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After the overwhelming response to our last entry about Snap, we’ve decided to make it available for everyone.

It should also now work for comments (which is really cool) and your blogroll.

It’s now available for everyone, of course if you don’t want it on your blog you can uncheck the box in Presentation > Extras to deactivate it.

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  • Jan 13, 2007 @ 1:23 am


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  1. David W. Boles


    Thanks, Matt! Enabling it for comments is VITAL and appreciated!

    Adding it to the Blogroll is also super-killer!

    Will Snap! remain free or become a paid feature?

  2. archiearchive

    Yeehaaa – This is really good gear! – Now, if only akismet would stop seeing me as a spammer

  3. Nobodyknows


    This is a fantastic feature. Thanks so much for making it available!

  4. Randy

    Thanks a bunch! I was excited to see it pop-up on my blog tonight. :)

  5. windiepink

    Thank you Matt… i love this feature… its wonderful… but not half as wonderful as wordpress is… you guys are the greatest..!!!… my hope is others will be inspired by my blog and find their way to enjoy their own personal wordpress doings… i now have three lay outs.. and each one of them is different… i have not completely finished the book style yet.. but it is getting close… i get lots of complitments on my wordpress design layouts….. of course i take all the credit… bit smile..

    ohhh… yes.. i guess i have more than one hope… another one of my hopes is that somehow… snap will get a code so i can add it to the intent of blog notification… this the little doll photo as well as the words i leave when i post someones photo to my blog… i like to let them know i have used their work… i think this would be a wonderful feature… but i guess it would have to be worked out with flickr… oh well.. so it goes..

    Matt.. again.. i want to thank you and all the rest on your team.. for the great service you offer… tiandra…

  6. Dark Blader

    That’s pretty cool!

  7. Luke Hallam

    Awesome. I just came back to my blog and found Snap working. My blog has only been on WordPress for a couple of days. So far I’m impressed with the ease of use, the features and your business model. Well done to all concerned.

  8. mosaicartsource

    Very cool! You guys are doing a fantastic job…

  9. Jeff Ventura

    Very cool. Thanks Matt.

  10. meisok

    Esta bien disponer de esta opcion…It seems to me a good idea to have like option this utility.

  11. charleslemark

    wow.. that’s good! i’ve seen it work in my blog.. i dont know if its only my blog, but there is a bit of problem, the SNAP box goes up, but does not preview the site… or it takes too long to preview it.

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  13. nuke

    thanks matt!

  14. IR

    Looks good!

  15. Mitch McDad


  16. David W. Boles

    Snap looks great on my Blogroll but isn’t showing in Comments.

  17. carocat

    I was just wondering why it suddenly was on my blog. :)

    I’m not too sure if I’ll keep it on my blog, I suppose I’ll ask the readers, but thanks for your work guys. :)

  18. kollectif

    Amaaaaaaaaaazing! Thank you so much!

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  21. chinaview

    Nice feature. Great work. Thanks a lot for doing this.

  22. Kristina

    Very cool! Thanks.

  23. keikurono

    I like it.. thanks for opening to everyone :D

  24. hikeoflife

    Awesome thanks so much.

  25. adam

    welp, i’m glad i have an extras panel :)

  26. Two Witches

    I love the new feature …

    except that it does not seem to work on the links I have in my sidebars.

  27. pakosuperstar

    I like it matt. a bit slow.

  28. Rami Nasser

    Greet feature guys, keep up the good work

  29. bachodi

    Really really cooooool… Thank you very much !!

  30. disembedded

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks very much! I liked this addition before (when I had it briefly), so I’m really that you’ve made it officially available. Again, thanks so much for your ongoing work to make WordPress better and better and better!!

  31. Michael Sync

    Thanks a lot..
    i love this features

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  33. Queen Ebong

    Wow, I love it.

  34. whig

    Very nice, it just started working and surprised me, but I liked it once I realized what was going on.

  35. ggwfung

    A January Christmas gift from Matt.


  36. kev

    This is great – thanks for this. My mouse happened across it, and it was like finding an extra Christmas present when you take the tree down. Have to do that…

  37. Rushi Vishavadia

    Awesome, thanks Matt!

  38. petermello

    Another cool feaure!!

  39. gottabkd

    Wow, cool. umm thanks
    You rock!

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  41. Ray

    Yuk….It’s like smart tags… the way and like an unwanted pop up or spam. I do not like it, The pop ups make my blog look like an advertisement. It is not something that I would think you would have enabled by default. I will turn it off.

  42. kystorms

    Thank you guys, its great to have it!

  43. scribez

    Thanks I just turned it off.

  44. Ryan Martin


  45. JV

    Thanks, I was left out in the experimental phase. :)

  46. livingjourney

    That is great Matt, thanks for that, I know I really like it on my blog when you were beta testing!

    Thanks again


  47. ceeque

    wow!! Just accessed my blog to find Snap up and running very smoothly and wondering how the hell it got there!!!!
    Thank You for adding this, I felt a little sceptical at first but after looking around my links it does look and feel good, excellent addition to the arsenal!!!! :-)

  48. Josie

    I think it’s a brilliant idea! Rock on!

