No Orphans in Titles

Have you ever seen that thing in titles where one word goes to the next

Orphan It can be really

We love good typography here at

Well we’ve adapted a version of the Widon’t from Shaun Inman and turned it on for the whole site, so now those of you, especially those with fixed width themes, never have to worry about “that thing” happening again. – worrying about silly stuff like orphans in titles so you don’t have to.

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  1. Darmok

    I love good typography too, so thank you!

  2. timethief

    Yes, orphan words in titles are annoying. Thanks a lot for adapting Widon’t from Shaun Inman this feature. :)

  3. cait

    this made me laugh…it’s that last line. and the creepy, creepy picture of oliver(?).

    thanks for looking out for those orphans for us. :)

  4. cmerry

    Yay thank you I am really bad about that sometimes I go on and on… :P

  5. Uncle Su

    I don’t understand what this is actually doing…

  6. Nicole

    Nice! Thanks :-)

  7. raincoaster

    Typographers and graphic designers all over the world thank you.

  8. Smaran

    I think I’ll have to experience this first-hand to understand how exactly it works. Does it look for phrases?

  9. Wengistein

    Harhar poor orphans. :P Though that was pretty annoying. Thanks for fixing it up. :)

  10. Daijinryuu


  11. storymode

    I’m all about good style and typography myself. Nice addon! Thanks! ^^

  12. yuE

    and now we can truly be perfectionists!

  13. girlfriday

    Thanks. I like that you *fix* stuff so we don’t have to worry :) ‘Specially at Christmas ;)

  14. mustafau

    Anyone who couldn’t recognize the difference may have a look at their blog at Google’s cache.

  15. بهمن

    So good ;)
    I & Sorush see this problem with Thirteen theme when we RTL this them.


  16. livingjourney

    Ha…. thanks for that… by the way, love the photo of the orphan. More Please!


  17. disembedded

    Hi Matt,

    This is good. I like your attention to very helpful detail. Best holiday wishes to you1

  18. Xomps

    That’s very cool ^^
    Thanx ^^

    Merry X-Mas to Everyone…

  19. madelynewyear

    FIRST COMMENT! I think… anyway… thats perfect….I hate that. It’s annoying. :P

  20. Adi

    :) that’s great.

  21. zaid

    Way to go bro. It makes us look

  22. Khalil A.

    Haha, awesome. Was always wondering why this happens though.

  23. bollig

    hah, cool. thanks although i never would have known

  24. fracas

    Well thank you! That makes me just about as happy as a kid who just found out he gets to open some presents on Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas to everyone at WordPress.

  25. Keith

    WordPress just keeps getting better because of the concerted and continual work and effort of its staff — great job guys and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  26. Galen

    I wanted to say that, too, (if it is the same thing) it is amazing how many things I did not realize I could avoid just by being here. That sounds ridiculous, but it is true. My orphans were not there, if they were, so now, they will never be! Wow! Blessings are like that, we might not even “see” them. THANK YOU AGAIN, MY FRIEND(S)!!! (is this the season to get from the givers, or what???) :-D

  27. Gilles Daigneault

    God I love this place!

  28. nikoxy

    I like WP because it is typo-wise!

  29. ish

    Nice feature.I’ve never had this happening actually but yeah,good typography is welcome anyday users-extremely happy with their administrators taking care of orphans in the titles so that we don’t have to.

  30. Rizwan

    Neat feature … though I dont have worries about my title !!! lolz..

  31. rumours

    Happy Holidays WP

  32. Nicola

    Great idea – thank you

  33. Aishah – worrying about silly stuff like orphans in titles so you don’t have to.

    Lol, that’s jokes!

    Where di that come from again?

  34. H.Constantinos

    Very specific. Very good.

  35. adam

    brilliant, thank you!

  36. David W. Boles

    Excellent feature, Matt, thanks! It was always a challenge to write a headline that would break properly and then, if you changed templates, your headlines would break in really ugly ways anyway. This should solve that problem.

  37. Two Witches

    It’s so nice to know that all you programming types at WordPress are always looking to make improvements and to fix problems.

    Happy holidays
    Mama Kelly

  38. Shodan

    Yay. Happy festivus to all type lovers.

  39. The Nerd

    Please sir, can I have some more?

    Kidding ;) But good work guys. Definatly above and beyond at this time of year ;)

    Merry Christmas.

  40. madelynewyear

    Ah lol.. I did have first comment.. but my comment had to be moderated for no reason XD Oh well. :P

  41. Dave Bonta

    Bitchin’. Thanks.

  42. Michael

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  43. Cubskick277 & Ompaloompa64

    that bothers me a lot too! thank god for


  44. businessgolf

    Thanks for watching out for us!

  45. jb

    Ok, apparently I woke up stupid today. I have no idea what Orphan Words are. Any help?

