New Theme: K2

Due to popular request we’ve got a version of K2 up on We call it lite—same great taste, less filling.

We’ve tricked it out a bit with avatars, a little extra styling, and of course custom headers.

If you like Kubrick, there is a very good chance you’ll dig K2 so give it a try.

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  • Oct 10, 2006 @ 8:09 am
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  1. Chittaranjan

    Wowee! Two themes within the space of a few days! You guys rockk!!!

    Shall get back after trying it out!

  2. Zeezat


    This is something very interesting theme. I like this one very much.

    Thank you Thank you

    Best Smile,

  3. Michael Sync

    Oh.. Cool Theme!! Thanks so much..

  4. ruhi

    woww!!! thanks a lot :D Gonna try it out right away!!

  5. davideblog

    I really like this theme!
    The only problem is that when I am in my front page, the label in the header is blank (i.e. there’s it’s no written “home” or whatever). And when I am in another page (e.g. “about”), the “home page” label disappear…

  6. bikram232

    hi to all of you as well.this blog i have dedicated to all the people fighting against pooverty.

  7. Dario Salvelli

    Hi. Very Good Theme, i wait this new presentation.

  8. Cem Basman

    In genberal, Matt, you have very tasteful themes – compared to some other hosters and platforms. I wanna just say thank you, guys!

  9. Rushi Vishavadia

    K2 awesome! Finally! Thanks

  10. بهمن

    Its a good choice ;)

    Thanks Matt.

  11. Gray

    i love you guysQ! so like wewt!

  12. saniroy

    Very productive! I like it.

  13. -

    more more more~~~ :)

  14. tekoda





  15. Menco

    And again a theme which doens’t show the post author… To sad… Otherwise nice theme…

  16. sheida

    Great Job,

  17. K

    K2 and Unsleepable – my two THEMES. Hats Off!

  18. Wengistein

    Nice, it’s simple and minimalistic.

  19. blaze

    It was inevitable! :D Good theme that one.

  20. Anne

    Absolutely fabulous. The community is going to partay down.

    You lot are marvellous.

  21. Okro

    Perfect! I’ve been looking forward to something like this! =D

  22. Chittaranjan

    I applied it on moi other blog and itz pretty good….I’ve always felt that the sub-headings (those watch icons & other text below the post title) were too cluttered in K2 but this is kinda trimmed version I suppose!

    There’s one Oddity though, when there are multiple pages, the ‘active’ page tab shows up clearly but the tabs for the other page show up as Plain white :(

  23. ubertech

    thanks for the groovy new theme…

  24. storymode

    Though I don’t use Kubrick, I like the style. K2 looks just as sleek, if not better.

    Thanks for your hard work, guys! ^^

  25. Someone who loves dogs

    This is great Matt; both Unsleepable and K2 Lite are really good minimalistic themes that make blogs popular for what they should be — content :). I presume the next few themes may have more pizzaz in the form of visual appeal or intelligent use of color. Perhaps, Origami (Lite) may find its way in here soon ;).

  26. TheHype

    Wow, this one’s smooth, I bet this’ll be the most popular now. I’m still debating whether I want to switch, but it’s always good to have options! Thanks for the updates!

  27. phrostypoison

    At long last! K2!

  28. hools

    Looks like a good, no-nonsense option :) Nice work, folks!

  29. engtech
  30. T. Longren

    My First WordPress Theme: Unwakeable

    You may have noticed the additional page up at the top. It’s home to my WordPress theme, Unwakeable. Unwakeable is basically K2 with the Unsleepable header.
    It’s currently built off K2 0.9.1. I plan on keeping this theme in sync with all…

  31. jasonintx

    nice but miss the AJAX

  32. Daniel


    it’s always good a new theme

  33. Daniel

    simple,but pretty.Maybe I use it futurely

  34. avuee

    I am not switching for awhile. It took me quite some time to figure out how to get “unsleepable” no to display double widgets. But, it looks clean. I wouldn’t mind another theme or two.

  35. LearningNerd

    That one looks very nice! Thanks for yet another theme — you guys do, indeed, rock. ;)

  36. Bryan Villarin

    Sweetness! Thanks team!

    (The blog tab isn’t labeled – can you fix that?)

  37. thefly


  38. MeL

    very nice! thanks!

