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One big inconsistency with a lot of our themes were how they handled comments on pages. Some didn’t show a thing, and others would show comments all the time.

We’ve gone through all the themes here on and made them work the same way. Now by default pages will have comments enabled on them, but if you want to hide the comments and comment form you just have to switch “Allow Comments” off for that page.

How do you do that? When editing a page, click the plus sign next to “Discussion” and then uncheck “Allow Comments.”

Save the post, and you’re done.

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  1. peteremcc

    Cool, thanks…

    Been waiting for that.

  2. eoinpurcell

    That is cool!
    I had wondered about that!
    great work!

  3. Greg Brown

    Awesome. Will these new standardizations ever be published in the form of an unofficial “style guide” for WordPress themes?

  4. shashi

    I think the next step is adding ‘contact me’ page ….Am I right?

  5. Matt

    Greg, definitely. It’s something we’ve been giving some thought to, we have one internally and we’re hoping to flesh it out before publishing.

  6. pablo

    awesome. it seems like wordpress is picking up steam and improving something everyday. keep it up!

  7. Justin

    Great :D

  8. green

    Starting to like WP more and more these days. :D

  9. chacko

    This is what I was waiting for! Thank you.

  10. Danny Barros

    Thanks ;)

  11. Michael Sync

    Thanks so much. :D

  12. britgirl

    Great – very fast response. Thanks!

  13. the forester

    Yup, I felt it was weird that all my posts had comments, but my pages did not. Thanks for streamlining everything, and for giving us the chance to opt out of comments on our pages if we want.

  14. പെരിങ്ങോടന്‍

    Great. I asked for it Yesterday, and WP is having it today. Thank you Matt.

  15. Mrs. Fadingflowers

    I’m currently using Ambiru theme and left the comment on one of my page on, however it seems to appear that there is double comment sections on one of my page. I wish to leave my comments on, could you get rid of the additional comment on it.

    Here’s the link where u can see it

  16. Rui Martins

    excelent! I was expecting for that since a long time! Very good!

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  18. khuram

    Yeah… really nice.. Thanks WP..!!!!

  19. Carpus

    Great. On a related note, it would still be nice to be able to edit posts in all themes from the post itself, rather than needing to go through the dashboard for some.

  20. Thomas

    Thank you.

  21. Matt

    Carpus, check out the next post.

  22. timethief

    HOORAY! And now to have a template in every theme for a contact page would be so very sweet.

    P.S. Thanks for all the good stuff Matt and the crew. Providing it demonstrates your responsiveness to the wordpress blogging community. And we sure are diverse, interesting and fun loving bunch, aren’t we? ;)

  23. engtech


    You guys rule.

  24. phpones

    Thanks Matt, you guys do a great work.

  25. Linh760Li

    yeah. this should be done long time before.


  26. Rory

    Three cheers for Matt and the team. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    No, but we really do appreciate the work you put in. You’ve made into one of (if not the) premiere free blog hosting service. Congrats. I love you. ~ Rory

  27. Colin

    you guys just never stop! I love WordPress.

  28. SteelCougar307

    Wow, and I was just reading about this in the forums…
    You guys are more than fantastic, thank you!

  29. lingamish


  30. Delia Negro

    This is great. thanks! i second the ‘contact me’ page request

  31. Polaris

    I always wanted to allow comments on my About page, so this is a nice addition. Thanks!

  32. axewielderx

    I was not aware of that feature.Cool!

  33. mariemcc

    Wonderful! Thank you!!

    Would it be possible to add categories to pages some day?

  34. rici

    CAYOOO. Cool.

  35. ceeque

    excellent stuff!

  36. adam

    i’m just thinking, why bother normalizing themes (giving them all avatars, comments on pages, like-named-templates for links and archives), when you could port most (*cough* hemingway) of them to sandbox? has a good start on porting old themes, and surely switching css files rather than whole themes would provide better abstraction for non-technical users?

  37. Adi G.

    I would like to see more themes, and even more customisable! well, i’m a “non-technical user”, and that css-way of making my page unique is a real alien-stuff. (sorry 4 my english :)

    Anyway, great job with comments!

  38. jerjer

    Great !

  39. Clarion

    Thank you. That will be a great help

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  41. the fab one

    good idea, well done!


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