  46. Brian


    We are supposed to be using titles??? :P

    Have a Merry Christmas and don’t work so hard. :)

  47. suburbanbanshee

    Nice bit of Christmas kaizen.

  48. Shirley

    …nor widows, either.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Shirley Buxton

  49. Shirley

    Excuse me…or widows, either :(


  50. David W. Boles

    I just noticed this works in the Sidebar, too, for the “Recent Posts” widget — very cool — but it doesn’t work on the “Top Posts” or “Recent Comments” widgets.

  51. torchwolf

    Mmm…. this seems to have prevented the:

    “My Title Had One Word


    But now, in the sidebar, what I often get instead, which looks even sillier is:

    “My Title Had
    Word Hanging.”

    Hate to be a party-pooper, but if we can disable this in sidebars, so much the better!

  52. Nita

    Thanks. Titles of my posts are often long and this is just perfect.

  53. archiearchive

    Oh goody – now I can have r e a l l y l o n g titles. I like that.
    Thanks, Matt.

  54. Mr Patient

    Matt, could we also have better typography for alternate languages? For example, in French, the “:;!?»” signs must be preceeded by a non-breakable space, and “«” must be followed by a non-breakable space.

    Having WP do that automatically when French is the selected language would be a killer.

  55. Phil

    Thank You! This is a neat addition, a bit like a Christmas gift someone gives you before you realize there was a solution to one of life’s little annoyances :-D

    You really do look out for us, WordPress – A Merry christmas to you all~!

    Phil —

  56. Tina

    Wow, you guys thought of that?

    But it really is annoying when it goes to the next line.

    This just made me realize that I’m into good typography too.

  57. tobeme

    Nice holiday gift for us!

  58. Robert

    Thank you for fixing such an annoying problem!

  59. Coconuts

    This will undoubtedly improve the general quality of life for all users/readers, and for that I thank you.

  60. doublecheese

    Cool but man it seemed weir when on my dashboard I saw the title as “No orphans in titles”. I thought, “Does this mean we can’t have blog titles with “orphan” in them?”

  61. metaphorical

    Very cool. Surely hung punctuation is next?

  62. Admin

    Very nice, this should be applied to sidebar as well.

  63. deveels

    It’s just amazing how you pay attention even to the smallest things. Thanks.

  64. aikidude

    i had no idea what you were talking about (not being a journalist or… english mother tongue!!)

    good learning new things every day.. thanks wordpress!

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  66. S. Weasel

    But what does it do instead? Shrink the font? Bounce another word to the second line to keep the orphan company?

    I just scrolled through my everything without finding a headline that long.

  67. gspence1173


  68. CottonWood

    Widon’t is really useful. thanks a lot

  69. blaze

    I don’t know what you’re

    talking about.

  70. hools

    Now where is the option to smack people for poor grammar? Will that be built in? Hope so! ;)
    On an unrelated note (honest!):

    You meant “fixed width” right?

  71. lostalien

    Thank you! In the spirit of Christmas and the Season, we try to look after all orphans… :)

  72. maique


  73. Free Willy

    Good! :D Thanks!

  74. phoenixashes88

    Oh, I hate it when that happens! Thank you!

  75. lisawarninger

    Wow, I love wordpress. Thanks guys.

  76. hillary

    much appreciated..

  77. Jacqui

    Aw. Those poor orphans. *grieves*

  78. bkbloodaxe

    Makes me want to get up there and leave some real untidy text hanging around. But, if it makes your holiday season more of a relaxing one …

  79. JLB

    Hooray! Thank you WordPress, and Happy Holidays!!!

  80. Milla

    U R a star! Thnks!

  81. Layla Gonzalez

    LOL! Thanks for worrying about orphans so we don’t have to. I appreciate it! :)

  82. Aristocrat

    Nice!! I don’t think I realized that this problem ever occurred to me before since I tend to use one-word headlines but props for the nice thought!

  83. Helton

    thank you I am really bad about that sometimes I go on . . .

  84. galvanized

    Bahaha thanks for making that piece of webpage/word processing information interesting. (Love the pic!)

  85. Meredith

    Thanks for solving the troublesome orphans and widows.
    Can Widon’t be applied to body copy and paragraph text too?

  86. arationalaversion

    Question: How do I get this little widget? Neither the comments above (on scanning, not reading) nor the brief article say how to get the Word version of this other guy’s product…or am I just being, like, illiterate?

  87. Matt

    arationalaversion, it’s already on your blog, it’s all automatic.

  88. BairbS


  89. Dmitri Marine

    hah neat. good typography, yay. i actually hadn’t even realised, just reading about this b/c of the december summary post.

  90. candyslice

    But what about the ORPHANS! Um, sorry. Thanks.

  91. symbologie

    Clean typography = love.

    I’m happy here already! *waves newbie flag*


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