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Just a quick note to tell you that I finally got around to adding a Total Views counter at the top of your stats page.

Podz had the great idea of showing your “Best Day Ever” so I added that, too. Enjoy!

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Moey

    thx man.. we needed that

  2. eoinpurcell

    I so was not paying attention! I just asked about this in feedback
    Very cool!

  3. Edson Junior Lain


  4. YDS

    Very nice! Thanks!

  5. bekcy

    Great thanx!

  6. displayblog

    Mmm… :) Looks like a GREAT start toward developing some powerful traffic analytics! Thanks!

  7. Steve

    “Day 91″ as my best day doesn’t mean much to me though. :(

  8. kashmir

    Cool! Thanks!!

  9. Bill

    Great adds both! Thanks!

  10. aishel

    First of all, thanks. Second, not sure if this is the place for this, but I have two areas, one has the date, the second is called Today. Today’s date is filled in with the information on referalls, etc, but the Today section has nothing.

  11. Brent

    Useful stuff. Thanks!

  12. disembedded

    Blog Stats–stats for “Yesterday” have disappeared. Also, now Search Terms=None for today. This can’t be true when Blog Feed shows almost 30% by search engines. Think something went wrong.

  13. livingjourney

    Great I really needed that… I use the Hemingway theme which does not have a any place to put a text widtet with a site meter. So, for me to know what my total views were I had to quickly change themes to have a look at what my stats were.

    Now I don’t have to change my theme anymore.

    Very good for us Hemingway lovers.


  14. taraden

    yahoooo, thanks guys!

  15. Andy

    disembedded: Fixed. Thanks!

  16. Stephen

    Looks like today was my “Best Day Ever”… Well, at least according to this. Cool feature, nonetheless.

  17. EclecticGeek

    This is great. Turns out my “Best Day Ever” is today. Thanks for both. :)

  18. Nobodyknows

    Best day ever: 372.

    Guess that’s all right.

  19. hazel8500

    Excellent, thanks. My new theme Girl Theme, doesn’t allow adding widgets :( this is a great solution for me, (to keep track of views) cuz I love the theme, except for the lack of widget capabilities. ;)


  20. engtech

    Yay! More stats!

  21. avuee

    What is the “best day ever” stat about? Is there a ranking somewhere?

  22. gpessia


  23. TheHype

    Coolies! And perhaps a “worst day ever” is coversely a good humbling reminder? …no second thought, nah! I can’t get enough of stats…

  24. K

    “Best Day Ever” I got a 1262 score (probably my Bad Day ever). But great addition to the stats functions. Could you also add such as Number of Post, Number of Comments on our sidebar widget? Thanks.

  25. ameba

    good idea! i love the stats

  26. Mark Jaquith

    Would be cool if “Best Day Ever” showed the date in parenthesis!

  27. bianglim

    That’s cool!Thanks!

  28. the forester

    Oh, believe me, I was already keeping track of my best day ever. :-)

    Question: does “total views” include hits from spam? It’d be more useful if it didn’t. I don’t have a hugely popular blog, so I’m cognizant of the fact that Akismet’s 2,000 saves is actually a sizable chunk of my total hits. As flattering as it is to see a higher number, a more accurate one would be appreciated.

  29. guarever

    nice addon, thanks!

  30. Elsie

    Thank you so much for that, how weird is it that today, (yesterday for you guys) was my best day ever! I just thought y’all were just congratulating me! :) Anyway, I got so many hits because I was part of the 2996 tribute to 9/11 victims. Over 3000 bloggers honored 1 victim of 9/11. Check out my guy, Michael Morgan Taylor and the links to all the rest of the fantastic people we lost!

  31. kisknit

    Absolutely fabulous!!! Totally works for my narcissistic self.

  32. phpones

    Thanks Andy, great work.

  33. moraie

    Thanks! I disliked having to display it on my page to see it.

  34. chinaview

    That’s nice. Thanks.

  35. oraclewalkin

    Great Going.Keep it up!!

  36. Rémi

    Very cool guys!

  37. rollmops

    That’s a nice goodie, thx!
    Like Mark Jaquith says, would be great to see the date also.

  38. ksrinu

    Its nice

  39. Kuo

    that’s cool and useful, thanks!

  40. Michael Sync

    Gr8!! We really happy to have that feature..
    Thanks muchz

  41. lmighton

    Noticed this this eve pst. I like it.

  42. chacko

    Thank you Andy!

  43. shashi

    Great work Andy…indeed!!

  44. िविवधािदत्य

    Thanks, I had to depend on the Blog Stats Widget for that. But also if we could have the Most read article (posts) ever or stats for all the articles (posts) that how many times have they been read till date. Currently, we have stats only for a month. So the numbers ususally drop down or remain static once after a month or so as it starts discounting the reading hits prior to the month.

  45. Steve

    Ah, see, I originally thought best day every meant the date and that I was seeing a day number, not the number of hits on the best day.

    What the best day of your life? 42.

    So it’s not like that at all. Wording can be pesky.

  46. oboa

    This is nice, appreciate ur constantly effort in making wordpress better and better.

  47. Dr. Jekyll


  48. bordo

    thank you ;]

  49. berowl

    thx vm thats great, can we have it in our sidebar?

  50. Thomas

    Great! Fantastic!

  51. Christian


  52. Zeezat

    Hi Andy,

    This feature is enhancing the Stats page. You guys making things very best for blogging.. I love to express my heartfelt wishes and thanks.

    Keep going..


  53. shashi

    I have one suggestion. How about stats appearing on post?
    There shoud be stats (total view of perticular post) on the post. so reader can understand how popular the post is!

