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Venture over to your Widgets page (it’s under Presentation, in case you forgot) and check out your new widget: Top Posts. This one finds your posts with the most visits in the last two days and links to them in your sidebar. You can set the title and the number of posts to show.

This widget is based on your Blog Stats but it never shows the numbers. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Secret Project


    Thank you

    *pops off to Widget World happily*

    (Hey, one day it might make a difference….)

  2. allansiew

    Neat feature.

  3. Sperestillan

    Nice. I also see we have a ‘recent comments’ widget, which is something I hadn’t noticed before. Is that new too?

  4. Nobodyknows


  5. blayde

    Neato, thanks for the info…

  6. bluesaze

    hey cool thanks just what We need :)

  7. 0nkulis

    thanks, but I would be happy if “recent posts” widget too would be with changable title, because not all blogs are in english and so I would like to have that title in my native language. In case someone have some spare time, he could fix this little thing..
    you are great guys! is the best thing I have ever used!

  8. scribez

    currently we were doing this by marking the most popular articles with a tag “POPULAR” and the creating a RSS widget out of it :). Why is it only for the last 2 days though ??

  9. shashi

    Its cool ….
    However I would love to have numbers along side the post…
    You guys are doing pretty good job..almost everyday there is something new feature.. :-)

  10. livingjourney

    What a good idea… you guys keep pumping them out don’t ya!

    Thanks once again.


  11. cleav_

    oh my goodness this widget is cool! 3 cheers to WP! great surprises popping out these days ^_^

  12. K

    Wow I needed this widget. Would it be nice if we can also show how many “clicks” in those particular TOP Posts?

    Thanks so much.

  13. mirthe

    Cool :)

  14. eoinpurcell

    Now that is cool!

  15. Thomas


  16. TheShortFatKid

    This is bad a$$

  17. kashmir

    This is awesome!

  18. gaminghobo

    Another awesome addition. Keep em’ coming. :)

  19. rdgujarati

    its very good feature. Best wishes to WORDPRESS

  20. Moey

    wow.. this is great, I’m using it now check my blog out

  21. abhishekmittal

    This is so cool! Was waiting for it since a long time.

  22. Naxos

    Ivebeen waiting for something like that!!!
    thanks!! :-)

  23. vientos

    Thx !!! is amazing !!! ;-)

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  25. ruhi

    Thanks a bunch :)) I’ll use it right away! The speed at which you guys are introducing new stuff is actually a lil scary :))

  26. TheHype

    Coolies, I’ve been wanting to manually do it myself since other smarty bloggers have it… now you saved me the trouble (I’ll still try to learn though :))! Thanks!

  27. storymode

    I’ll definitely have to try this out at some point. Definitely a useful add-on, I’d say. Thanks! ^^

  28. britgirl

    Great stuff!

  29. Confused

    Great. But perhaps it would make more sense to include older stats sand not just24-48 hours, like maybe atleast a week or so. Of course, the best would have been top posts ever.

    Even though I regularly update my blog, right now it seems a replica of recent posts.

  30. muslim

    sweet i was just searching for this the other day!

  31. peteremcc

    how about an option TO show the numbers as well? it’s not such a big secret :)

  32. Mojca

    Awesome! Thanks a lot.
    Keep up the good job. ;)

  33. dresramblings

    That sounds like something that would be quite useful. Especially if it encourageds more readership of some of the posts that people thought were better. Great job!

  34. elvenbyte

    That’s great! You get me surprised everyday! You’re doing a really good job!

  35. muslim

    sweet i was just looking for this yesterday, thanks!

  36. vjp

    Well, it’s a start. Would love for the widget to show top posts EVER, or at least the last 30 days.

  37. nightfox

    oohh.. is doing great!

  38. engtech

    This is awesome.

    Thanks for listening to us! :)

  39. wearedikonaca

    cool dude! ;)

  40. aNtónio

    Thank you Super Admnin

    I always wanted to say thar Well, something like that :)

  41. Lucas

    I’m making a dashboard widget for my wordpress blog.
    That’s cool :-D

  42. Guy Murray

    Cool. Thanks for the great toys. Please keep em comming! ;-)

  43. Sankar Viruthachalam

    This is great!!!

  44. mooth

    “but it never shows the numbers. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.” lol thank god

    i’m really grateful due to the improvements you guys have been doing lately, congrats good job!

  45. ish

    Awesome.Just what I needed.

  46. aishel

    Cool, thanks!

  47. alex

    Sounds like a nifty little widget! Good works guys!

  48. Ujwala

    thank you :D

  49. woland783

    wow, cool, but why 48 hours instead of something like 1 day, 1 week or 1 month?

  50. Vash the Stampede

    There have been a lot of additions that have come down the road recently, and I like them all, but this is sweet. A big thanks goes out to the development team for all the hard work every1 does.

  51. helar

    Love this widget! Added it on my page immediately. Now the page looks even more inviting to read…

  52. Jennie

    oh yes! this is excellent! just what I needed, Thanks WP team, you’ve saved me the trouble of editing one manually.

  53. Curmudgeonly Yours


  54. Jope

    This is great! Any chance we could get something like this but for the full life of the blog?

