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A much requested feature has been the ability to host and play multimedia content on and I’m happy to say that with the space upgrade, you can now upload and play mp3 files. You can also upload ogg, wav, m4a, mov, wmv, avi, and mpg files too. We haven’t got a movie player working just yet and simply embedding a large movie file would be unfair to people with slower connections but we’re working on one.

There is a file size limit of 25MB on uploaded files. I hope that will satisfy most needs but if you need to upload larger files, please send us feedback.

Even if you haven’t got the space upgrade, everyone can use the new audio tag to play mp3 files from anywhere on the Internet. Copy the following into a blog post to see it in action:


which will produce the following player:

The recording is 5 minutes from Tom Raftery’s interview with Matt and myself. Check out his Podleaders site for the full interview!

The mp3 player comes from the great Audio Player WordPress plugin which in turn started out as the emff player.

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  1. Jamie Clark

    Excellent! I look forward to using this feature, great work guys!

  2. zaid

    Awesome! Now there’s a reason to upgrade for extra space.

  3. Lula

    Hey!! it is great!! :-D

    Thank you very much!

  4. dresramblings

    This will be really helpful for that project I’ve been working on (yes Matt I will be talking to you about it soon). Audio content will be great additions, especially for those that plan on trying their hand at podcasting.

  5. Mary Parks

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for this functionality, guys!!!

  6. engtech

    If anyone is interested in buying the space upgrade, I’m hosting a contest on my blog where the prize is upgrade credits.

    More information here:

  7. aishahdhorat

    This is so cool. Thanks wordpress.

  8. cema

    Awsome. This really gives a lot of freedom to Audio producers, and the layout pwns.

  9. Sonja

    Great! Thanks so much ;-)

  10. TheAdmin

    AWESOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the awesome work y’all!!!

  11. Lucas

    WOW! That’s really cool…! Nice interview too… ;-)

  12. Rui Rocha

    Great news! But what about the same player but for a text widget?

  13. zaletabakman

    Very cool.

    This I think would work very well with e-mails.

    They go together – email addresses and audio.

    The connection is obvious to me.


  14. meisok

    Esta guapo!
    It’s good!

  15. dimaks

    this is surely a great addition to wp capability, thanks guys!

  16. Jen

    That’s awesome! :)

  17. vanyboy11


  18. fracas

    Ok.. awesome. Thanks again. Gumbo but I’m glad I chose here to register for a blog.

  19. vjp

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this! I have a separate space for hosting my audio files but having the player really makes for a nice feature :)

  20. Miguel

    Great news!!!

  21. green

    !! So and very awesome !!

  22. lotaenterprises

    sweet! nice feature

  23. yunahalo

    Awesome! Thanks!

  24. ravithesun

    thats really cool….
    thanks :)

  25. deambulando

    cooooooool!!! thanks!

  26. Lensflare

    Awesome! Keep the updates coming!

  27. notfainthearted

    Hooray! I KNEW it was a good idea to switch over to wordpress this year!

  28. NAyK

    “Space upgrade” meaning we have more space? Or is it just your servers. Hmm, probably just your servers. Anyway… this too looks like fun.

  29. Allu Fun Marx

    Thanks for the new gift… :-)

  30. gioxx

    Nice News and Nice Improvement!!! Very Good! Thanks a lot! :-D

  31. ncurse

    Great feature! You’ve recently come up with amazing ideas!

  32. Zaroh

    SUGOI!! awesome addition! keep it up, guys!

  33. ashan

    yay! yay! yay!

  34. sassy dessy


    So great job! this is just what I need, what I was just thinking off last night.

    thanks much!

  35. Zaroh

    oh…i forgot to ask: is it possible to add an mp3 player as a sidebar widget?? thanks.

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  37. cap

    That’s the best offer you could give to us who upgraded from Blogger.
    I’ve been missing my songs. Thanks a lot.

  38. Lazo Von Vukovaren

    does this means I could post my own mp3? And if yes, how?
    Sorry I am not too good at this yet.


  39. Logitha

    That’s excellent!

    You guys are incredibly dedicated to your WordPress members!

    Thank you very much, once again.

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  41. Vivek Kumar

    Fantastic! Great work guys. Thanks a lot!

  42. Greg

    Great work, I appreciate all your effort.

  43. Judy O'Connell

    I really appreciate this upgrade! This will make my blogging even better. Looking forward to 2007 as you keep rolling out these improvements. Fantastic work guys!

  44. Simão Freitas


  45. tekosound

    thank you so much …. this feature is really cool !!!!!!!!!

  46. Chris Hoskin

    Another key feature added, again. You guys are too good.

  47. K

    Excellent Feature, the best so far (at least for me). Thanks so very much been waiting for this.

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  49. Timothy D

    It just keeps getting better… thanks for continuing to make me feel SO much cooler than those Other “Bloggers.”

