My Comments Fixed

A few days ago when I was moving some files around to optimize the site a bit I messed up the code that was tracking comments for the My Comments feature. The admin page would show, but it didn’t track new comments.

Anyway, you guys let us know about the problem and Andy fixed it up, so things should be back to normal and you’ll start seeing new comment notification again in the My Comments dashboard page.

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  1. timethief

    Three cheers for andy who fixed this so quickly. :)

  2. Justin

    ah thats good, was wondering what was happening with those comments being tracked, great job and thanks for fixing it up for us!

  3. easeart

    yup, thanks

  4. girlfriday

    Thanks. This is such a fun feature … particularly for a shared blog so we can easily track the responses to our comments, and keep our *conversation* live :)

  5. charleslemark

    ahh… that great!

  6. Michael Sync

    Oh.. Great..
    Thanks so much..

  7. Daijinryuu

    Thank you!!! My one account was showing it, but not this one…

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  9. afloo

    धन्यवाद,Thanks .

  10. sheida

    and mine just one

  11. Chittaranjan

    Goodie! I never realised it was Broken \o/

  12. Thomas

    Good work guys!

  13. taraden

    Thank you!!

  14. LearningNerd

    Thanks. :)

  15. Hypercube

    Ah coolo! Was a bit concerned what’s swallowing my comments raw, without even warning me. Thanks for the fix mate!

  16. NomDebPlume

    Love the feature… missed it when it was gone. Thanks!!

  17. blaze

    Quite useful that one. Cheers.

  18. FyreBird

    Merci Beaucoup guys! You’ve made it worthwhile to blog wth WordPress ;)

  19. azahar

    Well done, Andy! Muchisimas gracias! :)

  20. Brent


  21. syaitonnirrojim

    RSS please, it would be fun to have RSS on mycomment.

  22. wytammic

    Yay! My comments are fixed :)

  23. rici

    Good job .. thanks :-)

  24. Penny



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