  39. Andrew

    OMG. You guys just made a whole lot of people happy & jumping in their seats, me included. Thanks a bunchhhh! =D

  40. Thomas

    Thanks. Great theme!

  41. yongsheng

    i must say this IS a nice, neat, nimble layout. easy to customize. I’ll consider using it for my blog.
    Meanwhile, keep up with your GREAT work!

    Glad I switched to wordpress. :D

  42. Goyal

    Awesome. Two days. Two great themes.

    Rock on guys!! WordPress rules :)

  43. timethief

    Now all it needs is a rotating filmloop header ;)

  44. Daijinryuu

    Ewww, it looks too blah, and the main background and the text body background need to diffenentiate themselves more. And what is with the white space on the left side of the page? Should it not be white with like blue writing or whatever saying “home”?

  45. GS Defender

    I’ve finally found my theme (after switching 4-5 for a while). Thanks!

  46. Ishan

    My wish-come-true.

    Thank you, K2 rocks

  47. print

    Looks like a sweet theme, loving the development of wordpress features, keep reading how wordpress is toppling the blogging scene! great work guys!

  48. Ben

    Very nice – I wish more themes had text that was justified on both sides.

  49. Brian Alexander

    The pencil and other little images are too much for me.


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  51. tellitlikeitis

    I’m gonna try it out soon. Great job, guys. Thanks!

  52. paradox

    Oh my God, YES! You guys are THE BEST! This is why I love wordpress.

  53. mooth

    hoorah! i think we all were waiting for this theme, thanks guys! ;)

  54. Karen

    thanks again! you’re spoiling us ;)

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  56. solelyshe

    perfect :)

    is the word that summens it up.

  57. Zach

    WOW!!! this is my new faav theme!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!

    Zach :)

  58. alojeda81

    Excelent, very well done Thanks a lot

  59. SunShine

    that looks cool one !!
    thanks :-)

  60. Justin

    This new theme looks really great, no wonder why it was so highly requested. When I get home, I think I’ll do a little tweaking of my own blog and use this theme maybe, its really awesome!

  61. larrymads

    Cool theme.
    Am trying it out right away. Keep ‘em coming.

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  64. Righteously Insane™

    Excellent~! Used it and lovin’ it!

  65. Rajesh Rana

    thanx a lot for K2 it simply rocksssssssssssssssssss

  66. varna

    Oh! Fantastic, waited for ages for this one. Clean, simple and now pretty cool too! :D Thanks a tonne!

  67. Brent

    Great. Thanks Matt! I have been asking for this theme for months, and i am thrilled to finally have it.

    I hope that eventually, it will also include the full features of K2.

    This is a beautiful theme, and I am totally grateful for this being a part of now.

    I have my custom theme done, if anyone cares to see.

    You rock Matt!

  68. Sankar Viruthachalam

    good to see the screenshot of the theme here… it would be nice to see how it looks before applying it…

  69. MadMark

    Yes, i like it a lot… it will be my next theme!!

  70. annoxero

    cool, can we add a custom header image to it? can’t be arsed to check myselves, heh, i’m too lazy

  71. Cyrus Poncha

    i want to know what options we have for 3 col themes
    I have one and wantd to know if there are any other options

  72. Bryan Villarin

    Ooh, thanks for fixing the “Blog” tab. :)

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  74. raven58

    nice work, i like it

  75. baerchen

    What a great job.
    I love this theme and use it for my blog.
    Thank you very much ;-)

    A greeting from Berlin, Germany

  76. Rory

    K2! Thanks Matt!

  77. sami5001

    nice theme

  78. Isywara Mahendratto

    Good …good….good …. :-)

  79. Abu Sahajj

    This theme is buggy!

  80. Hari Sudibyo

    Thanks, this theme is great… i want to try..

  81. ilustratorlemot

    What a cool themes..
    Wordpress is the best!

  82. tquang

    Nice, cool

    Simple but pro

  83. billy

    sweet… i’ve got it up and running already, thanks guys!

  84. kidsgames


  85. Aurélio Jargas

    Very nice clean theme, but again no post author :(

  86. isong

    so nice! i like it

  87. odetojoy


  88. Kayla

    it all good i just wanted to see my wackado picture up with ya all..kisskiss


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