New Theme: Iceburgg

A new theme now, this one with a fresh Wintery feel that should be perfect for you guys looking to bring a little holiday charm to your site. I just deployed Iceburgg, which is a blue and white single-column theme with a custom header (you can replace the Christmas trees with something else) and three widgetized columns at the bottom. Here’s a preview:


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  • Dec 15, 2006 @ 12:27 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Баясгалан

    Matt is working with energitic,glad that
    be more energetic.

  2. Rado

    Keep them coming!

  3. Ashish C.

    But aren’t those widgets at the left? Nice theme by the way. :)

  4. Rushi Vishavadia

    Happy Holidays, and thanks.

  5. Kevlarsjäl

    Oh, very neat theme!

  6. worldwidewebsite

    I love it!

  7. strategicalliance

    looks very cool

  8. sulz

    lovely! it would be nicer if we have a red-and-green theme to match the winter celebration…

    and while we’re on that note, why not add other seasonal themes? autumn, summer, spring…

  9. Brian

    Cute, but I hate the widgets being stuck at the bottom, and it looks like it has two header images instead of one.

    I’m sticking with Tarski with a custom Christmas image for now.

    Thanks for putting out a holiday theme, anyway! I love it when I see “New Theme” on the news here!

  10. axewielderx

    This will be popular for a while.:)

  11. hoaihung

    wow, its great. Its a good choice for Christmas

  12. Erythro

    Wow! you seem to be on a roll. Maybe we should name this month “theme december”.

    awesome theme btw.

  13. tobeme

    Very cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  14. Chittaranjan

    Blue again?? So what? It Roxx……

    Just the Slanted lines at the sides seem somewhat annoying!

    Apart from that, itz cool

  15. origino

    Wow it looks great! And the customizable header makes it even more charming :)

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  17. yuE

    our very own xmas wordpress skin…

  18. bho

    Very nice, keep up the good work.

  19. hoaihung

    I think it will very great if have more color.

  20. dizzydream

    Great colours, nice rounded frame for post details!

    (But it looks like we have two header images… What’s the point of having our custom image below the default one?)

  21. elitrope

    What about us gals? Looks chilly. Thanks for infusing a little festive atmosphere around here.

  22. Mia


  23. Mia

    Ah damn the widgets are at the bottom. That usually just results in me getting a shitload of comments from people asking where the hell the menu is :(

  24. K

    Sweet. Happy Holidays!

  25. geekrawk

    Nice. Maybe I’ll just switch for the holiday season.

  26. akihabarablues

    Gets along with xmas time ;)

  27. kOoLiNuS

    i was just planning to use this one on mi italian blog for christmas ! :-)

  28. Shae

    Christmasy in blue ^^ my two favorite things in the world with stripes too. Heh. I don’t get the scribbles on the top with the snowflakes, but that’s just me. XD

  29. .::CristianG::.

    very good… thanks!

  30. Christian

    That´s nice. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  31. Nice theme, nice job with the last updates!
    I have a suggestion, why don’t you put a link of a full-screen pic of the theme ?
    It’s easier, cuz then we don’t have to apply the theme just to see how it really looks.
    Keep up the good work, Matt!

  32. Anand Iyer

    thats really cool :)

  33. pablo

    Iceburgg with 2 g’s. is that you being ggangsta ?

  34. Xeos Celeres

    Happy Holidays everyone =) Thanks again for the theme!

  35. alamster

    nice theme,

    switch theme mode On

    thanks WP team

  36. ish

    Wow that’s a cute theme.Goes very well with the current season.Way to go and finally,I’d like to thank you for every customizable header theme available on WordPress.You rock \m/

  37. rainforestdreamer

    I love this theme!

  38. adam

    [insert obligatory comment about the lack of warm coloured themes]

    that said, blue is my favorite color, so i’m using it.

    unfortunately, the ‘next page’ link is unstyled. so are links inside <ul>‘s in posts. and the “next page” link is missing, if your post has more than one page.

  39. michaeldc

    Ooh, nice!
    I’ll try it out immediately (;

  40. Steven Lyager

    Looks nice :) I wish all themes had customizable header.. So you can easily make your blog stand out from the crowd of blogs using the same theme

  41. tammybrownlee

    very cool…like the custom header….great job guys!

  42. Randy

    Good to see you in the holiday spirit! :)

    Looks very nice, thanks for the continual updates to wordpress…you guys rock!

  43. chilledsteam

    Oh, this is so beautiful and yet so functional. I really love the wider single column (compared with Day Dream or Ambiru?) and the three column bottombar for widgets.
    It’s funny because I was just about to request for a holiday theme to spread some cheer and here it is!
    I hope I’m not asking for much when I wish for a holiday theme with some red and green in it :).
    Happy Holidays!

  44. Frank

    Merry X’mas!!!

  45. engtech
  46. thanita

    love it…using it

  47. The Rooster

    You guys are churning them out. Great work. Not my cup of tea but great to see the intensive development. It gives us faith in the platform and the dedication to members. Thanks.

    Just a suggestion though. With new themes could you also have a link to a larger screenshot. Otherwise the only way to see a bigger image is to install it on the blog. I am not a bit fan of that. Just a suggestion. Everyone else probably has a look in their own blog, I don’t know.

