Theme Requests

It’s about time for some new themes around here.

Any ones in particular you guys want to see? Leave links in the comments.

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  • Sep 8, 2006 @ 9:35 am
  • Themes


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  1. girlwonder816

    YAY!!! I’d like to see something similar to blogger’s “Minima” in black and white. THANKS SO MUCH for asking!!

  2. சாத்தான் is getting better and better! Here goes my favourites’ list:

    Delicate Dreams
    Greenday 1.1
    Noir et Blue 1.5

    for now.

  3. aishahdhorat

    yeah, one that can match uk please with two sidebars (one on left and one on right) and the main body is the middle column.

  4. David Shutt

    I’d love something based on comic books, pulp fiction sort of stuff! :)

  5. nightfox

    Maybe something techy/geeky will do..

    Well, I’ll post again later. :D

  6. Andy C



  7. Gray

    if it’s not too much to ask… how about K2 v1.0 when it’s finally stable? :D K2’s from the creator of WP’s default theme: Kubrick! Michael Heilemann himself! XD wewt!

  8. Stargazer

    “The Cabinet” theme by EVOK ( would be great! I would also like to see some customization options and sidebar widgets support for the “Fauna” theme.

  9. Justin

    Something red/silver :D

  10. destineeisrad

    IM box theme.

  11. flyingwithbaby

    Blix redux

  12. Neeraj

    1. S-FELS

    2. DURABLE v0.2

    …… puhleeeez !!

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  14. Thamrin

    something colourfull?

  15. Stargazer

    I just found out that the EVOK Interactive site is down. You can find the IMO great EVOK theme here:
    Would be great if you could add it to the available themes.

  16. blayde

    Some thing funky, cos the current ones are good but need a bit more spread of colour. Oh and a nice techie one. like that one with the city skyline but a lil more electronic…

  17. destineeisrad

    “Andy C Says:
    September 8th, 2006 at 10:33 am


    :O THAT IS AMAZING. I love that.

  18. prince of dakar

    something black ?

  19. c.

    Fauna, fauna, fauna, fauna, fauna, fauna, fauna, fauna!!! :-D

  20. shashi

    something very clean (ie white background) but with all other functions like header, links above header

  21. leseratte

    Something like the Theme “Quentin” or “Jentri” coloured like the Theme “Banana Smoothie”?

  22. JV

    Something neat, clean and chic. With all the sidebar widgets and customizable headers.:smile:

  23. Rushi Vishavadia

    Matt there are some excellent themes here In particular the following would be good:

    fUnique is an excellent 3 column layout as well.



  24. bordo

    maybe with flash header allowed?

  25. Craig

    What about something like Unsleepable or K2. Something web 2.0ish looking.

    That would be great.

  26. Craig

    What about something like:

    Kind of a clean, web 2.0ish kind of thing.

  27. camino

    It’s very simple, but I’d love to have it on the list.

  28. Stephen


    Dang, I forgot the link

  29. Matteo

    Simplr. Single column minimalism at its best. :)

  30. dragonsvamp

    definetly something dark/black/silver plzzzzzzzzzz

  31. Chittaranjan

    Hmm…How about some Sleek ones with Bikes/Metallics/Cars as the backgounds?

  32. dionysius

    I woul dlike to see tabs on the sandbox theme.

  33. Mark

    I think I’ve suggested this one before… hope you take a look at it if you guys haven’t yet…

    It’s called freshy. It’s a very flexible template – from a small palette of colors for a quick theme change to a big big selection of great headers.

    And it looks techie, too :D

    Hope you take a look at this one. It’s at:

    This site itself is on the freshy theme (as of now)…


  34. ASD

    I am waiting for something for photobloggers (clean black or white design, layout support for bigger images), like Nishita or Polaroid

  35. liquidat

    In any case – something which has no fixed width! I need a theme were I can post long URLs and long lines of source code, so the most themes width a fixed narrow do not fit my needs.

