October Wrapup

Another month, another wrapup. What the heck have the slackers here at WordPress.com world headquarters been doing in October?

  1. We actually documented our features
  2. Redid our “hot” algorithms to promote people further down the list more.
  3. Introduced some new themes: Unsleepable and K2, Tarski, Chaotic Soul.
  4. Expanded avatar use some more
  5. Domain mapping and registration
  6. Tried out a promo video
  7. Introduced an unlimited user paid upgrade
  8. And then surprised everyone on Halloween with a new dashboard, which has attracted more comments than any other blog post, ever.

On the other hand you guys were busy as all get out. October stats: 66k blogs, 69k users, switched themes 314k times, 1.57 million posts, 241k pages, 758k comments, 3,911 support requests, 329k file uploads, and around 68.2 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)

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  • Nov 6, 2006 @ 10:39 pm
  • Wrapup


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  1. Chris Poteet

    Amazing sir. Thanks for all your work!

  2. maique

    good times at wordpress.com…

    congratulations and thank you for everything you keep doing.

  3. engtech

    My theme review series will be covering Unsleepable, K2, Tarski, Chaotic Soul next. Post due out in the next 24 hrs.

  4. Mark

    Thanks for all your hardwork Matt and WP, we love it!

  5. Whoa…that’s a lot of stuff we did…

  6. Also, how many registered domain names?

  7. Julian

    Wow, just wow. Let’s wait for next month, or erm… next month to see what happens next!

  8. deambulando

    too many things, good work on this month boys

  9. Daniel


    nice,always good

  10. thefly

    Ab Fab!

  11. kOoLiNuS


  12. moraie

    Good stuff, although I do wish the new themes were implemented with a little more care or a note that said warning: beta test for 48 hours.

    Now can we get more widgets?

  13. blaze

    I don’t know how you manage to do it all. You guys are accomplishing loads here. Keep it up!

    Also what are the overall Akismet stats for every site on wp.com? That would be interesting ;)

  14. gondolier

    it’s very happy to be part of it!
    all the best to wordpress!

  15. fizia

    Good good good!!!

  16. LeisureGuy

    I like the new dashboard. I never would have seen this post without it.

  17. Panda

    The domain mapping and registration was a great birthday gift. A good friend paid for it for me. Thanks to her – and to you guys – my blog has it’s own domain, which is something I’ve always wanted since I started blogging.

    THANK YOU!!!

  18. identical

    I’m waiting for something new this month :D

  19. talkislam

    great, keep up the superb work.

  20. cylithria

    Wow busy month! Good Job folks – thanks for everything

  21. dave

    Always wrapup well at this time of year

  22. jkrincon

    Nice month. I love WordPress keep the hard work!

  23. Alex

    You guys have been busy! Domain mapping has been my favorite addition to the growing features list, and new themes are always good.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  24. Yaser

    Thanks for your hard work!

  25. Naoko Kensaku

    Wow… we were busy. XD

  26. incywincy

    When you guys next introduce new themes, could you provide a screen shot of how it may look like, in the blog entry about it?

  27. blayde

    I think this new feature of compiling your accomplishments should be at the top of the list of good things you did, along with that dashboard :)

  28. nsaunders

    And then surprised everyone on Halloween with a new dashboard, which has attracted more comments than any other blog post, ever

    Have you tallied up the “for and against new dashboard” for those comments yet? My impression was that there are more negative than positive comments. If so, I hope that you either reinstate the old dashboard or address the comments soon.

    keep up the great work.

  29. hools

    Way to go, WP team!

    And, of course, I thank the little people!

  30. Ashish C.

    Ha! Those figures make me dizzy. :-) For once I can say that I changed themes 10 times in October but stuck with the old one. :D As usual WP rawks in Oktober!

  31. lqz

    Looking forward to more new themes.

  32. Chittaranjan

    October was Rocking at WP! (Which month isn’t ;-) ) /

    P.S: The ‘New Dashboard’ Posts URI still reads new-dashbaord :mrgreen:

  33. elgatosinbotas

    wow awesome!!.. WP ROCKS! :)
    thanks for all the good things that you do us.

    cheerz from Colombia, south america.

  34. sockrebel

    Another month, another wrapup. What the heck have the slackers here at WordPress.com world headquarters been doing in October?

    8 features including 4 themes? y’all are terrible slackers!

  35. Kunal

    exhausting list!

  36. engtech

    Latest theme review is out covering: ChaoticSoul, Tarski, Unsleepable, K2-Lite

  37. charleslemark

    A job well done! Congratulations to WP.com team! Keep it up!

