New Theme: Greenery

We have some catching up to do in new themes, so we’ll do a few this week. Here’s the first, called Greenery:

Greenery theme

As you can see, it’s very green, which isn’t easy. It supports widgets and a custom image header.

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  • Dec 5, 2006 @ 8:43 am
  • Themes


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  2. Wengistein

    GREEN! One of my favourite colours.

  3. scribez

    hey looks good a bit bright for me. But I rather see more clean pro themes. :)

  4. jvh2171

    Damn this image is so green – it hurds in the eyes….

  5. Баясгалан

    Wish its color was black. I’m a fan of black themes. Now I’m using Hemingway theme. Only black theme.

  6. Christined.


  7. Ice9

    Looks like split pea soup…but still, it’s nice to see some new stuff. I was beginning to think ya’ll were themed out…

  8. Noscere

    Nice new theme, Might have a look at it when i can. I dont suppose you have a three colum theme have you? hehe

  9. Sai

    It’s very nice, but it’s kind of a little too bright for me, hurts my eyes.

  10. flirtydancing

    omg omg! I love it! Sooooo using it! Wiiiee!

  11. Pradeep

    Too much green..I would have taken it if it was limited to the header…

  12. tana

    Great! I like this theme.

  13. talullah

    Very…green lol. Nice.

  14. bala

    aah! my eyes ;-)

  15. Pratik Y. Mehta

    WordPress theme collection is growing for good. How about some Fast to load, simple and minimalistic themes? It would be good to have some such generic themes which just focus on content and not colors and decoration.

  16. Ilias

    Nice layout but it’s too green for me..

  17. Dave

    you guys would do a few this week? That would be cool! Oh and green is love! (:

  18. adam

    heh, i was totally expecting the other greenery when i saw this in my dashboard. :D

  19. utcursch

    It’s really nice theme. Almost perfect… The color of the text and hyperlinks should be a little darker. The current colors strain the eyes a little…

  20. ipodblue

    ouah je trouve sa un peu trop vert

  21. Chittaranjan

    Eww! Thatz a li’l too ‘Fluoroscent’ for comfort :|

    Anyways, “We’ll do a few this week. Here’s the first, called Greenery”

    Thatz nice to hear :D

  22. engtech

    It’s up at my WP Theme test site.

  23. engtech

    It looks bug free. Nice one. :)

  24. sungame


  25. linusmann

    Holy Green!!!

  26. todaii

    First, i’m sorry for my very bad english, i’m french and living in Réunion island so ..

    Nice theme !! but why we can’t have an Hi-Tech/theme please !!!!!! Maybe soon …

  27. macdavid

    Matt… great to see the advances, what is the possibilities of some of the old favourites with three columns… like K2 lite, Kubrick (and Kubrik like) or Sapphire?

    Also how difficult is it to give us the option to change the colour of headers or the pallet used throughout a theme..

    cheers… A. Luddite!

  28. dresramblings

    Nice! Can’t wait to see what the other themes look like. The idea of wearing shades while surfing is interesting… :)

  29. kudou

    This is nice, but if there was something more christmas-ish…ahem, hint hint…^_^;

  30. blayde

    Strong colour, still thanks for it

  31. £ÐУЯ

    What a have to do to add more themes, please?

  32. tobeme

    Very nice! I am sure it will brighten some bloggers day.

  33. Gomarus

    Great. But I’m still looking for another Three Column theme (left and right Sidebars). I hope you have one in the works.

  34. green

    OMG! Awesome!! :D

  35. Vi

    Hopefully this one will evolve to being offered in different colors! Great work. :]

  36. Secret Santa


  37. icedmocha

    Now it’s easy to be green? LOL. Keep those new themes coming. Thanks.

  38. Neville

    Another great theme from More themes please!!!

  39. axewielderx

    Lots of green!:)

  40. sarahtoga

    LOVE IT!! Especially that part… hm. I’m not a CSS whiz, but where you mouseover a link, and a textbox appears? It’s a nice touch in Greenery. Very pretty theme.

