Unlimited Users on Private Blogs

This upgrade will be of use to those of you creating a community around your private blog. It removes the 35 user limit on private blogs so you can invite as many people as you like.

The free limit of 35 users will be enough for most people but if you’re building a private site that will have a large community or you’re a large organisation buying this upgrade is the way to go.

Simply login and go to your Upgrades page where it can be purchased for $30/year. Now, when you go to Options -> Privacy it will look like this:

unlimited users

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  1. icedmocha

    This is a good option. Thanks!

  2. Daniel

    legal :D
    cool ;D

  3. axewielderx

    I have done the group thing In the past and it was alot of work.Not sure I want to do it again. It is good to know I could if I wanted to.:)

  4. blayde

    Wow, now thats good…

  5. sockrebel

    wow, if i only had that many people i can share secrets with :-P

  6. nobody

    goooood for groupy blogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my blog have one writer …. me !! :D

  7. Vish

    I’ve thought about using that feature, but I guess I decided I’d just not publicise the site that needs privacy for its users. How do you guys decide on $30 a year? (Not that I’m complaining, because hey, this site is free for me, but I was curious. Some providers charge that much for everything inclusive…)

  8. aliveagain

    Nice feature, but the price is a bit steep, eh?

  9. saniroy

    Finally, you make it unlimited. We`ve been trying for our community, very useful. Thanks again!

  10. Wizzel Cogcarrier Wizzleton IV


  11. Michael Sync

    Good Feature..

  12. Ashish C.

    Kewl! Now we can probably have private blogs that are uh.. private! :-)

  13. Sha


  14. addicteed.com

    yet another great feature! thanks WP

  15. karthiik

    Nice feature.. I might look into this for our multi-author blog!!

  16. annoxero

    30$/year is a bit too much for a single feature. Not complaining, coz I really don’t need the feature. Just letting you guys know my opinion. heh

  17. Colin

    Very cool … just what we needed for a small new blog we are setting up.

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  19. insearchoffootball

    its ok

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  21. elgatosinbotas

    i dont have money.
    very expensive :(

  22. darki

    go go go…salute :)

  23. msolsmarketing

    Great Noose!

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  25. dhangadhi

    oh lovely things

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  27. Christian Burns

    $30 is less than $1 per user for a year! If anyone actually can get 35 people to join a private blog, $30 is peanuts. Get the get 35 users on your blog, then charge the 36th person $30 a year to joining your incredible blog.

  28. alholic

    From 35 users to an unlimited number?! I can’t imagine what kind of blog that it would be if it had 35 posters on it. O_o Still, it is interesting to know that it only cost 30 bucks for an upgrade.

    I look forward to more enhancements on this great “blogging software” as well as its service. ;)

  29. Nero

    shame….. i join wordpress because it was FREE and exellent! at the same time… but now its just one of those.

  30. Marvin Songco


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  32. LaFlamme

    Hey, I’m always interested in that group stuff. *wink*

  33. Dr. Jim

    The pricing is incredibly reasonable. I currently have a private blog for my wifes’ business with another provider which costs me more than $30 PER MONTH. As soon as I have time to change all 100 plus members guess where I am moving her “site” to?

    I just wish this offer had been available sooner.

    Great idea guys.

  34. MohammaD


  35. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    Fabulous idea — more than just the group thing…. an entire enterprize can ‘talk” without restraint.

  36. jasmine


  37. Madu Lebah

    cool n very nice

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  40. honeytech

    i like.!!


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