  50. Muzzy

    thanx guys

  51. rollmops

    The Audioplayer is a great extension, also the new ability to embed DailyMotion-Videos – thanks for that!!

  52. deambulando

    i put in my blog some special thing that you can do with this and

    look here:

  53. bordo

    ok, that’s hot! :D
    thank you.

  54. tobeme

    Thank-you for this enhancement!

  55. Brent

    I’ve been waiting to see something like this for a long time. How cool!

  56. Luthfi


  57. Mark

    That’s so good. The mp3 feature is fantastic too. I will certainly be making use of this feature when I can. You guys do a great job. Thanks!

  58. Mitch McDad

    Very cool

  59. Yaser

    Awesome! Thanks alot guys!

  60. spywriter

    I’m getting ready to podcast…

  61. Arthur Dent

    looks perfect – however, does anyone know any way to upload mp3’s/m4a’s, besides uploading it in a site where you have to download it?

  62. egdp

    That’s real umconditional love to us bloggers.
    Tanks thankas thanks

  63. Takumi

    As someone who’s really not tech savvy, can you please provide step by step procedure? I have all the files uploaded on another website. So, how do I link them to WordPress audio player?

  64. masterclasslady

    This is great. Now, how do we access it and how high is the upgrade fee? I am interested, just a little confused about the process.

    Thank you.

  65. raincoaster

    I’m going to try this right now.

  66. pakosuperstar

    I cannot use .mid
    what happened

  67. guvida

    Very good feature!!! Thank You!!

  68. 1ofHis

    MP3!!Whee!! Very cool. Thanks!

  69. zappi

    Works so far, and it makes my 24-7 Spyz post much more elegant. :)

    Great Job. :D

  70. Jenn

    this is amazing! I’ve been looking for something like this and – hey! – here it is!


  71. materialmama

    TOTALLY cool, thanks so much! I have a podcast and I love wordpress and finally they can get together! I tried your code and it works perfectly.

  72. opinionated indian

    Awesome guys…keep working and bringing this features and on my end I will try and make sure I get all my friends to switch to WP from blogger.. :)

    Just one more request – can we please have the ability to alter the css….by just copy/paste from 3rd parties. You guys can provide the list of approved websites like you do with hosting services.

  73. bigstarlet


  74. gspence1173

    once again, you come through for us! cheers!

  75. JV

    love you guys!!

  76. chuckster

    Linking to a file hosted elsewhere (such as gives me this error – “Error opening file”. It doesn’t play the file. Howcome?

  77. Le Nhat Anh

    Great, thank you

  78. chuckster

    Uploading an audio file (mp3) to WordPress gives me this message: “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.”

  79. masterclasslady

    Thank you so much. It’s working and I love it! Great job WordPress people!

  80. nina

    You guys are so generous and brilliant – thanks!! :)

  81. swftoys

    Thank you for always coming up with upgrades for all WP users! You guys are great and using WP is such a fantastic experience!

  82. namxman

    That great :d

  83. Brian

    This is great, but… where do we upload the files? I tried to upload a song thru the New Post page, but it didn’t work. Any ideas???

  84. Harshad Joshi

    Incredible. Thanks a Ton..

  85. Rizwan

    What about Real player files ??? is it possible to embed them yet ??

  86. Trent

    I appreciate everything you are doing ;)

  87. kudou

    ^^ i was hoping this specific plugin would come about here. i always loved the sliding part of it. :D now its almost impossible to leave wordpress…(or not come here, for that matter). :D

    I’s say keep the files small for now actually…to discourage other activities. lol.

    looking forward to how the movie player will look. :)

  88. Alex Ezell

    You could use the Anarchy Media Player (already a WordPress plugin). It simply translates any link to a media file into a Flash player for that file. The nice thing is that the regular HTML link will be what shows up in the RSS feed.

    Anarchy Media Player:

  89. Marcus Cheney

    Rad information

    much appreciated.

    check it!

  90. somewhereinblog


  91. doctashock

    You guys outdid yourselves with this one… it’s gonna get a lot of use over on my blog. I can’t wait to update tomorrow.

  92. Chittaranjan

    Tx. Wonderful Feature that! A bit bandwidth-hogging but albeit very useful.

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  94. blayde

    Music, videos, wow, what’s next…

  95. Andrew

    Uhmmm…okay. So the ability to upload said file extensions are only available to members who paid for the space upgrade yea?

  96. nobody

    god ;)

  97. little healer


    thank you
    terima kasih
    xie xie
    muchos gracias

  98. oldgreypoet

    A great update — thanks! I’ll keep the bandwidth/download timing in mind, and am waiting patiently for the video player. This just keeps getting better!

  99. AnhBin

    I love this very very much!

  100. Djubba

    Excellent addition, and timely as well. I’ve been experimenting with the (free) site for my WordPress/audio (podcast/streaming) options regarding my Poetry blog… I think WordPress have kept me here! Well done…


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