  54. Rui Martins

    excellent! a medium value (since the start of the blog) will be very nice, too…

  55. dinsan

    Tooo good….was waiting for this Andy thanks a lot

  56. dinsan

    I agree with shashi…what about post specifc stats ?

  57. jacky

    Thanks a lot for getting wordpress better each day!
    Greetings from Portugal :)

  58. Mildew

    Excellent stuff. Thank you!

  59. lingamish

    Oh no, another stat to obsess on!

  60. alojeda81

    Thanks a lot , i agree with all the comments

    WordPress is the right choose for bloggers

  61. cleav_

    Haha! Nice new additions to one of my favourite features! Although it is kind of irritating that I am currently unable to access my dashboard through the admin bar (I have posted in the forums regarding this). Nonetheless, great work! 3 cheers to WP!

  62. James17930

    The only other thing I would ask for is a way to see total views of a single post.

  63. Juan J Calcaño

    Thanks for that new little detail, WordPress is becoming more powerfull each day.

  64. belindaschneider

    oh wow, only been there once! looks great and more complete. good job.

  65. rdrake

    HEY! That’s great! Thanks alot, really means much to me…

  66. rohan quinby

    This is great…

    I would love to have more comprehensive analytics on my blog, or failing that, the ability to use javascript so that I can use something like sitemeter…

    Analytics are actually an important part of the blogosphere. To the extent that wordpress prevents users from easily using analytics, wordpress keeps itself on the margins.

    But I love this feature. Thanks!

  67. elitrope

    Thanx, appreciate it, since I don’t have the option of adding the counter to my theme…hint, hint.

  68. Vish

    I noticed that feature- nice work.

  69. The Monologue Blogger

    This is cool guys, glad you added the feature. Nice touch.

  70. zappi

    Thanks, nice feature, missed that.

  71. Urmi Saagar

    Nice feature….

    Another suggestion: It would be nice if we can change the color of text in the editor!!

  72. kanaiyyadesh

    it is nice to see. that will help a lot

    Thanks and Regards

  73. grhomeboy

    Good work, thank you!

  74. raincoaster

    Outstanding feature, thanks! And I agree with those who say having a total hits per post thingy would be cool, although I’d prefer to have that only visible to the blog owner.

    FYI y’all, I think WordPress doesn’t include hits from bots, etc. It will include hits from human scammers, but if L.Ron and his minions are reading my blog, I’ll take the hit. I’m not proud.

  75. britgirl

    This is a nice addition – and thank you – however I agree completely with Rohan Q. I would like to be able to analyse my stats and use them to inform my knowledge about my readers and how they visit my blog rather than simply look at the stats and feel good because I have lots of views on a post. Basically I’m after analytics. With the current javascript limitations (I know, I know the reasons it’s not permitted) it is still a big missing piece for me. With this ability though would be almost perfect…

  76. poppy8sd

    I’m too busy working on a new blog to post much on the one that’s up right now, but when logged in tonite, instantly saw the new Stat feature. I like it alot.

    Will it be a cumulative total, i.e. ‘Most hits of ANY day’ –or Most for previous month? This must have been some work to accomplish, so Thank You. Well done.

  77. jessicas

    very nice

  78. savetheoc

    Cool, thanks man!!

  79. Amanda

    I love it, but I would still like to see more stats, or perhaps a widget like MyBlogLog

  80. Davor


  81. pickleshane

    a new surprise everyday :-) I like!

  82. jennacb

    Excellent-thanks for that WP!

  83. moon unit

    Great. Now I can remove “Blog Stats” from my public pages.

  84. daveman


  85. ae

    “Steve Says: Ah, see, I originally thought best day every meant the date and that I was seeing a day number, not the number of hits on the best day” .. . i cant even go there– LOL!!

    Big Kiss to WordPress!

  86. sheida


  87. Jen

    Love it! ;)

  88. demigod

    Hey, is it possible to get that piece of html code in order to display the statistics in the blog home page. I’m using Hemingway so there is no such readymade widget available. Someone mentioned that it’s no way possible to add sitemeter to hemingway, but it’s possible and i have done that in my blog. But the point is i want tto display statistics from WP and not from any 3rd party. Please help.

  89. funchumm

    This is great!

  90. danesh

    Excellent! Very happy with that! Thanks! Xie Xie and so on.

  91. britishbullblog

    Thanks for the improvements.

    Here’s my suggestion –

    It would be cool to have an average stat….oooooo!! It would just be good to know how many visitors, on average, you get per day ;)

  92. askars

    That’s a pretty cool thing. I can even say the best day ever even before the Flash graph loads up.
    Thank you.

  93. webby

    thanks. its really helpful.

  94. MCA

    Nice feature! It came at a time when stats climbed steadily so I was excited to see them. Once reality sets in and the numbers drop, I think I will need links to handling depression blogs.

  95. jeneyepher

    This is my first day here on WordPress. Just thought I would post to make sure it works :) Now to figure out how to use this place.

  96. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    ……. thanks. This links directly to my daily newspaper column for readers to get back issues of columns. You have saved me a lot of time and given my readers (hardcopy readers) an easy access to what they say they want. Hats off to you all.


  97. Ryan

    May I suggest, if it isn’t too late, possibly adding a stat that shows your average views per day? I think that would be really sweet and to me it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to create.

  98. eoinpurcell

    Hey i’ll second the idea of an average! That would be cool!

  99. hillary


  100. Cyrus Poncha

    Does this only capture unique visitors, how are the pageviews calculated. Do let us know and as requested can we get more stats


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