Snap Live

After the overwhelming response to our last entry about Snap, we’ve decided to make it available for everyone.

It should also now work for comments (which is really cool) and your blogroll.

It’s now available for everyone, of course if you don’t want it on your blog you can uncheck the box in Presentation > Extras to deactivate it.

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  • Jan 13, 2007 @ 1:23 am


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  1. MobileMan

    Hi matt, this is working great for me. Thanks for the Snap

  2. Gerhard Lehnhoff

    I do not see any use on it and feel annoyed by Snap. I am very glad that obviously I can deactivate it. The other way would have been better: inform users that there is a new feature available and leave it to them to switch it on or not. But default should be switched off.


  3. elvenbyte

    Oh, really really thank you! I was waiting for it since you told us you were proving?

  4. helar

    Love it! It really makes a page look more professional and makes it easier for you to navigate!

  5. pierro marie

    matt -> owing to on all your current away`s :)
    thanks for this

  6. Sha

    Woohoo! Thanks WordPress!

  7. viidesrooli

    It´s working and it´s absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

  8. Hameed Khan

    Thanks again Matt.

  9. Menco

    Gotta love it ! Realy love it ! This rocks !
    Would it be possible to also snap the url from people who comment on a post ? Or am I to fast… :-)

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  11. egdp

    Thanks again.

    WordPress is always thinking about us, just like our mothers :)

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  13. nappyme

    Really cool. Thanks!

  14. christooss

    This is supererb

  15. Jerry

    Just great!, you are doing a *super* job

  16. joaobeltrao

    Thanks, I’ve be waiting for Snap for a while now.

  17. iNOsaint

    Ohh cool i will try it out…thanks for yet another improvement to blogging…

  18. roidis

    it’s very annoying if seriously want to read…
    I don’t like it, it’s a bit of a show-off which wordpress does not really need.

  19. 0nkulis

    thanks Matt!
    Now the next cool feature would be OpenID. :)
    how about that?

  20. itsmeritesh

    thank you so much. appreciate the addition. keep up the good work!!

  21. misslionheart

    Thanks! It’s made my day! : )

  22. Cengiz Ç.

    Thanks Mat :)

  23. Henri

    Good of you to give us users the opion to switch it on/off.

  24. manzoor


  25. Tim

    I just noticed this on a friend’s blog, and then saw it on mine. The immediate reaction was:

    “Oh, my, gosh… this is outrageous!” :D

    Thanks – Tim

  26. myepinoy

    Thank You very much.

  27. blogscapes

    Great! At first I was wondering what Snap was and then I saw it on my blog! Love it! Adds an added dimension of dynamism to my site! Thanks!

  28. Sankar Viruthachalam


  29. grhomeboy

    That’s great news! I really love this feature, so Thank You very much!

  30. Solo

    Hey Chaps,

    In your above comment, you might wish to add the link

    so any newbies or technophobes (like moi) who more often type their little hearts out than supe up their blogs with wonderful gadgets, know what the heck this snappy thing is!
    (I didn’t)

    Pure good fortune that I’ve learnt most of your new stuff is fab and even if I don’t completely understand it, know it to be well worth persevering with until I do.

    Kind regards, as always,

    - Solo.

  31. riversaredamp

    Way cool. Thanks!

  32. Rodrigo Venancio

    At last! Thanks for this “extra”, Matt! I think it increases a lot our Blog visual valor!

    My Best!

  33. Dennis Pater

    It is super cool
    Thanks a lot.
    I hope the visitor like them as much as I do.

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  35. Aishah

    It looks great!

  36. Root Zero

    I don’t like this feature but I love the way you are working and improving wordpress day after day. Congratulations ;)

  37. Jope

    Cool! I was tinkering late last night and noticed… thanks for that! :)

  38. Chittaranjan

    Goodie! WTG WP!

    But I’m not sure if it was a good idea having it even in the comments section! Most comments come frm non-blogging users who just fill in Google or Yahoo as their Web address :P

  39. Íñigo Sodupe

    It’s an incredible Extra!!!

    Thanks a lot for such a great work!!!

  40. Chittaranjan

    Err….I just noticed that many preview windows sho “Queued for Capture. Please Check back shortly”. I Guess they don’t have the preview at the moment! Also some previews are way too old :evil:

    P.S: If I’ve a link to my own WP Blog in apost, the Snap preview doesn’ load!

  41. Amarjeet Singh Rai

    Thank you sooo much!


  42. MadMark

    Thank you very much!!! Another great step for WP!!!

  43. Harsha

    Great feature Matt! Keep up the good work. More premium services please.

  44. gioxx

    Thanks a lot, it’s a nice widget for our blog :-)

  45. Kurt

    Thank you ! Great (especially the part that you give users the option to use this feature or not)

  46. notsaussure

    Thank you. I think it’s a great addition.