  36. KaraGarga
  37. everythingelse

    come on guys, before you start on a theme adding spree again, why dont you widgetize and custom header-ize all the existing themes ?

    or am i being an ignorant prick and is that not possible due to the way they were coded ?

  38. Craig
  39. j.p. sipila

    Sorry i don’t need a new theme right now… just changed the whole appearence… but could you make Ambiru more editable? I can’t edit the side(bottom)bars…

    thanks again!

  40. K

    Nice idea! I miss trying out templates on my own domain before. I have used Squible Theme. Or anything that has drop down menus for Blogroll links, Archives lists, or a theme with a Threaded Comment plugin.

    Thanks in advance.

  41. avuee

    An upgraded version of Fauna.

  42. Fredi
  43. Momorie

    An upgraded version of Ambiru I really love it.
    Please Phu Ly give it to us, pleeeeseeeeee

  44. mac

    I want to cast a vote for Barthelme too.

  45. Momorie

    An upgraded version of Ambiru, I really love it.
    Please Phu Ly give it to us, pleeeseee…

  46. dario

    The very very very very best is


    (please look at that)

  47. dario

    that’s too bautiful… is moving….


  48. fuzzleinc

    Something more open, with a nice font and a simple feel. Some of the current themes feel too cramped. More space to write in?

  49. David

    As a coder who posts random code bits, a theme that truly understands code snippets. Mark’s Freshy Theme seems to do that in old linebar-themed style. Past that, I really like that theme (Freshy) except that it’s fixed width. If you could customize the %-width or span it 100%, that’d be a slick theme. :)

    Also a Technorati widget or something… since we can’t post the code directly into the site.

  50. b3nny

    I’d like “Connections” in a few different colours, preferably teal. I love teal :)

  51. jasonintx
  52. Areté

    i like dario’s suggestion. it’s wide enough to fit all our thoughts as well as the side columns. very sleek! i also was thinking of something that looks like a notepad? something contemporary and simple?

  53. Admin
  54. Pamela

    I like Mark’s suggestion.

    Mark Says:

    Hope you take a look at this one. It’s at:

  55. Mariane

    I want GreenTrack!

  56. Righteously Insane™

    I just hope Regulus starts allowing modifying the font you use for posting as well as its color. That would be an awesome addition. Also, I hope there’s a crystal/glass, clean look. Mac OS X-ish?! :)

  57. צפריר

    Something right-to-left-ish. please :)

  58. aj2r

    Black minimalism:

  59. aj2r
  60. logish

    Something in dark tones. :)

  61. peon4life

    I was thinking something maybe a little more fantasy like or some underwater theme or like an egyptian….

    just something more visual. please :)

  62. SoulYankee

    More with customizable headers, please.

  63. liviopl

    Freshy please add :).
    Available on WordPress Themes pages.

  64. Gymshoes

    I’d like some reddish theme colors for autumn like:
    China Red
    Red Train
    Dark Maple (has a nice size for header image) This is one of my all-time favorite themes. :-)

    Coffee Cup which has a nice BIG header image for those of us customizing the header. :-)

    All these themes (and many others!) can be previewed and downloaded at:

    (Naturally, I’d like customizable headers and sidebar widgets for all new themes introduced.)

  65. Jon

    I agree with Andy. Barthelme is beautiful.

  66. Reynold

    I’d like a comic book theme too.

  67. thealid

    I like the theme that Warren Ellis is using on his blog (, it’s a nice use of space.

  68. litium

    something with the x factor :P

  69. bagadyr

    In my opinion, freshy will be good for many users… It’s for everything, he can be as well template for blog as for website and other…

  70. elitrope

    My vote is with everythingelse’s suggestion, “…why dont you widgetize and custom header-ize all the existing themes.” As well as liquidat, “…something which has no fixed width!” Oh and I’m a big fan of all things Googie.