  49. w


  50. homesweethome

    I love it! Thank you!

  51. mysimsreality

    Cool! Again, thanks so much for adding this feature. :)

  52. Qsar


  53. Nita

    You guys had given it to me and then took it away. I was sulking for a while but now it’s on for everyone. Pretty quick.

  54. storymode

    I’ve been totally waiting for this. Might just be the interesting “extra” kick in the butt I could use to get back into blogging semi-daily again.

    Thanks WP! ^^

  55. Karen

    yeah, baby! thanks a bunch :) .

  56. jewaira

    Fun feature :)

  57. cmerry

    Thank you I love it! I go around to the links just to see it working… :)

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  59. scrunchyy

    Thank You!!! This is great news!
    It will help keep my blog updated much easier.

  60. SoCalMuchacha

    LOVE this feature! For those who might not be seeing it, which browser are you using? I was editing a post using Firefox and saw SNAP, then Firefox went all wonky on me for a bit, so I had to open up my WordPress blog with Internet Explorer (ick). Didn’t see SNAP on IE and still don’t. Only see it when using Firefox, which thankfully is back to normal. Have only been using Firefox for a few days and I’d be LOST without it!

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  62. Arne Midtlund

    Very nice. Thank you :-)

  63. girlfriday

    Thanks. Noticed this on my blog earlier today. Will be fun for visitors … and I will be sure to use plenty of links so they can see where they might finish up :)

  64. Bruno Yporti


  65. Dmitri Marine

    Thanks for the update, Matt. Just noticed it on my blog and slightly freaked out, hah.

    Just wondering, are people liking the SNAP?

    I’m not too sure if I want to keep it; seems like it slow things down. But it could just be what do y’all think?

  66. Uncle Su


  67. nobody

    good job in new year !!!
    thank u

  68. Digital Nomad

    Sweet! That was a really cool surprise, thanks! :) Happy New Year to you good folks!

  69. Andrew

    Right on, New features always appreciated.

  70. Brian

    Thanks Matt. I was a little taken aback to see it this morning, but since I am sick, I thought it was just the meds kicking in. LOL

    Have a great weekend. :)

  71. TheAdmin

    Awesome!!! Thanks!!!!!
    Y’all are doing an awesome job!!!

  72. Vlad

    Great, thanks!

  73. basu715

    Thank you very much. Been looking forward this for a long time. But I do wish I could tweak the javascript.

  74. NAyK

    Hey I tried it, and it’s actually quite cool. I especially found the search bar interesting, though I haven’t figured out a way to use it. Looks good, especially since it is functional enough to turn on and off (right?). Thanks again.

  75. mpb

    Would have preferred the default was unchecked. Then we could test it out first.

    Overall, I think it will be difficult for many readers, making information less accessible or the computer more confusing.

    At the very least, extras or others which change the reader or blogee experience should be carefully thought out (if communication is the goal)

  76. Taufiq

    WOW… great! I really love this feature.

  77. loranablog

    It is totally COOL! Thank a lot WordPress!!!

  78. Ahmed


    Just one word : BRAVO !

  79. Ahmed

    ps : Do you ever sleep at all ?

  80. Elizabeth

    Oh WOW!! Nice! I like this feature!

  81. Chelsea

    Thank You so much! I love this feature :)

  82. MJ

    Yeay! :D

  83. Guy

    I love the Snap thing, it’s great. Would be better is it worked with links in text boxes in the sidebar as well, though… :-)

  84. ravithesun

    it’s really cool..
    Thanks a lot :)

  85. E@zyVG

    Working really nicely and it spices up my blog in the cool way, as well as very handful for visitors ….. tnx

  86. kOoLiNuS

    … and since I don’t like it, I’ve disabled it right away ;-)

  87. bullish1974

    you just gotta love that feature.
    truly wonderful!

  88. Bal Patil

    I would like to Snap Snapit on my WordPress. I have downloaded it on my desktop but it appears it is not fully integrated with my browsing and my documents. I would like also to have it active on my google and other blogs and my website

  89. flamov

    Ohhh that’s sweet; good job!

  90. sulz

    it looks fantastic! it’s a killer on my dial-up connection, but who cares? it looks great.

    ps. it works on my blogroll, but not my comments…

  91. zappi

    Thx a lot, I luv u all. :)

  92. bizwriter

    This is such an irritating feature for the site user. I, for one, will deactivate it.

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  94. Martin

    Hi Matt, this is so great. Thanks a million man. Blogtastic!

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  96. Nicola

    Hooray !!!! Thank you guys – does the happy dance.

  97. Cristobal

    I’ve just get it in my blog!!! Thank you very much for all!!!
    Yes, it’s very coooolll!! :-)

  98. Nimish Batra

    Oh Yes!

    Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

  99. yuE

    for everything? even comments…

    but it will be messy for comments.. esp for the SPAMers…

    this is NOT good…

  100. origino

    Hmm… it’s cool when you first have it, but gets kinda distracting and annoying after a while…
    Still, a nifty feature :)


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