    Oh, and nice changes round here in general.

  48. Marta

    so cute!

  49. breaked

    Nice colours

  50. Julian

    Ahh.. Just what I need! A nice winter theme, just in time for Christmas!

  51. Robin


  52. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Really “COOL”!

  53. mirthe

    Fantastic theme! But I have just one request: could you adjust it so we can change the upper image too? It would be nice to give it a summer look when winter passes :D

  54. Neville

    Bah, humbug, it’s too late for me, I’ve already put something festive on my blog :(!

  55. Elaine

    Finally, a Christmas theme! :) It looks beautiful. The new look for WordPress is kinda cool, too. Thanks for giving us so much ‘holiday goodies!’ :D

  56. Bartosz

    It’s fine, but it – like most of themes – hasn’t got the author field under the posts!

  57. BBlogger

    Very nice Theme. Thank you!

  58. jh999

    wow! nice theme!

  59. yongsheng

    haha. was going to put a sana joke on my blog. didn’t know wordpress was fast enough!

    like this point. very much like google, where they change their design logo on thier frontpage.

    anyways, GREAT IDEA!!! :D

  60. lisawarninger

    I love that you guys are always working to make this the very best blogging place! Thanks! I’m so glad I switched over (and you made that easy too!)

  61. bullish1974

    ooooooooooooh, another single column theme. i likey.

  62. Nanyaar?

    Its Christmas time.. in WordPress I guess the mood is setting in

  63. faberdriel

    I don`t know…
    Is too much cold!!! :(

  64. mysimsreality

    I love it, especially since the post area is wide, which allows room for my sim pics. Thanks so much! :)

  65. ramma

    Es fantástico, como muchos de los themes que hay. Por favor, la única pega de, la única de verdad pega gorda, es que los temas no están traducidos…

    Por favor, es algo vital, importantisimo, que los temas muestren bien el idioma escogido. No soporto “Comments”, o “Posted By”, cuando el blog es en Español, para lectores españoles.

    Es demasiado importante y poco dificil de hacer como para tomarselo en serio: por favor, themes traducidos, por favooooooooooooooor!!! :-D

  66. wbrurock

    Glad you guys like it for the most part. Also, thanks to team WP for widgetizing the bottom :)
    If you guys have any more suggestions for future versions and other themes we’ll be launching in the future, let us know.


  67. underline

    its nice , thanks .

  68. that girl again

    I quite like this, actually. Good job by the people at devlounge.

  69. superguy900

    Keep them coming and nice

  70. Lilybellule

    Nice !
    And Merry christmas everybody !

  71. soltys

    Happy X-mas

  72. Scottk

    Great now if only we could get china Red as a theme that would be awesome !!

  73. Sai

    Not bad.

  74. flirtydancing

    It’s amazing. u just keep dropping new things.

  75. anhinga

    This is beautiful. It’s not only a look, but a “feel.” I only wish widgets were at top somehow.

  76. carocat

    New things almost every day now. I do really like this theme.

  77. Aphra Behn

    Nice theme. I like it. The only thing I don’t like is that there is no line space between the paragraphs, which makes it impossible to read longer posts. It’s frustrating. I want to use it, I am using it, but….. :-(


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  79. James Latzel

    Good looking theme!

  80. fracas

    Nice theme; blue is nice and wintery. I also see the widgets at the side. I’d like to see this in use. Guess I’ll just have to click through all the comments to find someone who went for it already.

  81. Stephen

    We need more themes like this. Just less… seasonal.

    Good stuff this week!

  82. Daijinryuu

    Why must the name be spelt funny? Plus, again, I am not a fan personally of single-column themes with the widgets at the bottom. Should be like Unsleepable, with on column on the side and one/two at the bottom.

  83. feartheseeds

    Yeah. Great. It’s blue and white. Never before has such a thing been seen. Look. How about inventing a widjit that will finish the last mission on Max Payne 2, write my posts for me and make me a sandwich? Seriously, the food’s over there and I’m here. Surely you can see the problem. This should be your focus. WordPress? Listen to me WordPress… focus. WordPress. Focus. Focus. That’s better.

  84. charleslemark

    cute and perfect for holidays

  85. blayde

    No way, another good theme? Thank you!

  86. globelovers


  87. letruc


  88. blogscapes

    this is so timely for Christmas!

  89. ideasmith

    How about some more 2-sidebar themes? I love those.

  90. hipxinh


  91. Mark

    Just what I was looking for these holidays…

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to your team!

  92. Rushi Vishavadia

    I don’t see this theme displaying the WordPress categories the post was filed under. Is it possible to change this? I’m using this theme currently and it’s great.

    Check it you here (a slightly modded version) and you’ll notice no WP tags, only the Technorati tags which I’ve filed them under.

  93. babycachet

    very nice! good to see other colors beside the usual green and red.

  94. jc4x4

    ya i

  95. tinustussengas

    Very nice theme
    I’ll give it a go!

    happy holidays!

  96. forchilli

    nice theme – happy holidays!

  97. hariadi


  98. Hameed Khan

    Nice theme! Matt, Wish you all happy holidays!

  99. dljournal

    I prefer sidebars that are actually on the side, but this theme is too pretty! Love it. Thanks. Happy Holidays. Peace.


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