New Theme: Vermilion Christmas

We’ve got a pretty slick new holiday theme for you guys. Like Christmas lights, holiday themes are perfectly tasteful on your blog until January 2nd. (Though I’m not one to talk, my lights are up almost all year.)

Here’s a preview of the theme:

It has widget support, so you can customize the sidebar to your liking.

You may also notice we’ve put some snowflakes in the header above. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. :)

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  • Dec 21, 2006 @ 11:31 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Now that’s an excellent theme!
    Well done Matt!

  2. kansaisamurai

    Looks nice. I think it’d be great for tourist websites to use this one. :)

  3. cmerry

    I like what I am using right now but wanted to say I do think this is very pretty. Good job :)

  4. rumours

    i really love WP

  5. Nicola

    Very Pretty – I think I might just be tempted !

  6. leoville

    Very nice looking :-)

  7. geofharries

    Love the delicious, sugary effects in the header. Makes me feel like I’m in the forest!

  8. ventureskills

    Great theme, though like all things Christmas it needs to be packed away before the 6th of January!
    Until then it will have pride of place on my personal blog :)

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  10. obliterated

    Looks great! Really Christmasy and all (: Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. cherryblossomgirl


  12. Anita Marie

    My blog is for my own ‘tales of the macabre’ but I’m using this theme for the holidays … See I hang little mummies and shrunken heads from Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe in Seattle on my Christmas Tree so I guess you could say DO I like to get into the “spirit” of things.

    Har, har…anyway I love the colors and I really love the fonts and sidebar on the left.

    Anita Marie

  13. timethief

    A warm colour – YES! ****kisses**** for that kewl dude in the Santa hat.

  14. cod

    Looks fantastic, I’m using it now to reflect the joyous holiday spirits.

  15. Karen

    thank you! thank you! thank you! and happy holidays to you! :)

  16. Two Witches

    very festive indeed!!!

    does this mean we can all look forward to other seasonal themes??

  17. lotteryplayer

    love it can we keep it :-)

  18. knitgirl63

    I love it, I’m already using it!

    And hey, keep it up with the themed templates – I like to change once in a while so I’ll be checking for new ones. :-)

  19. Nicole

    I love it! I’ll keep it around for the holidays, thanks :-)

  20. mcalmond

    I love this, it is the very best. So, only until Jan 2nd?

    Thanks for this, it really is great!

  21. origino

    Simply fantastic… and Christmasy of course :D
    Great job!

  22. eoinpurcell

    Loving the theme and the snowflakes!

  23. Michael Sync

    cool.. very nice theme.. I love it.

  24. bnkm

    great theme. usually i am accustomed to the Regulus or Blix theme, but this is a good change for my blog [for the holidays]. have outdone themselves again.

  25. Tylor

    I might keep that one a little past Christmas.

  26. article19

    This is a wonderful theme. It renders well in both Firefox 2.0 & IE. Thank you very much! :-)

  27. Martin

    I think it’s great, but question its effectiveness in mid-February. Any chance of another set of graphics or customizable header graphic perhaps …

  28. Elizabeth

    This is wonderful! The colors are so vibrant.
    Any chance of making a non-christmas one for the rest of the year?

  29. mybluecastle

    Beautiful! I’m stuck in a bit of a comfortable rut but come February, I may just switch it up!

  30. Galen

    Well, if you are not reading my mind, then your are one conglomerate genius.

    That is all I have to say (for now at any rate)!!!

    Oh, yes, that, and…
    (Did I almost forgotted that???!) :-D

  31. mybluecastle

    oh, and I did notice and have appreciated the snowflakes in the WP header.

  32. axewielderx

    Hmmm, I just got done completing the graphics on my blog. Nice theme though!

  33. Rizwan

    Nice colors.. it would be great if there is an option for changing the header image!!!

  34. hashmil

    well, what can i say! Merry Christmas!

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  36. 丹羽大助

    Nice theme,
    and keep rocking the santa hat, matt :)

  37. Ashish C.

    Nice theme [Nice photo as well! I like Santa! :D] I’m gonna put it up my blog for the festivities but alas will switch back to PressRow. There’s none like it out there.. :)

  38. Menco

    Very nice !!! But if only it would show the author of the post… :-D

  39. MadMark

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Guys!

  40. ranjHith

    Ho man! The looks are awesome. Very themed.
    Merry Merry Christmas! Thanks.

  41. mysimsreality

    I like this one even better. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and yours. :D

  42. Chittaranjan

    Nice Theme that! Festive season is almost upon us and itz about time we jazzed up our blogs a bit!

    ~~Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~~

  43. idealsexpress

    well done. good looking

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  45. fritoy

    I like it but it keeps changing my word format.
    Otherwise I like it.

  46. Sha

    Wow…pretty! I love the snowflakes in the wordpress header!

  47. beckisbeck

    I love this one so much~~
    I like new-theme-release day. :)

  48. ish

    Nice theme Matt,and yes we did notice the festive season in the header.It looks absolutely stunning.

    I hope all the administrators,bloggers and readers have a wonderful Christmas and an excellent New Year.

  49. jamesrules90

    Good theme I like it!

  50. finalzfinale

    thx man, i was looking for a Christmast theme ..

  51. Rado

    Very nice theme, could be fun to use it this Christmas :)
    Where is the Snow-Princess though? :P

  52. ideasmith

    And the colours and fonts.