  47. Helton

    Ow! great idea Matt, it’s very good, thanks.

  48. webmaster


  49. icedmocha

    This is cool. I have a question: Why are the preview shots so old? How often will the preview database be updated?

  50. Peter Berkenbosch

    Thanks Matt!

    Very cool indeed.

  51. refinedone


  52. rickbennett

    Thanks! :)

  53. torpy

    Nice, it’s finally here. Great work guys!

  54. aquitambien

    great, i love this feature and wanted to be free for everyone when i first saw in this site, even with my 56k dial up modem it works good for me.

  55. cap

    Cool & Thanks! :)
    But I had to update the Extras before I could see it though.

  56. kars


  57. Zeon

    Cool! Looks nice, thanks!

  58. mermaid632


  59. tobeme

    Interesting feature, not sure how much I like it. Seemed to slow down links the first few days, however working fine today.

  60. spiritualoasis

    Thanks, Matt!

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  62. Lisa

    Ive got it!!!
    Thank you! I love it!
    My readers will too!!

  63. that girl again

    Lovely, for the past few hours you have been inflicting these ridiculous popups on my readers without my knowledge or permission. Thank you so very much.

    I have yet to hear your reasons for making this frivolous little ‘feature’ opt-out rather than opt-in (certainly if somebody proposed it for you’d be the first to yell ‘plugin material’), and until I do I will have to assume that you’re getting some sort of kickback from Snap for putting it on everyone’s blogs by default.

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  65. rumours

    WP Loved :)


  66. Kris

    Perfect! :D

  67. قسام


    Thanks a lot man! I LOVED this service! :-D

    Take care…

  68. BBlogger

    Yeah. This feature is really cool :)

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  70. drmike

    Thanks for providing a method for turning it off. :)

  71. tekosound

    Thanks man ….. that’s really cool

  72. Belinda

    thanks! definitely a thumbs up for this. absolutely perfect for my challenge blog.

  73. Jayleigh

    I noticed it this morning! ROCK ON!!!!

  74. Heroes Inked

    I love it for the http links, but it is REALLY annoying when you hover over a picture included with your blog entry. Is there or is a way planned to disable the picture hover component and keep the actual http links? Or am I missing something?

  75. Peter Klein

    Wonderful, thanks!

  76. Christian Burns

    Awesome! Any chance it could be enabled for RSS Feed widgets in the sidebar?

  77. Oracolo

    Yeah, i like it!

  78. pollyann

    I love it!!! Thanks much!

  79. ruhi

    Awesomeeee!! Yippie :) Thanks a TON

  80. Lucas

    WOW it works… And a cool search bar in that balloon too…! Snapperdesnap, I think I put more links on my blog… ;-)

  81. lnxwalt

    Cool! I had seen this before on a few other sites and found it very helpful. Great job!

  82. emoat

    Sweet deal!!

  83. Ed

    Hey, this is fun. Thanks!

  84. micha

    Nice. But: How can i disable it?

  85. micha

    Ah. I’ve found it – now. Themes- >Extras – Disable SNAP!

  86. Rahul Razdan

    Thanks for making it available to everyone. Though I know I will be switching off mine :) Too much of an annoyance — e.g. while I would just be scrolling up/down the page these things show up.

  87. Milla

    Wonderful, Matt, you’re the best of the best! Thanks a WHOLE LOT!!!!

  88. Stephen

    Thank you for making this optional.

  89. Jamie Clark

    Great. I noticed this earlier today, though I didn’t see the post by Matt. It’s really cool. Then again, I’m easily impressed. :P

  90. Marfa

    It’s nice, but there is a strange thing: it works properly when I’m working with Firefox, but it doesn’t wokr, when I’m using IE. Ho can I resolve that problem? :-/

  91. aishahdhorat

    A great feature. Please keep up the great work.

  92. Maz

    just saw the feature on my blog, its great! It fits in nicely with the theme of my blog. thanks.

  93. scrunchyy

    Thank You!! This is a fantastic addition to WordPress.

  94. paralleldivergence

    Excellent feature to help make our blogs stand out even more! Thanks Matt.

  95. bettehall

    Super! I think it’ll be a hit!

  96. Ben Hasic

    I’m loving this Snap Live. It works well for my comics blog, it shows a nice thumbnail of my comic which is pretty good. Thanks, you’ve made my blog nicer. =D

  97. fracas

    The Snap feature is working fine on the main part of fracas, but it isn’t working for comments or the blogroll.

    Since you’ve taunted me with the possibility that it can work in comments and the blogroll, now I want to know why it isn’t.

  98. Rizwan

    Thanks Guys .. A neat feature indeed !!!

  99. Brent


  100. Elsie

    seriously….the coolest thing ever :) How cute are the little squares that show up? love the mini site look! thank you matt for letting all of us benefit from the coolness.


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