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We’ve just taken the wraps off our new design for from Matt Thomas, so come check it out. This one incorporates a lot of what we’ve learned over the past year with the old design, which was actually supposed to be a temporary placeholder.

In this new design we’ve added a bit of color, more prominent use of avatars, better highlighting of popular content, and hot tags so people can see some of the latest posts in popular topics. (In different languages!)

If you want to see a cool Easter egg, resize your browser window to make it smaller in width. You’ll see the top tags drop from the sidebar to below the rest of the design. :)

We’re still working out a bug here and there, so give us a day or two to shake things out, but hopefully this new home page is faster and more useful for you.

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  1. Khalil A.

    Oh, so cool! Oh, so cool!!

  2. Nita

    I am really impressed with you guys. You must be working round the clock, new designs, new themes etc. And even the answers to feedback are so prompt! I am so glad I am at WordPress.

  3. milkandonion

    yippie! yahoo! aribaa!

  4. kacangsoya

    I thought I was already looking at my personal dashboard when I first opened the newly-updated page. Keep it up!!!

  5. Yong Hwee

    Very nice!! It’s really clean..

  6. pablo

    pretty wicked Matt
    keep it up

  7. carocat

    It does look good. It’s nice every now and then to see something new.

    I like it.

  8. ish

    It looks much more neat,organised and stylish.Awesome work guys!

  9. Randy

    I like it! Looks nice, moves along quickly. :)

  10. Ranjhith

    Very slick.

  11. P. A. Monteiro

    Hi Matt, I liked the redesign except for one small thing–the italicized fonts. Would’ve preferred regular fonts myself because I find that too much italicized text hard to read. Maybe it’s just me though, so feel free to trash this bit of feedback.

    And, good job, as always.

  12. db

    Neat and easy to read. Excellent as usual.

  13. zaid

    Its a bit busy for my taste. I enjoyed the simplistic look you sported before. Though not a bad change.

  14. Timothy D

    It’s strange… more than half a million blogs, and I still feel like some guys down the street are running the show… maybe that’s the ideal. Keep it up!

  15. origino

    The new design is just as user friendly as the old one… and it’s much cooler and more stylish… I can spend all day just looking at it.

    Again, great job!

  16. Manish Pansiniya

    really cool and handy …

  17. NAyK

    The font is not that clear in this new look. I can’t see it well on Firefox. My problem?

  18. Chris

    The new front page is cool and stylish. A much needed improvement.

  19. Matt

    Love it! Beautiful design to wake up to..

  20. allansiew

    Cool job… Looks really web 2.0 to me..

  21. kOoLiNuS

    as always simplicity = good design = awesome results!


  22. soltys

    Very Good Job.

    Handy & Clean.

  23. Gorilla Guys

    F’n rocks!

  24. fracas

    I like the new design much better than the old one. It looked like something temporary. This looks great!

  25. JS

    Much better than the previous design. Thanks.

  26. E@zyVG

    Coool one.

    But where is the New Year Tree and Santa?

  27. The neurophilosopher

    It looks fantastic – keep up the good work!

  28. Rizwan

    Seems elegant .. But I cant find the “FAQ” link you guys had it on the main page before ..

  29. silveira

    Very nice!
    Avant WP!

  30. feartheseeds

    Oh for… why, why, why, why would you make a change so that on my blog’s ‘homepage’ Robert Scoble’s head is twice as big as my own avatar? Is this some kind of punishment for not being ranked in the Top Five-Hundred Thousand? Is this the New Class System for WordPress, not only do I have to see Scoble’s Blog everyday parked on top of the Top Whatever List, but now he’s leering at me, taunting me from my own homepage? What’s next,’s recipes for cake, and instructions on how to eat it? I’m telling you right now, if the masking tape I had to use to block Scoble out leaves marks on my screen, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys: Illiterate Mob, Bon Fire and Gill Otine.

  31. जगदीश भाटिया


  32. feartheseeds

    “Blog of the Minute: scobleizer.wordpress”… it’s been longer than a minute and now the tape won’t come off. I’m calling my frigging lawyers.

  33. Nanyaar?

    WordPress. Ah Im glad I changed. :)

  34. Rado

    Yeah, I like it more than the old one.
    Really slick :)

    Can’t see my blog in the hot blogs though :P

  35. article19

    Very nice. ;-)

  36. green

    It looks awesome. :> Good work ;)

  37. dizzydream

    I like Hot Blogs and Hot Posts being side by side. I also like the Blog of the Minute.

    But I cannot breath, I need more empty space.
    Maybe the Top Tags could drop below everything else by default (like Fadtastic theme, not just an Easter egg), or use a smaller font.

  38. eoinpurcell

    Looks cool!
    Very impressed!

  39. K

    Impressive design. I want a similar kind of theme like this. :) Keep it up!

  40. micha

    Oh cool. Thats a amazing Design. Great work guys :-)

  41. blayde

    Very nice, not that i ever go to that page…

  42. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος


  43. Caravaggio

    It’s much busier than before, and so will take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s also much more practical, and the blog of minute is a welcome addition. I am relatively new to wordpress blogging and am impressed with the rate of change here. My old blog was at blogger but innovation over there moved at a glacial rate. Keep it coming.

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  45. marock

    I like much the new design, but font not as much.
    Good work !

