Custom Header Improvements

We actually did this a week or so ago, but I forgot to post about it.

When we were working out avatars we found the function we were using for resizing the images wasn’t the highest quality, so we switched it to a better one.

What’s this mean? Well your avatars should be nice and smooth, but also when you upload a new custom header it should be much higher quality than they used to be. We also made the custom header uploader “default select” the crop area when you first load it, so if you upload a header which is the exact size that’s needed it should just work.

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  1. Vish

    I think I’ve used this by accident already, and yeah, I thought it was excellent!!!

  2. Admin

    Great work Matt.

  3. britishbullblog

    This is a much needed improvement, excellent stuff.

  4. Moey


  5. Brent

    Good because as I recall the older cropping tool was not very good. I seemed to have some problems with it.

    Thanks for the improvement Matt.

  6. sheida

    I think my problem solved with it, i couldn’t update my image thumbnail but it just worked

  7. Katrina


  8. TheHype

    Yay! Now I could experiment with other theme’s headers. Because the only reason I stuck with Regulus is for the “better” header that doesn’t have the lower quality cropping. *Runs to start a new blog!*

  9. Logitha

    Yaay! Thanks!

  10. Naoko Kensaku

    Oh yes, thank you!

  11. heehler


  12. greenlightsabers

    I was wondering why my blog header was a low quality. :?

  13. Justin

    Nice, the best thing would still be a URL Header, so that you can have switching headers. ( Azupload ;) )

  14. Daniele Medri

    I put my photo in header image: the new code will trasform me in Brad Pitt? No?

  15. wearedikonaca

    Here thanks to the custom header we upload weekly headers! and readers can contribute too!

  16. lotuseater

    Yo, your custom header feature works quite brilliant! I am also enthralled by the idea of providing users with custom headers. Thanks a million!

  17. lordgk


  18. The neurophilosopher

    Any idea when custom headers will be available for Andreas themes?

  19. Matt

    Probably never, because they’re not fixed width.

  20. astasia

    A good idea…

  21. Thomas


  22. Deni Triwardana

    thanx Mat !

  23. memshankar

    Very good idea!


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