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One of the cool things about WordPress is there are “edit” links everywhere. Usually right within your theme you are just a click away from editing your post, page, or comments.

The one thing that can be tricky is different themes put these in different places, or sometimes not at all.

To make it easy on everyone, now in your admin bar when you’re on a post or page it’ll show an edit link up there. (The admin bar is the blue bar that shows at the top when you’re logged in.)

This feature has actually been there for a while, but we accidentally broke it a few weeks ago. Now that it’s fixed, it seemed like a good opportunity to drop this little tip your way.

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  1. kashmir


  2. Vish

    “I was not aware of that!”

    Is it just me, or are you guys going all out at the moment to impress us?!

  3. avuee


  4. Brent

    Hmmm…very interesting.

  5. therealdonquixote

    Sweetness!! Keep em comin big Matt.

  6. positivenergyoutput

    Thanks for the great tools

  7. Carpus

    It’s amazing! You guys actually listen! My loyalty is growing by leaps and bounds!

  8. chacko


  9. Josh


  10. Thomas

    Thank you for the fix!

  11. oneguy

    Very cool. The more ways of doing something the better. (Then I’m sure to find one of them!)

  12. Christian

    Well, thanx!

  13. britishbullblog

    Wohoo! it’s back!

  14. Danny Barros

    wow, I love it!!!
    Thanks for all!;)

  15. TheShortFatKid

    Awesome! My theme didn’t seem to have an edit feature.

  16. delimoon

    Ok edit in the blue bar could be interesting. But since you ve made this change, my blue bar diseaper some times. And work without the bluebar at the top is not really nice.
    My theme is regulus.
    Have you an answer. Will my blue bar be back soon ?
    thanks for look at this.
    Vero from delimoon

  17. Yaser

    You guys have been on a roll lately. Thanks alot!

  18. Admin

    When on pages, edit page is called “Edit post”.

    “New post” would also be cool. ;)

  19. Admin

    Ugh, that should be “New page”.

  20. Crash

    Thanks! The new Pressroom Theme lacked an “edit” link on posts and I was almost ready to give up on the theme, but this’ll fix it. :-)

  21. poppy8sd

    In “Pressrow” –blue bar: gone. Someone in Forum said “click on a post title, it will appear” –it does not. I have to go back to login page to edit. Is this a fault of “Pressrow” theme? Will it be corrected?

  22. Matt

    Your admin bar looks fine here. Let me remind you what it says on the comment form:

    Please do not use these comments for asking questions, support, or bug reporting, use the forums or feedback form for that.

    Use the feedback form and someone can help you out.

  23. Muslim Apple

    Thanks, I had wondered what happened to my “edit post” feature and it was tedious always going to “manage” to edit posts.

  24. britgirl

    Nice one!

  25. galloway

    I’ve got the “blue bar disappearance” problem with Press row theme too.

    Possibly just a side effect of the recent changes?

    It sure makes admin. problematic, however, and it’s a bit worrying.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  26. riversaredamp

    I wondered where that “edit post” link went!


  27. the forester

    That’s funny, I thought I remembered seeing those edit links at the top, and recently figured I was just imagining it. Thanks for admitting it was gone for awhile — preserves my sanity!

  28. Michael Sync

    Thanks so much.

  29. Zeezat

    Cool Effects.. Keep rolling great features for WP community.

    Thanks a lot.


  30. skp

    Awesome !! Great work guys !!

    One of my fav features abt WP is its BlogStats, the first drop down menu on the admin bar can actually carry that …

    can we have a hot key to collapse the admin bar :P … i know too much to ask for but I liked that kind of thing on technorati, no need to send the user to another page for loggin in … just click on sign in and the thing drops down …..

    neways once again thanks a lot for the feature ….


  31. cleav_

    I remember seeing the “Edit post” link some time back… Although I’m currently not able to see this feature in work now that it’s fixed (My admin bar seems to be gone, but I have already raised this up in the forums), I’d like to applaud the WP team! Cheers to the team!

  32. Anne

    Can I just say that I love you guys?

  33. toxy

    I was wondering, where is the ADMIN bar? It’s driving me mad having to go in through the back door to get to my dashboard…

    I was using the Kubrick theme and have now moved onto the NEAT theme…still the same…

  34. azahar

    My admin bar now gives me the option to edit my posts but the theme I use (Connections) has an ‘edit entry’ option anyhow on every page and post (though I realise not all themes do). Meanwhile, to edit comments on my theme I have to go to Dashboard/Manage/Post/Comments…

    What would indeed be fabulous would be to have an ‘edit comment’ option on all themes – I know some have them. :)

  35. rici

    CAYOOO Men …cool

  36. Biek

    That’s handy indeed. Thanks.

    And it seems there is lots more room on that bar for more stuff! ;-)

  37. bluejeans51

    Cool I like to edit everything I write.
    There seems to be room for other stuff on the bar.
    Thanks good work!!

  38. olive2abarquez


  39. designbeauty

    how! cool! thanx

  40. ae

    cool beans..

  41. ManMeng

    As usual, you guys rawk \|||/ :D

  42. paradineshift

    now if you can just give it a sticky flag I’ll be mighty impressed

  43. El ermitaƱo

    Cool, it’s very useful for our diary section.

  44. dragonmommie

    I’m still learning how to live in Rome.

  45. rumours


  46. kamangir

    I love wordpress. I realy do!

  47. matredman

    The admin bar should have a link direct to your blog just like the link that takes you to your dashboard.

    Go Team WordPress!


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