New Theme: Sunburn

We’ve got a new theme for you now, a dark orange and black theme that only has sidebar/widgets on the home page. There have been a fair amount of requests for more darker themes like this and Chaotic Soul, so we’ll continue to keep an eye out for some. Of course if you have any suggestions for dark themes, please leave a note in the comments.

Here is a preview of the theme:

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  • Jan 14, 2007 @ 11:37 pm
  • Themes


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  1. peoplesgeography

    Nice combo of dark/ bright autumnal colors there, and great idea to have the sidebar and widgets only on home page option

  2. Nicola

    Very Nice

  3. grinder

    Nice dark theme.. Need more like these \m/

  4. Anita Marie

    My Tales of the Macabre blog really looks Macabre! Thank You thank you thank you…and having the writing in white is great , you guys rule

    Anita Marie

  5. Wengistein

    This is a nice one. I like it because it’s a dark theme and you can easily read the words because the text is much whiter and bigger than in other themes. I am not too fond of the top bar, but I guess that’s what gives it its name.

  6. bullish1974

    very interesting.
    might try it.

  7. Bill

    Very nice theme great for a photoblog, but the title line is too big and covers the second tagline. Like this:

    At least it does on my Mozilla browser.

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  9. Mildew

    It’s a very nice theme indeed! It’s a nice, clean look. Keep those dark coloured themes coming…

  10. David

    I like it a lot. Nice addition.

  11. gpessia

    wow! very nice.

  12. range

    I like this theme. If there is a version with a custom image header and lighter colors, that would be nice too.

  13. charlottestjulien

    the chaotic soul one is almost perfect, the colors are awesome and very simple…i just need the column to be a bit wider, so my pictures will fit, if i shrink the pictures i feel like it takes a way some of the pleasure of viewing them (for my friends anyways). the one i have now has a cheesy “new post’ spot and thats really all i don’t like about that one. thank you.

  14. Shae

    I love orange :)

  15. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    good contrast. Only problem…my quotes dun show up well, unless they are in different colours or fonts. can they get boxed up or something?

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  17. Jeff Ventura

    Very cool Matt. I do like “a certain designer’s” current website, which is seen here, if you’re so inclined. It’s a great dark theme and has a pretty modern layout as well.

    Of course, I love something as simple as Daring Fireball, whose typography and cleanliness make it special. It’s a dark version of a minimalist theme.

    Then again, I’m the guy who’s always asking for VeryPlainText and Barthelme from, so what do I know about dark themes? ;)

  18. engtech

    I’m showing it off at

  19. Jeff Ventura

    Matt — another thing: Chewy is another theme by Jim Whimpey (the author of Sunburn) that is quite nice. Classic, clean…just nice. Give that a look too.

  20. insomnity

    I’m so using this right now. thanks.:)
    and yeah, chaoticsoul is one of the best.

  21. adam

    nice :)

    for a dark theme, i’d recommend vistered little.

  22. TheAdmin

    Ooh… Nice. Yes – some “darker” themes would be nice.
    Personally, I’d like a darker theme (mostly black/dark grey) with dark blue highlights. Or something like that.

    Keep up the AWESOME work!!! :-D

  23. trish

    ooh like iiit. the theme feels like summer and fall together :)
    can we possibly have an option to change the title’s font size? :D thanks

  24. Greta Claire

    its kinda depressing and i dont like it.

  25. forchilli

    I LOVE IT!!! Im instantly going to use this theme!!!

  26. dresramblings

    I really do like the sidebar being on the front page only. Treats it more like a website, especially helpful as more people are starting to use their blogs as sites.

  27. Rizwan

    Nice touch .. neeed more templatessss !!

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  29. vjp

    This theme is OK, but Chaotic Soul is just beautiful.

  30. mannar

    Cool Really good one….but i think a bit of more tweaking will do….doesnt seem solid,anyways good going…

  31. Frank

    It’s a good one!I like it!

