Avatars Everywhere

A few quick avatar updates.

I added avatars to the main WP.com blog, so you can see who’s writing all this nonsense.

There are now avatars on tag pages for people who have them. If you have an avatar you will now probably get more traffic from tag pages, since the folks with the pictures by their titles tend to stand out a lot more.

You probably noticed there are avatars on the front page too, itty-bitty ones by the top posts. We’re making this a bit bigger in the next day or two, we’re not happy with the design yet.

Finally we put a little reminder in the dashboard on where and how to upload an avatar if you haven’t yet. We already have avatars in comments and on the forums, and it’s been so nice to put a face with a name and comment, it really humanizes the medium.

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  1. calila

    Nice.. I love avatars..!!!
    Wordpress Rocks..!!

  2. teen

    Thanks man! The WordPress people rock !

  3. traya


  4. Island in the Net

    Any possibility that Avatars could be used on the main blog page?

  5. Cultural Savage

    Thanks for all the hard work you all do to keep blogging human. Its refreshing. I was wondering if you could maybe do an avatar widget, just so we can show off our pretty faces on our blogs… that is, if we have pretty faces to show off.

    Thanks again.

  6. fallenposters

    “. . . it’s been so nice to put a face with a name and comment, it really humanizes the medium.”

    Unless your avatar isn’t a human.

  7. axewielderx

    Axe likes pics,even if they are itty-bitty.:)

  8. syaitonnirrojim

    It will be fun to have, “turn off” or “dont show” avatar, so people with extra slow dialup connection dont get depressed.

  9. Brent

    nice to see!

  10. sockrebel

    woohoo, avatars!
    thanks Matt!

  11. Phoenix

    Cool…thanks a lot! :)

  12. Diego M. Urioste


  13. Bryan Villarin


  14. Daijinryuu

    Dude this is totally nice, I have been getting more readers i think in part because of my avatara.

  15. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Cool to know that. The constant tweaks and improvements are making me upload my own avatar (As you can see, I haven’t done so yet).

  16. Chris


    ps.. first! lol.

  17. LearningNerd

    Cool! Looks like I better find a good picture to use as my avatar.

    Humanizing, indeed. ;)

  18. the forester

    Wow, Matt! Great to see you!

  19. eviejane

    Thanks, WordPress!

  20. بهمن

    Its nice Matt! ;)

  21. Torley Linden

    Very slick! Thank you Matt.

    Visual touches like this help me parse info faster.

  22. Antje

    It makes everything more personal and, indeed, humanizes the medium. (Humanizes is a great word!!!)
    Greetings from Holland.

  23. Corday

    Good job!

  24. Nobodyknows

    Just wanted to show off my new avatar! Wheeee!

  25. eoinpurcell


  26. britgirl

    My seven year old niece is totally crushing on you…

  27. carocat

    Nice one guys. Highly aprreciated. :D

  28. helen

    oops loaded mine the wrong way round! How do I turn it round?

    Lots of love from silly me.

  29. torpy

    Don’t know if this is possible or has been said before, but how about using avatars as our blog’s favicons?

  30. cjaaaay


  31. Wayne Ordinary American


  32. prometeusz

    a ja pozdrawiam po polsku! :)

  33. maique

    keep it up.

  34. Russ

    Cheers =]
    Thanks for all the hard work.

  35. Sovereign John


  36. Elsie

    Matt, you are too cute with your happy face, I love it ;) I sincerely love to keep checking out what y’all are up to and how this thing just keeps getting better! The avatars rock and I totally agree that it makes it so much more personal, as we get to see how we choose to represent ourselves :) Thank you

  37. ashan

    Whee! Any plans to allow animated/gif avatars in the future? That would be even better. ^_^

  38. ericz

    awesome stuff :p

  39. CottonWood

    Thanks Matt

  40. raymonde

    Nice and smooth! ;-)

  41. raymonde

    Nice and smooth!

  42. worldsyoungestblogger

    That’s great ’cause I want to show everyone I can float in the bath

  43. jericbilo

    thanks again

  44. Sankar Viruthachalam

    this is great… looks like i have to setup my avtar soon

  45. Michael Sync

    Thanks a lot.. wp

  46. Vish

    Nice to see who is typing all this up for us!

  47. goyim

    What If Im too good lookin’ to be represented by an avatar …

  48. sonnycornett


  49. jakalope

  50. msmolka

    sry, i dont get it.. how can i use an avatar for my posts in my blog?

  51. strayfromthestraightline

    Great idea! This is another wonderful feature that I shall be using!

  52. shawn

    excellent! this place is wicked!

  53. astasia

    Nice idea!!!!Thanks!

  54. undercovermutha

    Matt, I could just pinch your rosy cheeks.

  55. blindape

    love avatars, love this place.

  56. Daniel

    this is nice…but it is very small )=

  57. egana

    seems silly to say “me too, I like ‘em too!” after all those other posts, but…

    i DO like them, Sam I am, so I’ll just go ahead and say it again even though it will truly benefit no one but me…

    I like the avatars!

    I wish they were a little bigger (like on LJ).

    And the idea to spare slower connected folks with a way to “opt out” of seeing avatars sounds like a kindness as well…

  58. ray


  59. asiashoppingtreks

    Good work.

  60. Dr. Jekyll

    I loooove it!

  61. Pilgrim

    Now, i can see me

  62. hools

    I dig :)

  63. saltlight

    Nice… thanks.

  64. clevermonkey

    Excellent, the secret Avatar Foundation’s plan for complete global domination is coming along quite nicely.

  65. comunicati

    wordpress was nothing without avatars!! we can understand that just now coz we have them! ;)
    always a good job!

  66. poerd


  67. Topsy Turvy Mama

    This is pretty cool, accept for now I cant figure out how to take mine off! :)

  68. shant


  69. eyespi20

    Great idea and I appreciate the hard work you did to get it done, guys. Keep up the good work!


  70. maquinazero

    Just to checkif my avatar works…

  71. sfsilks63

    Some nice Avatars here I think I need to improve on mine

  72. aubrey629

    Hey I hope you guys love my penguin

  73. Daij

    Yeah, but those of us who are using Sandbox theme don’t have them showing, whether or not we are implementing our own CSS!!

  74. Joestar

    Cool, now I wish I could delete it.

    Oh well!

  75. Brian Alexander

    WP.com roxx!

  76. vagonetta

    gracias WorPress

  77. Krysta

    Are you putting Avatars next to every post in multiple user blogs? This would help a lot!!!!!!

  78. troy

    What’s an Avatar?

  79. noscere

    It is good to see who is writing what.. Good Job guys and gals.
    Though I do agree with what Island in the Net asked, is it possible to get our avatars on the main Blog page? for those of us that want them there?

  80. azahar

    Just wondering …

    What is the point of ‘avatars everywhere’ when on certain themes they end up so eensy-weensy that you can’t tell what they are at all?

  81. fizia


  82. media4god

    It’s cool to be able to see who is posting comments that also has a WordPress account. Keep up the great work :)

  83. sheronerose



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