  46. Anand Iyer

    there is no space available in the new design… it looks too crowded… the first one looked better… anyway cheers for the new design :)

  47. yongsheng

    Very nice. How about choosing a more readable and bigger font? (though it’s nice already :D)

    Anyway I simlpy can’t deny it’s a refreshing change.

  48. fabiocpn

    Really nice! Good job!

  49. crimsondevotchka

    it only gets better here!

  50. Martin

    Reallllyyyyy cewl design. Like it, it’s slick man!

  51. flamov

    You are an epic designer – no doubt about it. Good job!

  52. Merri Williams

    You guys just prove my point over and over to other bloggers – WordPress *is* the best there is.

  53. naani

    the design is simple and straightforward. great work.

  54. karanmaroo

    well done.. u’ll be better off with larger fonts

  55. strategicalliance

    love it

  56. Brian

    I LOVE IT!!

    Matt, You may be the WP employee of the year!! Thanks!!

  57. Chittaranjan

    Good design this! Without reading this post, I was suddenly wondering how it changed….

  58. Shrish

    yeah ! It looks really nice now. Thanx and wish a good future.

  59. tobeme

    I love it! Great job!

  60. axewielderx

    no complaints yet! ;)

  61. bho

    New themes, new designs, I am really impressed with all the effort you guys have put in and the speed, wow, great work !!!

  62. Muzzy

    Matt, u guys rock. Thanks for putting iw so much effort on wordpress.

  63. Reynie


  64. Celso Bessa

    Nice, nice, nice…

    prettier and smarter…

    Real good job, guys.

    Keep wordpressing.

    That is it! Blogging (and managing content) w/ wordpress has been such nice experience that we could make WordPress a verb just like Google.

    See ya!

    Celso Bessa

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  66. Shae

    I like it :) Go Matt!

  67. eyespi20

    When I logged on this morning, I thought I was lost! What a great new look! Kudos to you guys for keeping the site fresh and spiffy!


  68. ☆*°^` Rainbow

    Oo, love this! More colours :)

  69. icedmocha

    A stong, clean design. Very pleasing.

  70. icedmocha

    A strong, clean design. Very pleasing.

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  72. Jeffrey


  73. Jonathan Tardif

    Sweetness. A definite improvement over the old style. Good job on the changes.

  74. Casey

    This is much better than the previous design. I like having more information right in front of me. I especially like the three-column aspect.

  75. adam

    excellent work! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the forums!

    i hafta say, i like the tag cloud better at the bottom anyway, it makes the page less cluttered.

  76. michaeldc

    Hot. Very hot. Keep up the amazing work!

  77. Surion E.

    Looks great :)

  78. David W. Boles

    Love the new look, Matt!

    Will we soon get some more official badges to add to our blogs that are more colorful than the current black and white choices?

    I sort of made a badge of my own based on the keen login page that is on my blog, but it has no aesthetic beyond the color and the coolness of the reflected WordPress logo.

  79. Shelly S

    I suppose I’ll get used to it, but you took a nice, elegant, clean login page and made it as cluttered and ordinary as every other website out there. It’s too busy. I had to really look for the login area.

  80. mwatson32

    Soooooooo much better…well done. Keep the new themes coming!

  81. TheShortFatKid

    I love it!

  82. Neville

    Sorry to be a sourpuss, but I liked the old one better!!! :(

  83. belindaschneider

    definitely better :) bravo guys. peaceful holidays.

  84. grhomeboy

    Yay! that’s what I call a Christmas gift! Now I can believe in Santa Claus, just joking, I always believed in him :) WP rocks!

  85. Christian

    sugar! i love wordpress!

  86. Andrew


  87. Lorelle VanFossen

    Very good looking, but you’ve still left off a dedicated link to the blog from the main menu. At least I can’t find it.

    Helping non-registered users read the blog to find out all the exciting activity happening here is part of the transparency issue, and a great PR move. Might want to add a link to the blog from the menu bar. ;-)

  88. Sergio Alvaré

    Precioso. Otra prueba de que detrás de esto hay personas entusiasmadas.

  89. jacky

    Great, I like it a lot :)

  90. Tina

    It’s so much better and appealing. I think this will make more people wanna register a blog here.

  91. Catana

    Sheesh! I thought I’d hit the wrong link. Sorry guys, it sucks. Way too much clutter. And where did Growing Blogs and Best Blog go?

  92. farlane

    Like it.

    Suggestion: When you click over to a tag (like Photography) show the hot blogs and posts for that tag in the sidebar on the right. That would be way cool and add to the churn.

    Much as I like the scobelguy, I think that has a whole lot more going on that Robert plus the latest meme-blogger.

  93. emarts

    Esta realmente genial el nuevo diseño, felicitaciones! :)

  94. faberdriel

    Minimalistic, sofisticate, easy to use, is really awesome!!
    realy nice job!! ;)

  95. that girl again

    Rushed, ugly, cluttered, odd mixture of serif and tiny sans-serif fonts, top links enclosed in some sort of weird bloated monotab, and aren’t gradients starting to look a little bit cliched by now?

    In short, unimpressed. Not that I would have expected anything better.

  96. carloshenrique


  97. Sai

    Cool. But the bunch of tags linking to more tags is quite redundant. Unhelpful for some presuming to be able to look at the current posts under those tags. :(

  98. Yaser

    Thanks Alot, looks awesome!

  99. Stephen

    This is so much better. I love it.


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