Whatcha Clickin’?

We’ve been tracking a bit of extra information on your blogs for the past few weeks and now we’re ready to show it to you: clicks. Whenever somebody clicks a link on your blog it should be counted. You can see the results on your Blog Stats page.

I really hate to write such a short news post but it’s just that simple. :-)


Update: Blog user clicks should now be excluded and there is now a Top Clicks widget.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. unintendedpurpose

    Oh cool I ve just seen that, I like that. At first I wondered but for me it seem to be a nice addition, maybe you could also see where people are routing along passing by my own side. that would considerably open new chances to modify and specify you content to meet the demands of the readers ;-)

    Nice work, many thx!!!

    Greetz MIC
    Unintended Purpose

  2. Sean Hallaren

    Just noticed this in my dashboard and came here to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating and it was there the whole time.

    Right on!

  3. TheShortFatKid

    Now that be the coolest news I have heard all day!

  4. Nicola

    Brilliant – thank you.

  5. blogfm

    Very cool! I just saw this and it’s a great addition: I can now see which files my readers are downloading most!

    WordPress – will you marry me?

  6. icedmocha

    I just noticed this. It’s wonderful. I’m a stats addict. Bring ‘em on.

  7. Solo

    Ah, ma heroes ;-)

    Thanks chaps – as always.
    A new toy!
    Should occupy a few (namely me :-) )

    clickety-clack and Solo pootles off down the long winding internet track.

    - Solo xx

  8. cmerry

    Thank you SO much this is wonderful!

  9. dianoia

    Growing everyday. That´s nice, thanks.

  10. EclecticGeek

    This is great information to know. Now I can see which reference links and related posts my visitors utilize most. Thanks for another outstanding addition! :)

  11. Shirley

    Andy, I love this new feature. It’s great to see which links my visitors click! Thank you.

  12. inksmudge


  13. adam

    very nice. now i can see when people at least view my CSS ;)

  14. Elsie

    Oh my, oh my, now something else that i’m compulsively going to obsess over! For a yogeek like me, i absolutely love it ;)

  15. dizzydream

    Is this an Easter egg or a Crazy egg? :-)

  16. TheAdmin

    THAT’S AWESOME. It’ll be nice to know what people are checking out because of my site.

  17. mysimsreality

    This is useful! Thanks for adding it. :)

  18. Mitch McDad

    Just noticed it a few minutes ago. Nice add.

  19. Alex

    That is so cool! I just noticed it and did a double take ’cause I definitely didn’t see this earlier today! Nice feature!!!

  20. Keith Olbermann Is Evil


  21. Jonathan Tardif

    I just noticed this a moment ago and couldn’t figure out what was different about my stats page. It’s a good idea, it’s useful in figuring out what people find interesting in my blog and what they don’t.


  22. frenchninja

    This is a terrific feature, simple or not. Thanks!

  23. Mitch McDad

    Does it register clicks I do on my own blog? It seems like it is doing that.

  24. Pierre

    Pretty awesome to see how many people follow up when I write a post, or the effectiveness of a blogroll. Thanks!

  25. Phil

    We’ll soon know which are “hot links” and which aren’t, won’t we? :-D


  26. Chelsea

    Thats awesome, thanks!

  27. miguelacho13

    It’s good, I like that, it’d be good if we could now the country of our visitors!

  28. Sr. Silva

    Very nice. Now I can see how many people are following my reccomendations.

  29. homesweethome

    I love it. I always wondered if anyone ever clicked on the links. Now I can tell.

  30. La spectatrice

    Thanks. This feature is just great! :D

  31. Wendy

    Thanks Andy
    (and all at WordPress who never sleep)
    A very interesting and useful addition to all the great features already available!

  32. Harsha

    Great! That’s useful information.

  33. vinodvv

    I have looking forward for this for a long time, thanks team

  34. Thrills Killa

    Thank You! I love it!

  35. Scott

    Just caught this on my RSS feed and had to check it out. Nice addition to the stats page!

    Way to go WP.com crew!

  36. Mitch McDad

    OK. It definetly registers link we click on our own blog. Anyway to exclude those???

  37. Ian Lumb

    Great addition to the stats capabilities. Thank you! -Ian

  38. IR

    Very useful. As others have mentioned it helps one get an idea of how readers are following up on what the writer is offering them.

  39. ish

    That’s a nice idea.Definately helps one to improve.

  40. littlewhiteearbuds

    I really appreciate the extra info, y’all, Keep up the great work!

  41. Nobodyknows

    Nice addition! Very useful information.

  42. Brad

    Interesting… I was always wondering why so few people see my blog. So that is the exact reason why.

  43. carocat

    I’ve always wanted to know this. Thanks, guys. Great new addition. :)

  44. Rizwan

    thats cool .. it will remarkably improve our stats..

  45. Susan

    COOL!! I love it! Thank you so much for making WordPress better and better all the time.

  46. spiritualoasis

    This is great! Thanks!! -bill

  47. bomberchia

    I love the new features because it really helps as my blog is a content site! Thanks WordPress!

