New Theme: Unsleepable

Another day, another theme, right? ;)

Today I bring to you Unsleepable. It’s a very simple 2-column theme that’s pretty popular in the .org realm. So if gray, white and pretty hover colors strike your fancy – give this theme a try!


Update: I’ve made it a bit more like the original by adding back the bottom block and widgetizing it (try not to add more than 3 widgets at the bottom), and a few other tweaks now. Almost feels like I should re-present it. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Oct 7, 2006 @ 9:30 pm
  • Themes


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  2. Rushi Vishavadia

    Great theme, thanks Bryan!

    The time of the post (atleast what I see):
    Saturday, October 7th, 2006 at 9:30 pm

    9:30 pm? I thought WP was on the west coast?

  3. phantompriest

    Off to investigate, I shall.

    Thank you.

  4. Uncle Su

    I am not sure if the K2 archive page ad the asides feature works, Brian. Any idea?

  5. Rushi Vishavadia


    There seems to be a problem with the unsleepable theme and the dashboard bar which shows up when a user is logged in. See post and screenshots here:

  6. phantompriest

    Yep, yep, I’m using it.
    It’s cool – bit girlie… (I refer to the color of the links…
    And the date … the month appears in lower case..?

    However, I like these two points – they allow me to know that despite your realms of genuis and generosity, you remain human ;)

  7. Scottk

    Could you please add China Red Please. I have asked , beged and pleaded to no avail , I know you guys are busy but I for one would love to have it !!! Thank you !

  8. green

    Cuute :D

  9. pablo

    i thought this theme was designed for insomniacs like me :)

  10. eoinpurcell

    It’s a very nice theme and the pink looks cool! But overall I think I will stick with the old cutline!

  11. adam

    well, thanks for trying, i guess.

    there’s no bottom bar.

  12. Moey

    one of the best themes, too bad im moving to wordpress on my host, not free one anymore.

  13. avuee


  14. Shotgun

    Looks fantastic

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  16. David Park

    Aw man! doesn’t look right if I use it. It looks great though. Nice addition.

  17. Ilias

    I just did.. but I think that there are some issues with the theme configuration that need to be resolved.

  18. YDS

    It would be a really nice feature to let us preview a theme before activating it.

  19. ansel

    Nice pick! And thanks for adding the Kubrick custom header link.

  20. liquidat

    Hm, not working here at the moment for me…

  21. liquidat

    Ok, now it works – had to change over to another theme, than I was able to switch to Unsleepable.

  22. Vish

    Hmm. I had a look, but could not find it. Maybe I’m just imagining this…

  23. somethinghuman

    love that theme!

  24. thefly

    Can’t wait to see it :D

  25. Kristina

    Um… It’s not available under the presentation tab (yet).

  26. Crash

    Hmmmm…not in the presentation list yet :) Looking forward to seeing it though ;-)

  27. Cindy

    Oh my, my eyes must be tricking me. I cannot see it. :(

  28. Legit

    Wow, lots of updates guys!

  29. jasonintx

    i don’t see it

  30. moraie

    Interesting. I can’t use it at this time. I mean it’s literally not an option.

  31. rdgujarati

    Very nice. Its like theme month !! Best luck to wordpress.

  32. tnstampgirl

    I’ll check it out! Thank you.

  33. tekoda

    WOW! I didn’t use this yet, but god! unsleepable sounds like a really sexy name for a theme., better than “burik” or these other mediocre names.
    I’m so happy with the theme I alreayd have.. because MY BLOG IS THE BEST ON EARTH.
    Appart from that, my banner is ever oh-so best! anyway, if it’s good I’ll try it!
    E.L.M Dakota

  34. Dennis Pater

    It beatyfull
    Only now it’s gone :(
    Bring it back please…
    Greets Dennis

  35. tekoda

    the theme actually isnt even up uet :(
    i just tried.. but can’t find!

  36. shem kerr

    Not yet available from my dashboard presentation choices.

  37. peteremcc

    That’s great but it doesn’t seem to be showing up on the list…

  38. phrostypoison

    I don’t see it.