  41. marcomkc

    Very cool…
    The only improvement I can suggest is the color of the body font.
    ] marcomkc [

  42. hillary

    cool.. if you could create some new ones with custom headers that would be useful and awesome.

  43. xylaphonic

    Hmmm…looks good for animal lovers but to bright for me!

  44. simbel

    GREEN! My favourite colour :)

  45. Erythro

    I missed the constant updates when you went blank for a long time after the friend surfer. Nice to see you guys back.

    Great theme BTW.

  46. reformedwomen

    Matt, I am holding my breath for those new “girl” type colors, i.e., pastels, as requested. The green is a nice promise of what is coming? Thanks!

  47. yellowduck

    I will definitely try it out for Pond Weblog. Might be just the thing for it. Thanks!

  48. TheShortFatKid

    Pretty cool also I love that you show preview of the theme in the post. Thanks!

  49. M.Can

    Oww… This is wonderful.. I Like this.. And ı use this now.. So thnx Matt..:)

  50. paxrock

    I like it. Already added it.

  51. Livio

    I dislike

  52. salamandergrey

    New Themes! I love hearing that.

  53. saglikveyasam

    The New theme looks great.

    Looking forward for the other themes.


  54. isyankar

    güzel temaymış,keşkem renk o kadar cıvıl yeşil de biraz koyu bi renk olsaydı.

  55. bhooi

    Its nice to know you have more themes coming, keep it up…

  56. The Nerd

    Would it be possible for the small preview image to link to a larger image? It’s quite hard to get an impression of what it’s like without actually going and applying it to your blog.

  57. satur9

    Wow, that’s, um, green…

  58. Cris

    way too green. would like holiday themes.

  59. aishel

    Any more three-column themes?

  60. Cris

    way too green. would like holiday themes.
    awesome program, would just like more options.

  61. thefly

    Can’t wait for the new themes, can’t make do with the lime green :P

  62. Wizzel Cogcarrier Wizzleton IV

    Bleaugh. That’s French for “Blaugh” with is English for that sound pigs make when they barf.

    It is extremely hard on the eyes, especially with a bright monitor. I literally had to cut the brightness of this iMac screen to 50% to read it.

  63. Xeos Celeres

    Ugh, that’s so bright, I agree – we need more dark gray/black themes.

  64. silveira

    I love green, but is very bright.
    But new themes is nice.

  65. sarahtoga

    *cough* chromophobe *cough* :P I also add my voice to the request for a darker text colour. For that matter, why not make font colours (and sizes) customizable in the editor?

  66. carocat

    New themes is very good and although I don’t really like green I think it works very well. Good Job, guys. :)

  67. Elaine

    Ooh… :D I love green and I love nature! This one looks like lime though… keep it up, Mattttttt…..

  68. ai12


  69. kIrA`

    feels like something a green grassroot would use.. lol
    perhaps a changeable color theme?

  70. blogscapes

    Hi, this is perfect for environmental-bloggers! Very organic!

  71. 3hillocksandalake

    hey this is good stuff … quite creative!!

  72. rumours

    Matt’s Fantastic[:)]

  73. jcastaneyra

    Looks good, we have a lot of diversity.

  74. carina

    super cool! i like it a lot, even if it is really green.

  75. savemargaretriver

    Can we have it a shade less ‘bright’?

  76. 8848m

    very nice i like green

  77. DMTigerfly

    pretty cool!

  78. Evey

    wow! green is one of my fav color, it’s nice
    Good Job!

  79. hools

    smack me with neon. woah.

  80. sarahtowny

    Oh I love it but I love orange can you do me an orangey theme? Yep I am annoying! Pleassssssssssssse with cherries on top? :0) beg beg

  81. misslionheart

    I love it! It will be my new theme as soon as Crimbo is over!

  82. becka

    This has always been a real fav of mine, I used on my own WP site before. It’s beautiful and fun.

  83. sooperkev

    Cool theme, but I agree with Баясгалан, wouldn’t mind seeing some more black themes.

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