve not seen any avatars that I see here…

    I feel silly for asking this, but… well, maybe I should just wait until tomorrow. I have no idea what propagation is like here. Considering it’s only been an hour…

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  72. jennacb

    Good work-thanks :-)

  73. Someone who loves dogs

    I haven’t ventured into different themes to actually check this out. But, I trust you guys! This is good, now if we can all get more themes to play with, that’ll be great. Will keep blogging … afterall, a blog is something written by someone who has nothing to say for someone who has nothing to do :).

  74. galloway


  75. VxJasonxV

    Oh, avatared the comments in the blogs.
    That just hit me this morning.

  76. mooth

    friedreich rommel delos santos Said:
    “you know what would be cool? if we can tag other wp users as friends and show there pictures when we link them in our wp sites.”

    I agree :D

  77. ibiog

    My avatar comes up so teeny tiny when I post a comment on a blog…
    can’t even tell what it is.

  78. بهمن

    Nice work Bryan ;)

  79. zenstar

    it’d be nice to add an avatar pic onto the sidebar with an easy widget.
    otherwise :) nice work guys

  80. shanmg


  81. Bill

    OK, so some folks like, even love avatars. I hate ‘em :-) People who don’t have one have a big stupid looking question mark and I have to put up with a guy giving the finger on all of the comments on my blog. Not the image I was looking for. Any way to turn them off? Or maybe reinstate some themes that don’t have them?

  82. myepinoy

    Thank you so much!

  83. Matt

    If you’re not seeing the avatars show up, or if they look funny, you may need to force refresh your blog.

  84. rici


  85. Miftach

    Now ai have avatar .

  86. la100rra

    cool Thank you! :lol:

  87. deloco

    On my Screen the Avatars are some sort of mixed up with the text written by someone… I mean: The Pictures are in the middle of the post and not where they supposed to be (left of the text I assume?)

    Anyway, I nice Idea which gives the Blogs and Comments some sort of character…

  88. sparkyfied

    Nice one guys, you rock!

  89. Stephanie

    They don’t seem to work with the theme I have? Or is it just me?

  90. Josh

    I’ve yet to see any avatars on my site, which is the Sandbox theme with custom CSS applied.

    Oh well. :)

  91. Gerald G

    This is cool. Thanks!

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  93. soundtrax


  94. franklyfrank

    Excellent! Thanks a ton you guys

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  96. miund

    Lovin the avatars, guys. Very good job!! :)


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