  53. tin4e

    lovely lovely theme
    10x , right on-time for cristmass :)

  54. mrcollector

    Really nice :)

  55. yeloluver

    Just in time for the holidays.

  56. scrunchyy

    Very nice!! Thank you. I like it. :)

  57. Alex

    Merry XMas/Happy New Year for WP team and all WP users! Keep your great work in 2007!

  58. Brian

    Three words – FAB-U-LOUS!!

    Finally, something besides blue!! YAY!!

  59. modu

    That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the hard work. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  60. Brian

    There is something funky going on with the header in IE7. It looks fine in FF, but IE is shoving the “Main Menu” part of the titlebar to the left a few pixels.

    Also, I would love to see the “Edit” link on posts moved to the same line as the categories. I know the guests can’t see it, but it’s an eyesore for admins.

    Have a great Christmas everybody!!! :) :) :)

  61. hools

    You forgot a layout that can change between winter holidays for those of us who celebrate Hanukkah ;). What will we do to decorate our blogs?
    How about a Festivus pole? Anyone?

  62. Mia

    LOVE IT!

  63. Shae

    Now that’s beautiful :)

  64. Neville

    Great, a nice, Xmas theme, pity I can’t use it now :(

  65. norton


  66. Justin Taylor

    I’m lovin’ it.

  67. yongsheng

    haha. christmas is really a large event of the year – almost every one is eager to do something related to it. thanks for your pleasantly sudden slew of themes this christmas. :) really enjoyed them, like iceburgg and the very interesting ‘colour picker’ thing. santa will share the same mood too, at .

    merry christmas everyone! :D

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  69. Lady Penchants

    It’s nice … but I really wish WordPress would make more themes available that follow the philosophy of some of the older ones. Example: If we could get Unsleepable v2.0 or the new Rounded Blue that would be great. A lot of the older themes had great principle design and I find myself wanting to simply have more basic design options.

    Thanks though – you guys and gals are doing a fantastic job of adding more and more themes … I think this is the fifth one in a month … wicked!

    Cheers :)

  70. Nicola

    Thank you Santa ;)

  71. blayde

    That’s one amazing theme, could you do one without the Christmas Tree? Would love to use it as a regular theme. Same colour scheme too, just no tree.

  72. Jope

    I wish the main post area was a bit larger, but it’s nice, I’m going to activate it for the week-end, at least… :)

  73. materialmama

    Thank you! I love it!

  74. Rodney

    I agree with Menco–I share a blog and themes that don’t credit the author don’t work well. That being said, I think we’ll use it for a couple days. Cheers!

  75. azahar

    I like the colours in it a lot … any chance of offering it after the holidays with a custom header (and without the trees at the bottom) ?

  76. David W. Boles

    Maybe next year you can offer Chanukah and Kwanzaa themes, too?

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  78. madelynewyear

    Very nice! (Although.. I shall stick to the Iceburgg for my holiday theme! ^_^)

  79. tobeme

    Fun for the holiday! Limited use as you stated.

  80. Christian

    Thx. I will use it over the holydays

  81. thanita

    I love this festive theme. I just wish it had an area for my pages! :( I want to use this theme!

  82. carocat

    I was thinking that several blogs had suddenly changed. ;)

    Seems to be a big success with so many people adopting it.

    Merry christmas to you lot. :D

  83. Cengiz Ç.

    Very sweet

  84. Vish

    Hey guys! I like the Xmas thing, but I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, so I need BBQs and beach scenes and sun themes!!! (Ok, so the weather is lousy at the moment, but I’d love to see some summery themes coming along…)

  85. Jano

    merry xmas :)

  86. Charlotte

    I love it! I’m using it :) Thanks!!

  87. Lucas

    Cool theme… I will use it around christmas :-)

  88. marialectrix


    But actually, Christmastide doesn’t officially end until February 2, Candlemas – and you really shouldn’t put up Christmas stuff until right before the day.

    If people didn’t start so early, they wouldn’t be so eager for it to end.

  89. icedmocha

    It looks very festive. Thanks, and happy holidays!

  90. renaikan

    Love it! :)

  91. neath


    I’ll be using it through the holidays.


  92. huanvbit


  93. Elizabeth

    Thanks!!! I love it; I think it’s pretty and I’m using it.

  94. agpweb

    nice design..
    good work…

  95. cherryblossomgirl

    I switched to it and I luuuuv it! ‘twould be cool to have something similarly styled for all the seasons!

  96. Sean

    That’s a really cool theme. Too bad it’s only for Christmas!

  97. Jenn

    love this! I’ll definitely have it in use for the next couple of weeks.

    it looks like I’m really going to like the format – might a non-seasonal variation become available after the holidays?

  98. fracas

    It’s a beautiful theme, but only until January 2nd?

    I must protest in the name of all bloggers of Ukrainian ancestry. Ukrainians celebrate Christmas Eve on January 6th, Christmas Day on January 7th. New Year’s for them, then follows one week later. You simply must find it acceptable to allow blogs to use the holiday themes until all our Ukrainian friends have celebrated as well.

    (I tried fellow bloggers)

  99. strategicalliance

    cool…thank u

  100. orli

    i like christmas… and the theme’s s nice too =))


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