  32. Chittaranjan

    Wowie! Another Dark theme!!! Tx

  33. micha

    Oh. Thats nice :-) Great!

  34. aMmAr

    i cant agree more to the above comment. Darker themes are more than welcome here. But we need more space in the columns for the pictures. A black and white combination will do the trick for the upcoming themes.

  35. sheida

    release the freshy theme
    i like that a lot

  36. misslionheart

    Tried it and went back to Cutline.

  37. blayde

    Nice theme, might try it out, thanks for it

  38. MadMark

    Wow… a very impressive theme!!

  39. nobody


  40. sungame

    The idea of using sidebar widgets only on the home page is excellent! Give me a theme which combines this with a custom header, and I’ll switch immediately!

  41. technofreakatchennai

    Whoa! After a long wait, a damn cool theme. It gave my blog a rejuvenating look. Hats off to Matt, looking for more cooler stuff like this :)

  42. yuE

    great color!
    but a white backdrop stills makes this site slightly more easy on the eyes!

  43. akaiyubi

    cool. i like it.

  44. Wengistein

    “Very nice theme great for a photoblog, but the title line is too big and covers the second tagline. Like this:

    At least it does on my Mozilla browser.”

    Bill, yeah, it’s happening on Flock and Opera.

  45. Michael Sync

    Why no style for PRE tag?

  46. sulz

    i bloody love it! too bad it’s about 3 months too late, or it’d be perfect for halloween. ;)

  47. rantran

    its kinda cool but i think im gonna stick with the regulus

  48. Aristocrat

    Thank you! I was one of those who requested for a darker theme! More darker themes pleaaassse!!!

  49. carocat

    Nice that it only has the sidebar on the homepage. I wish other themes woud incorporate that as well.

  50. Owen

    Does this qualify as a “dark” theme?

    In any case, I submitted info about it with the Feedback button some time ago as per instruction in the forums for theme suggestions, but didn’t get any reply from the staff. Thought the theme looks pretty good, what with the given customization options and font size/type that hits the sweet spot. Would be great to see that being introduced.

  51. Klisiu

    Yeah! At least Sunburn theme at ! :D I was waiting for it! Thx Mat

  52. Johh

    Looks nice! Will have to try it out!

  53. pakosuperstar

    like it

  54. marcomkc

    Sounds good!
    ] marcomkc [

  55. logantux

    Nice joob :D

  56. compartmentalized

    It’s gorgeous. You guys have been doing a great job rolling out these new themes on a regular basis. Thanks :-)

  57. Simon

    Hi, I’m liking a lot of WP’s new themes, although I’d like to see more options in the three column range. Maybe a three column theme with a image header would be nice? Still I’m well happy with ‘Garland’ for my main blog at the mo. Cheers

  58. fracas

    While I’m not usually a fan of dark backgrounds, I still want to thank the WordPress team for always trying to find and provide what the various bloggers here want.

    It’s that very philosophy that makes so many of us take the time to post a thank you even if the newest item isn’t something we want to jump in and use.

    So… thanks!

  59. Solo


    I remain undecided…

    I use Chaotic Soul on but have just installed Sunburn on

    Oh, decisions, decisions! *stuck*

    Still, I’d second the general consensus that dark themes are superb!

    Appreciate the effort, thank you :-)

    - Solo xx

  60. dana

    nice one. i really miss the black color on the background of the themes. i wish they were a bit more customizable (besides the header image, we could choose the link colors or the font size). someone could create a theme with black and red or black and pink, kinda minimalists. it would be nice too. ^^ cheers!

  61. duniaherbahpa

    Just asking, what theme is suitable for bussines blog?

  62. thenaturalist

    I like the idea of sidebar/widgets only on the home page. I would like to put in a request for more that offer that option.

  63. hazel8500

    I really like this one, sunburn. I like it so much, I’ve switched (for the time being) from my favorite Green Girl Journal Theme.

    Thanks Matt!

  64. mediaskank24

    Nice. I think the dark tones add a bit of professionalism, but I think the orange side text is a bit too contrasting and might be hard on the eyes after a while.