  38. Zeezat


    It is nice to have all these huge figures around WP. You and guys always growing with innovative ideas. Keep my wishes to growing…

    Thanks and Wishes from my heartfelt wishes..

    Best Smile,

  39. E@zyVG

    October came out to be quite productive month with some really nice new features and services … kudas for that.

  40. Mocha!

    Keep up the good work.

    I still enjoy blogging with wordpress.

  41. kyramas

    Wow ! Thats some impressive stats Matt.
    And the features page is cool !

  42. axewielderx

    wow! Looks like everyone has been busy.:)

  43. Andrew

    Is there any other reason why we all love WP.com? Thanks guys for everything.

  44. solelyshe

    When @ Dashboard I always check for new news, it’s always fun to read. And the monthly wrapup is always fun as well. You are achieving so much.

  45. noscere

    So, all in all a quiet month then? hehe
    Way to go Matt and WP. You guys are out back bone, without you guys … well we would probably still blog somewere but it just wouldnt look as good or be the same, keep up the good work.
    I didnt realise we made so many posts and did so much.

  46. gpessia

    fantastic month!

  47. nobody

    thank you matt —->>>> in English

    دست شما درد نكند (تشكر) مت —–>>>> in Farsi(persian(Iran))

    ِDankon matt ——>>> in Esperanto !

  48. Stefano Mavilio

    i would love a features that automatically put a url on a specific word. Eg. in a post where i am talkin about WordPress, automatically the word “Word Press” becomes a link.

    It is very slow to select the words everytime and put the sane url all the time.

  49. yubby

    Can’t wait for more from the best..

  50. silveira

    Nice Work WP. I will register a domain name for my blog.

  51. Bubba

    Yawls doin’ a great job. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  52. insearchoffootball

    cool stuff

  53. icedmocha

    That’s a great list of improvements. Keep up the good work.

  54. Tyler

    awesome!!! :P

  55. satur9

    D’you ever sleep? :-D

  56. Karen

    thanks guys!

  57. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    That sure seems like a lot of activity going on around WordPress, but what is the increase factor as compared to the previous month?

  58. rmckillo

    This is wonderful. Such a great tool for the internet. keep up all the good work. I am looking forward to seeing more in the future.

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  60. jackdaw

    I hope you have lots of fun doing this or it would be very hard work. Thank you and all the BLOGGERS for making this a very interesting site.

  61. Csar

    The posts are double at the comments.

    We need more comments!!!!!!

  62. David

    It just keeps getting better.

  63. DMTigerfly

    Good job guys! I love your motivation, devotion and willingness to constantly improve.

  64. archiearchive

    A great month – love the new dashboard (except for the “Mature” blog that jumped onto the fastest growing blog list) and the new stats per post is great.

  65. Jochen

    Wow, impressive list!

    Looking for further improvements? ;-)

    It would be great if you could improve the preview function. The size of graphics and photos is rather distorted and doesn’t correspond to the actual site. Thanks a lot in advance.

  66. soltys

    Wp is the best

  67. Diedrich

    Ya’ll are great. Lovn wordpress.

  68. jalansutera

    well done, matt… awesome!! :D:D

  69. insomnity

    wordpress is cool. congrats.

  70. Scottk

    You guys are awesome ……. now if we could only get China Red as a theme. I have begged and pleaded I am at my wits end (I Kid). However China Red would make a great theme. :)

  71. opinionated indian

    Awesome work people. Just one request…can we have some more themes..

  72. wess

    im at the point where i wish i wouldn’t have bought server space.

  73. vcmike

    Want more widgets!!

  74. rumours

    Thanks October Matt!!

  75. divakitty

    Thanks for everything – we’re so happy we left the Dread Pirate Blogger and come over here. We love WordPress!

  76. amiripz

    Thanks for everything. WP rocks!

  77. opinionated indian

    exactly my thoughts divakitty..
    Blogger sucks BIG time. It was a breeze transferring the posts to wordpress. Awesome work people. Many Many thanks again :)

  78. kasidech singprapan

    Thanks you so much. I love WP.

  79. rageshgr

    Grear work team.. Keep it up. Hoping similar surprises..

  80. mermaid632

    well wordpress … im glad im here!

  81. flirtydancing

    wooho for wordpress!


  82. flirtydancing

    Ps. WordPress rocks my socks off! :D

  83. joey chong

    real cool…


  84. Jayvee

    that’s why i love publishing my daily reflection and daily rice here!

    thanks wordpress!

  85. nightstorm41

    You guys make it easy. Even for those of us new to the blog block. Seeing great ratings out there on the net for wordpress. Crack of thunder, bolt of lightning for wordpress.

  86. calla

    Just a thanks for a job, and a site and service well done!


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