  39. Jo

    Can’t wait to use it but can’t find it listed with the other themes. Am I the only one that can’t find it??

  40. Manonatha Dasa

    where is it?

  41. calupict

    Uh I cannot see it at my Presentation Page.

  42. kashmir

    It’s a nice theme, but I saw a banner type WordPress banner and that doesn’t look pretty [:(]

  43. Bryan

    And here I am thinking that I didn’t get any feedback from you lovely folks. :) The theme should be back up, I think I caused some type of problem that required it to be turned off for a bit (that’s why you don’t give designers programming licenses).

  44. Ryan B

    That theme is pretty sweet, any chances of making color schemes available. I am more blue over pink type of guy…

  45. Stephen

    This is probably my favorite theme EVER, but it seems to add a few Widgets I didn’t ask for…

    I have the Latest Posts and Links widgets set up in my sidebar, but they’re repeated on the bottom. I’m guessing this is a bug in the theme.

    Thanks guys.

  46. ruhi

    Hello, I just tried this on my other looks nice and simple. I might be mistaken here, but I dont see the sidebar! :) Am I missing something? I think the theme also looks very different in IE and Firefox?

  47. shem kerr

    Yep, it’s now back up.
    @kashmir the wp banner may be a dashboard artifact. Try viewing your site while you are not logged in.

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  49. Ilias

    In my blog recent posts and blogroll are appearing in the sidebar twice.. Any ideas how that could be fixed ?

  50. Ilias

    just found out that when I use widgets the original sidebar isn’t removed :(

  51. beckisbeck

    I love this theme!!!!
    But why do the “recent posts” and “blogroll” appear twice at my sidebar? ._. Is it a bug or my problem? THX!!!

  52. Bryan

    Sorry about that guys. Looks like that part of the sidebar code slipped under my grasp. It should be fixed now.

  53. jasonintx

    Bryan, is there a way to let the page links at the top expand a bit more? I have a page titled “What the heck is a web feed”, but in this theme the page link only shows up as “what the”. Look at my blog to see what I mean.

  54. jasonintx

    just to follow up on my previous question about long page titles in the top link, in Firefox my page title “what the heck is a web feed” is only displayed as “what the”. However, in IE6 the complete page title is displayed in the link but severely messes up the height of the header. I’m still using the Unsleepable theme so you can check it out there.

  55. compartments

    “Unsleepable???” Yawn.

  56. K

    I like the Theme name, unsleepable.

  57. K

    And oh btw, on the “home” page, look at the bottom widget under “recent post”, there’s the “about” title that appears to be empty?

  58. K

    I realized now that there’s also a bottom widgets available, so now I found out what’s “about” all about. Impressive minimalist theme. So far, I like it better than those previous themes.

  59. rant-inc

    There seems to be a problem with the header links in IE6. The links end up on a second row below the blog title as opposed to the right side of the blog title. Screenshot:

    jasonintx also seems to be referring to a similar issue… except the links on my blog are not as long.

  60. Karen

    nice! i used it right away. thanks!

  61. engtech
  62. sheida

    Great Job Agian

  63. Jamie Clark

    Not something I’d personally choose, but its always nice when you guys add a new theme.

  64. Shodan

    Great deal of attention has been paid to typography.
    Very nice. Thanks. Already switched over.

  65. Menco

    WOW ! A realy neat theme ! I want to use it. If only it showed the post author…

  66. taraden

    Nice looking theme. One of the better ones that I have seen in awhile.

  67. gocciacontinua

    Bene, ci voleva finalmente ho il mio template!

  68. Zach

    Thanks Bryan!! That Is A Grate Theme!!! Got My Friend To Sign up, and she is useing that layout! I would use it! But i dont like te links being pink…not my styl….but i still love it!

  69. Muslim Apple

    I might make a permanent switch from Cutline if the Unsleepable theme displayed the category hierarchy correctly but I’m still playing around with the theme to see which one I like better. Thanks.