  48. meisok

    Acabo de verlo y …me gusta!
    I finish seeing it and…i like!

  49. dresramblings

    It helps figure out exactly what interests people the most when they read the blog. A great and useful tool.

  50. Zeezat

    Wow.. nice..

    Keep growing

    Best smile,

  51. kyran


  52. Thamrin

    Its really usefull for me, thanks mate..!

  53. Two Witches

    Love it love it love it

    It’s so satisfying to see what links people are actually clicking on … helps to know what’s working and what’s not.

    and thanks for all your hard work

    Mama Kelly

  54. thepearlady

    Another very cool feature…thanks once again, WordPress team! :)

  55. Clark

    It’s great. I’m a kind of statistic’s fun. Thanks.

  56. जगदीश भाटिया

    Very nice!

  57. Kurt

    This is great. Will be a motivating factor…

  58. zaletabakman

    Hi There,

    I love it!

    I wouldn’t have even thought of it. Buts its great.

    By the way – Did I mention I think you should offer e-mails as a chargable upgrade?


  59. engtech

    That’s really awesome.

    Any chance we could get a sidebar widget like top posts with “top outgoing clicks”?

  60. article19

    Clicks coming just after Snap, boy WP just keeps getting better!! Thanx alot to the folks at WP! ;-)

  61. Joey

    Thanks for the addition. . . . its already very interesting to see the ‘hot links’ on my Blog.

  62. NAyK

    No way! you guys really make staying at wordpress worthwhile. His is an example of another amazing ‘extra’ that has now becomes a necessity. How could we have done without it! Thank you again. :)

  63. nickihem

    Yay, now I can tell if someone’s lying when they said they checked out such-and-such. Sweet!

  64. JV

    Thanks :)

  65. labsji

    Where thy came from,
    And where did you go..
    Did may lame muse
    Sandwitch in thy flow?

  66. carina

    Great idea! I find it really useful.

  67. gspence1173

    great–thanks a lot!

  68. trish

    This is great! thanks!
    some of the links posted on the list aren’t directly posted on my site though :p
    but thanks anyway!!! iloveit!

  69. Lula

    I just love it!

  70. vjp

    Does it register clicks I do on my own blog? It seems like it is doing that.

    I came over here to report the same thing. No way anyone else is clicking on my admin link.

  71. evey

    Great idea. Keep up the good work.

  72. sassy dessy

    thanks for this!

  73. celestialshores

    I saw that today and thought it was really cool! Thanks!

  74. ageekgirl

    Thanks! Should be cool to see.

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  76. chinaview

    Good job!

  77. Chittaranjan

    Cool Feature. Tx to every1 at WP.

    P.S: On some blogs I’ve noticed that hovering on a link opens up pop-up saying something on the lines of ’5 Clicks today’ etc etc. Any chance that can be implemented?

  78. LaShawn

    My first time commenting, but I really like all these extras you’ve been adding! keep it up!

  79. suzq

    Useful addition, thank you!

  80. Harshad Joshi

    Thanks. Its a useful feature.

  81. hillary

    just caught that – like it lots.. keep it up and moving out to the world.

  82. insomnity

    as always, you guys are great. keep it up.

  83. Judy O'Connell

    Actually, this is fantastic. I really need this information to help me target my writing to be effective for my readers. Well done guys! Very cool!

  84. ninglun

    I thought this was so good I have posted about it!

  85. Nicole

    I just noticed this and love it! Had to stop by and say thanks :-)

  86. intlxpatr

    I love it. And I love it the most that you don’t make promises, you deliver even before any promise is made. I love the click counting feature.

  87. Pranni

    Saw this today. Wow. nice!

  88. gallerywalls

    Great feature, thanks.

  89. Sha

    Seriously? Wow…okay off to check that out

  90. Nita

    I have been wondering from the start of my blog if people click on anything on my blog and if they do what they actually click. I never thought of asking you guys to add this as a service as I thought it would be asking for too much. And here it is – without asking for it! Can’t get over it.

  91. bullish1974

    you just never run out of ideas guys.
    very nice.
    oh, and thank you! :)

  92. nappyme

    Lately I’ve been wishing I knew if I were wasting my time providing folks with resources on other sites. And today, low and behold out of nowhere we have click stats! YES!

  93. fleas7

    Yep…….like this, thanks very very much, great stuff.

  94. Karen


  95. rollmops

    w0w, thats a really great enhancement, thanks for that!

  96. Χρήστος Μόρφος

    Thank you! This is a really excellent feature!

  97. Chittaranjan

    Hmm…Now I have to include links in all of the posts to get people busy on their mouse buttons :P

    An addition to my previous comment: Can there be a feature where, the Post Title from where the link actually was clicked upon is mentioned? (As a heads-up, on the calendar if we hover on any date, we see the posts made on that date. Similarly if we hover on the links that were clicked, can the post name be made to display?)

    Idle curiosity :mrgreen:

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  99. satur9

    Nice, thanks :-)

  100. katm

    OMG! This is awesome. I’ve only been blogging with WP for about a month now, but it’s by far the best of the sites I tried out.

    Thanks for the stats :)


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