    (While you’re at it… ;) )

  55. JV


  56. Dean

    Ditto all the previous comments. Great work.

  57. KesheR


  58. EclecticGeek

    I was tired of manually changing the one I had. Thanks!

  59. Tim

    I was, quite literally, going into my view options to “roll my own” with stat data taken from the last 120 days or so. As I was trying to decide what widget to use to embed the links (most likely the text widget), I saw “Top Posts.” Dang… why hadn’t I seen that before?

    Drag… drop… save changes… test… DANG!

    If you guys keep looking over my shoulder to code the stuff I need, I’m gonna have to start charging you rent. ;-)

  60. jerjer

    I would like it tobe able to show the click numbers…. Also It would be nice to show top posts in a longer period. 24-48 hrs. doesn’t make very much sense….

    Thanks anyway.. Great Job Done..!

  61. isadora

    Very nice! I wouldn’t mind about showing the numbers… 8-)

  62. pobiznews

    Ahm, I screwed my moustache, feeling the widget is feminine;-)
    enjoy the humour.

  63. broadband

    Nice to have, thanks!

  64. hazel8500

    I’m green with envy, My Girl Theme doesn’t support widgets of any kind.

    Am I really going to have to learn to live without my Girl Theme?!



  65. Ryan Martin

    Thank you for all that you do. I am a satisfied customer for sure.

    And the price is always right!

    If I could make one suggestion while attempting to avoid the unfortunate result of sounding ungrateful, if you could add an option to customize the time span this feature covers, including perhaps a week, month, or even the entire life of the blog.

    But again, thanks for all the features! I really enjoy using wordpress.

  66. therealdonquixote

    I could kiss you. And I am totally straight.

  67. astasia

    this is the best news i’ve ever read!!!Thanks!!!I like to know which is my “top post”!

  68. saniroy

    Great! I very enjoy the rapid development of WP! Thanks anymore.

  69. SzAq

    Omg, and now I could show to the world my recently posts but for what? I dunn know that?! ;)

  70. talkislam


  71. rici

    yes one of the cool feature !
    Thanks ya !


  72. amandawho

    How depressing.


  73. ohwailywaily

    Love the constant updates – great work !
    Thanks for making this a terrific place to blog !

  74. Steve Weintraub

    Very nice. Of course, “top posts” type things are self-perpetuating, so the stat tends to lose relevance after awhile.

  75. wohoo

    Been looking something like this for ages but I don’t see it for some reason ?

  76. wohoo

    It’s not showing up for me :(

  77. vjp

    Close but no cigar for me. I need more than the last 2 days. Would like to have top posts EVER or at least the last 30 days.

  78. Okro Lightcloud

    Pretty cool..

  79. timethief

    Thanks for the “top posts” widget. I really appreciate the responsiveness that’s being shown towards what bloggers are asking for on the ideas forum. However, I would also prefer that the “top posts” widget reflects the last 30 days please. Tx TT

  80. Justin

    I love it, using the new widget right now! Great job

  81. riversaredamp

    I wish the Supposedly Clean theme had this option….

  82. சாத்தான்

    Nice move!

  83. Zeezat


    Its worked. Thanks a lot for new feature.

    Again thanks a lot for all WP admin team.

    Best Smile,

  84. rollmops

    That’s a really great improvement, thanks! And for something to complete, numbers for Recent Comments would be neat too ;)

  85. raincoaster

    How is it that I, the stat whore di tutti stat whores, missed this thread? I’m up with anything that lets us post numbers.

  86. dinsan

    really nice

  87. Dil


  88. Phoenix

    Thanks a lot. had been waiting for it all my life. Was using a manually updated widget all this time! Yay! :)

  89. tnstampgirl

    YAY! a new widget. Keep ‘em comin’ WordPress!

  90. Scott

    Just when one thinks that he has all he needs to be a happy contented blogger, the WP admin striks back with another grrrrrrrrrreat feature!

  91. Brent

    I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks guys!

  92. Fred.cpp

    At last! thanks guys, I’ve been waithing for this for a long Time. I implemented my own version but I hate to edit It each time stats change :P

  93. ehab

    Awesome !

  94. The neurophilosopher

    I agree with Jope. I’ve got my top 10 posts in a text widget, and would prefer the Top Posts widget to be for the overall number of hits instead of hits in the last 2 days.

  95. uptownflavor

    Yay!!! Thanks :-)

  96. oldprints

    Nice, thanks!

  97. Sports Snob

    Cant it be done for a longer period than 48 hours? How about a month? That would be the best. I hope you guys are working on that.

    As of now I have put it up manually.

  98. unitedcats

    It is a neat idea and like it, but I have a concern. Do people who click on the links in the top post widget add to the count? If that’s the case, especially on a 48 hour time frame, rather mediocre posts could end up in the widget and staying there for awhile cause people think they are a top post and click on them. I too think a longer time frame would be more useful for this widget.

  99. brianfox


  100. dorai

    Pretty cool. Something I was hoping for. Here is an additional feature, I would love.

    Ability to set an option whether it is:

    = Top posts of last 7days, 30 days or all time


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