  71. engtech

    Something very functional

    must haves:

    – no fixed width
    – sidebar widget support
    – page templates

  72. Íñigo Sodupe
  73. peon4life

    Ive been searching the net for templates, and onthis website, I like the city templates and the rain and wolf in midnight templates

  74. Christian

    How about like this:
    or that
    … but none of the I would call the ultimate theme …

  75. martadc

    I’d like to be able to customize the header of Kubrick with a picture, or to change font size in Regulus or other themes (most of the fonts are too small, Kubrick reads fine)… That said, here are two themes I like:
    Misty Look:

  76. judyk

    Go here for all the themes you could ever want. You can sort by color, column number, width, etc.

  77. Brent

    I really like Tarski.

  78. Christian
  79. deenislam

    something to match ? as i the green, black and white and silver of

    we need to be able to customix more, change more colours and the width etc.


  80. kite

    Barthelme, very very nice

  81. Íñigo Sodupe
  82. mirthe

    I’d like a theme where there is a creative background (with pensil stripes or cicles or something like that) and where the blogpart and the sidebar are two seperate things, they don’t hang together. Know what I mean?

    Well, it’s just a thought.

  83. Ben

    I’d like to see K2 when it reaches v1, and also Subtle (

  84. Ternezia

    I’d like to see more themes with left sidebar.

    Also, WoWza is a nice theme

  85. nemo33

    Some themes from disney movies are always fun and different. I mean who doesn’t love at least one disney movie or character.

  86. grinder

    Something Black… Something Metal \m/

    Also, why don’t you run a competition wherein people from the community submit themes and the community votes for the best themes which would then be available for all to use.

  87. peon4life

    Reflections ( I like the girly themes), Narnia, Landzilla, Jakrata (love this), FAlling Dreams, DAisy Rae Gemini, Blue Bye You.

    on this page :

  88. Benny Martini

    The most important is to be able to change the header on the new theme too !!

  89. Someone who loves dogs

    Hemingway with more customization — for instance, size of excerpts, multiple excerpts on the front page (4 instead of 2), custom options for the bottombar, etc.

    Check out Origami for WordPress 2.0 at This is BRILLIANT and the customization options on top provide the reader with more power.

  90. Craig

    My comments don’t seem to post…
    I’m going to try one more time:

    K2 at
    Unsleepable at

    True Blue at

    Binary Blue at

    Something Web2.0 ish.

  91. Someone who loves dogs

    And how about removing some themes that may not be used at all? I don’t know if there’s any that is not being used currently, but some of the available themes must absolutely go out in my opinion.

  92. dresramblings

    I’d love to have one based on the benevolence theme I’m currently using that has two columns.

  93. dresramblings

    sorry, I forgot to give an example…
    similar to this redux of K2 for instance:

  94. Linh760Li

    I want a theme for automobile purpose.

    My current theme is Dusk. I choose this because of its fix width 500px and support unicode for my language.

  95. Christian

    Blix in different colors …

  96. tomeppy

    Tarski would be wonderful.

  97. therealdonquixote

    I’d like to see some more themes that use as much of the screen space as possible. All in CSS, not static, plenty of widgets, 3 column, tabbed “pages”, cross browser compatable, less fancy more funtional AND…..(drumroll) a Footer!!!

    In the footer we could place widgets like counters and copywrights and powered by wordpress…stuff like that.

    And maybe better widgets (like the widget isn’t so good because you have to name the tags that you want to show, what if you want to show all of them??). We just plain flat out need a Creative Commons widget.

    I hope I’m not asking too much. I hate to be a bother. But I think these additions would be very useful to everyone.

    Thanks for all your hard work,

  98. eteraz

    how about the theme that i am using that i had made which is a modified version of silver is the new black.

  99. eteraz

    actually i rescind my offer. i like being unique.

    i do really like barthelme above. wow.

  100. bubbler

    I’d like a theme in which the archives are better organized, like by year, and then if you click on that year, then subsequently by month, etc. Currently my archives take up half of the page.


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