  70. fwdmovie

    I concur with the complaint about the tabs appearing below the headline. Help!

  71. tekoda

    THIS theme thing is very cool..

    ok.. whatever.. but I think we need some more..
    artistic themes, bright, good banners, and less sterile looking..
    more colors.. photo imput etc!


    you guys.. it would be good to have some new themes that are like really themed, example…
    total theme, itstead of just a boring.. banner with page id’s at top..
    but god!

  72. Jen

    I really really love this theme, but I have a problem with it: on every page but the first one, the entries go outside of the ‘white area’, and into the grey shaded area. I think this looks really untidy, and ruins it to be honest :( Is this a glitch in the theme? Or is it meant to be like this?

    Any chance it will be fixed?

    Many thanks,


  73. bordo

    my problem is that when i switch to category previev the pictures are hiden and only titles are visible. i woluld like pics to be visible too.
    is that possible? couse its annoying problem for me.

  74. greenlightsabers

    Love the colours, not too fond of the bottom and side bars. It’s like “AHHH where do I put the widgets!”

  75. drhaisook

    This theme is so nice that MANY people (more than anyone would expect) are applying it to their blogs.

    Please add link color choices for more varieties.

    For example; add blue, orange, and green as choices along with the current pink.

    Thanks WP!

  76. mooth

    great theme! thank you :D

  77. hools

    Love it :)

    One issue so far that hasn’t been fixed yet is how the widgets on the bottom can extend past the layout:
    As seen here:

  78. Daijinryuu

    I’m having a hard time trying to view profile avatars?

  79. Okro

    Slick..but yeah not my style. It’s always nice for more though!

  80. bluesaze

    We seem to be having some issuse with this theme. Sidebar and the header are messed up in IE. Please look at

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  82. bordo

    my problem is that when i switch to view only one category pictures ar’nt visible. just title witch i must click t see the pic but i got most of pictures without it so i cant se them at all from category view.

    i’ve writen about this earlier but i see my post disappeard.
    hope it will change couse i love this theme.

  83. sudhakar

    Wonderful theme, my blog looks prettier than ever now. Thanks very much :-)

  84. [ CJT ]

    This is great. Simple as it can be.
    But… is it possible to have the sidebar on the left side? Also a custom header would be great…

  85. Zbigniew Radwanski

    a nice one this time :D

  86. comunicati

    that’s cool! i’d prefere more “red spots” but it’s ok…
    please, why don’t you put a customizable header, too?
    i know… i ask always the same things…! ;)

  87. Schizo Phrenic

    it looks superb but it messes up my picture posts.

  88. tekoda

    I think wordpress is the most sexy thing that was ever created on the internet.. ()like my site () .. anyway.. diwali is coming soon~
    get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  90. jarra

    nothing more to say

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  92. thejadedlotus

    Awesome theme! Thank you.

  93. Rebecca Aguilar

    Great new theme, very professional! I like PressRow, but this one has me thinking about change again…

  94. Kayakman

    I love it! The pink color for the links fits well with the podcast player and the pink “r” in flickr.

    The black and white is ever so nice and simple.

    Thanks for putting it out there for us to use.

  95. sockrebel

    love the theme. only suggestion i would have is the ability to have the tagline (in addition to the blog title) in the header.

  96. Hypercube

    Awesome addition. Many thanks. Switched.

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  98. phantompriest

    Me, bad.

    I should clarify that having posted earlier that I was using Unsleepable, I noticed the glitches and switched across to Pressrow.
    Therein, if you want to see Unsleepable, “Nothing to see here folks. Move along please” ;)

  99. marykayrocks

    Thank you Bryan! We’ve been agonizing over changing themes for about a month (lol)…logged in tonight determined to find the right one. This fit the bill perfectly! Our page looks fantastic. :-D

  100. askars

    Bryan –

    The theme looks great. But there is one issue that keeps me away from using this theme. The “recent entries” section seems to flow beyond its boudaries and that makes it to look ugly. I’ve tried that in Firefox 1.5. If you could fix that then I’ll be on my way to use that theme for sure.



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