  65. Keith

    I like the new theme, “Sunburn” – it provides another theme to choose from, and the more the merrier. I do have to side with Dana in that if we were given more customizing options it would make the great stuff available even greater. For example, my wife, Kritter Girl, liked using the purple color them for highlighted lettering and side colors, but would have liked to have had the option of choosing a customized header.
    Word Press is great because of its diversity and always eager to add or improve.
    Great job, Matt. Thanks. This theme would be perfect for around Halloween time, or like some say fitting perfectly with the macabre material of a blog. Also, think the home page only concept is a good idea with less clutter, et cetera, and as said in a comment above, more like a web page.

  66. Orin

    I like this one, though it says “summer” to me, not fall. Might switch to this one as summer approaches…

  67. evey

    It’s great theme, I like the accent color orange

  68. Rob Edward

    Nice! Here’s a few other REALLy nice dark(er) themes to consider for porting to
    This one’s a really nice design, great typography, and killer implementation
    Another nice looker
    This one comes in a few different column configs. the nicest thing is, it is a fluid-width style.

  69. bettehall

    Very Nice

  70. dieselboy

    sunburn r0x ;)

  71. Sue

    It’s certainly attractive but I can’t read blogs that have black backgrounds. Too much eye strain for me.

  72. dimaks

    Nice theme but the images were not auto-spaced with texts.

  73. cheon

    Nice , I love black & orange :P

  74. elank

    Its COOL !!! Double Dark Freeze !!!

  75. mooseluver8

    niiiice!! Love it! Just a suggestion, but we need a theme with a layout like Regulus but with different and more color and theme ooptions…like animals, colors (text, backround, headers etc.) and other stuff….great job, though!! I like the dark backround with the bright yellow shafts right above the title…very nice!

  76. youthpeacenetwork

    the color palette used is superb. nice work there! i like darker themes too. i think it has something to do with black’s universal appeal.

  77. Justin V

    Perfect for Pictures and such.. Nice touch

  78. amiripz

    A fantastic theme: one of the best actually.

    I am already using it in my movies blog at:
    Nice work, as always guys :)

  79. plubius

    Wow. Great theme!

  80. Sandy K

    Very Good Theme indeed!

    Just a custom header image would do wonders !

  81. Bruno

    Yeah, reel cool :)

  82. todaii

    Nice theme, but please why not adding the theme “Vistered Little” in my opinion it’s one of the best themes on WordPress. Pleasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

    Why not to ask people for the themes they want ???
    I’m sorry for my poor english.

  83. mickeycsits

    nice out…
    must try

  84. h0pper

    nice, customizable banner would be nice ;D

  85. stuartdelony

    Matt you are a god amongst men!

  86. strategicalliance


  87. Sam

    Great theme Matt!! I love the orange/black combo – I’ve switched!!!

  88. Rangga

    wooow.. that’s hot. would like to see more in the future

  89. redhotchilli77

    nice theme ;-)

  90. Brad


  91. Bill

    If you tried to do something to “fix” the theme, on Mozilla it got worse. :-) Now the tag line is as big as the blog title and it looks worse. Try again? :-)

  92. kk

    Sorry, not for me. I would like to see more of three column themes where both of the side bars are on the right side instead of content being in the center. I also prefer a lot of white space to make the site look more professional.

  93. kikipotamus

    I reeeeeally wish there were more themes with bigger font. We folks over 40 like to blog too, you know. K

  94. Nita

    Very pretty – but what I prefer are three column themes which I think are more functional. The choice right now is very restricted.

  95. tobeme

    I really like this one!

  96. TheAdmin

    I’d like some more “dark themes” as well as some “dark blue” themes.

    But take a look at Into the Light for another “dark theme.”

  97. skweekah


  98. kissefjant

    I want a pink theme….there are only dark colors..

  99. monomaniac

    I don’t like so much black there.

  100. austria

    pretty cool


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