September Wrap-up

It’s about that time again, October is here and the leaves are changing colors. What the heck did we do last month?

New free features:

  1. We avatared all the themes
  2. Made custom headers higher quality
  3. Added custom headers to: Pool, Kubrick.
  4. You can now have comments on any page (use it like a guestbook
  5. New themes: Pressrow, Day Dream, Rounded, Cutline.
  6. Redesigned the FAQ.
  7. Added a Top Posts widget
  8. Odeo embedding support
  9. Bumped the private blog limit to 35

Ready for the stats?

In September you guys created about 58k blogs, 61k users, switched themes 261k times, 1.3 million posts, 190k pages, 939k comments, 3.4k support requests, 254k file uploads, and around 63.7 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)

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  • Oct 2, 2006 @ 4:39 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. akosistella


  2. Sagaro

    Three cheers for WP :)

  3. axewielderx

    We have been busy,haven’t we?LOL! Keep adding stuff and I am sure we will keep it up!

  4. Secret Project

    Dear WP Team,

    Thank you **so** very much!
    Whilst a complete technophobe, even I – in all my ignorance – have found some of your upgrades applicable – and fun!

    xx SP xx

  5. livingjourney

    A lot of support requests, I’m amazed!… How do you guys do it?

    I for one am extremely grateful, and I thank you all for your hard work.


  6. Solo

    Popping in and out at the speed of light but making a point to do so becase you guys have been incredible!

    Thank you for all that has been so far and ‘yip, yip, yar’! to all that is to come.

    Look after yourselves – and thank you for looking after us.

    – Solo

  7. aishahdhorat


  8. tin4e

    weel done

  9. nestumcompresto

    And the best part is that is telling us just what they did in September, imagine the possibilities for a near future. And without a campaign our rumors. “People, here it is. Enjoy!!!”:)
    And thats how i like it…
    With the speed things are coming and the way people are accepting things and requesting new features. I’m only wait bigger things from the[unity]
    Greetings, “wayne’s world style” — I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy…

  10. Hughesie

    woooow wordpress

    go us

  11. Zeezat

    Hi Matt,
    I am taking this time to thank you and guys @ WP for the really stunning efforts. I think October wrap-up will have something more.

    What a huge stats that you have mentioned in this post. Really Cool and amazing!!

    Keep rolling in your efforts and hecks.

    Best Smile,

  12. Nanyaar?

    WordPress Rocks!

  13. Jamie Clark

    “… switched themes 261k times…”

    Yeah, and I’m responsible for about half of that. :P

    Good work guys.

  14. Moey

    wow. this is like too much

  15. West468

    Good job! :-) Thanks a lot.

  16. girlfriday

    loving the *my comments* feature to keep track of myself all around wordpress :lol: and the regular re-designs … upgrades … improvements … to all the wordpress-specific features.

  17. Chittaranjan

    Rocking September that Was!!!

    May October bring more sunshine and cheer :mrgreen:

  18. calila

    Nice job…. wordpress rules..!

  19. Justin

    Thats really awesome, wordpress is by far the best blog software out there! Thanks for all the great updates over the month!

  20. badkow

    WordPress Ownz Blogger!

  21. cleav_

    lol wordpress rocks!

  22. the forester

    A great month overall. Thanks for all the new features — and for showing us the stats usually only admins see!

  23. sportsunlimited

    Excellent. Hope to see more functionality and customisations in future too.

  24. Someone who loves dogs

    Brilliant! Not only does summarizing the changes you’ve made every month in a wrap-up show us just how great is, but is also gives you guys more cred as time passes by. Thanks a lot for keeping us in your minds :).

  25. Clodimedius

    A big thank you again ! What a boring life it would be without my blog !!!

  26. greenlightsabers

    Lovely. Can’t wait to see what’s up next month. More themes! AHHHHH! *spins around in chair and falls off*

  27. solelyshe

    Great new features :)

    and interesting with month stat.

  28. IcArUs`

    proud to be part of the wordpress members!
    hip hip huray!

  29. uptownflavor

    keep it up! great job!

  30. LearningNerd

    Whoa, those stats are impressive — as are all the features! Thanks again,!

  31. Thomas

    WordPress is really great ;-)!

  32. Fredi


  33. Michelle K.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! It is a pleasure to blog at WordPress!

  34. blayde

    wow, nice stats…

  35. tnstampgirl

    Whoa Momma! Yay WordPress!

  36. sheida

    Great Job guys, what is for the next month ?

  37. rici

    Yeah cool..may more updates & cool stuff comin on this Oct :-D


  38. Ranjhith

    2 things that intrigue me are:
    1. 3.4k support requests – too much.
    2. 254k file uploads – too less.

  39. phpones

    We’re on fire!

  40. PolloMorrison

    great work

  41. gondolier

    Thanks to WordPress Team
    it’s happy to be part of it.

  42. hazel8500

    Wow, so much done, so little time,
    Its been like christmans around here!

  43. hazel8500

    oops meant Christmas!

  44. mooth

    Good job, thanks for everything =)

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  46. flamov

    Amazing numbers… congrats

  47. hammadmemon

    thumbs up !!

  48. the fab one

    thank u, we needed it

  49. E@zyVG


  50. Chris Hoskin

    karma to you

  51. David Park

    I really appreciate what you’ve done with You guys are phenomenal!

  52. Airway

    Thank you very much !!

  53. Okro

    Great Month! =D

  54. talkislam

    hip hip horray!

  55. bjohnson58

    Good Job!

  56. christph

    Just want to say, WordPress is awesome

  57. hellkeeper

    Yeah, Thank YOu WP !

  58. print

    I want to hug you guys.

    In a please-don’t-take-out-a-restraining-order kinda way.


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  61. Qwerty Maniac

    omgwtfbbq! You guys are O.O awesome,what else?

  62. umair

    wow !!! stats are HUGEEE …


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