4 New Ways to Embed Video

We’ve noticed that video embedding is mighty popular among WordPress.com bloggers. For example, there are over 3,000 YouTube videos embedded into new blog posts around here every day!

To add to the fun, we’ve added support for 4 additional video players:

DailyMotion: There was a petition for us to add DailyMotion support, so we got right on it. Embedding instructions are here, you can also post to your WordPress.com blog directly from the DailyMotion player by using their “blog this video” feature.

SplashCast: Splashcast is a brand new player that lets you combine video, music, photos and text. Embedding instructions are here, posting from their site directly to your blog is coming soon.

LiveVideo: LiveVideo is a rapidly growing video sharing site and we now support embedding of their player, as well as posting to your wp.com blog from their player.

PodTech: Last but not least, PodTech offers videos and podcasts on all kinds of tech topics. Embedding instructions are here.

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Toni Schneider


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  1. Ryan

    Awesome work, guys!

  2. Nicole

    Excellent – I can’t wait to upload some knitting technique videos! Thanks – you guys are awesome!

  3. Brent

    Awesome stuff man.

  4. talullah


  5. Boeun

    Good news for me.

  6. Kayakman

    WOW! This is a great feature.

    We can now embed Flickr slideshows via SplachCast.

    Thanks WordPress!

  7. Brent

    Cool. More fun stuff for us to play with. Thanks Toni!

  8. Dickson C.

    Ah! More support for other video sites!
    Now our choices ain’t limited to YouTube!

  9. disembedded

    Hi Toni,

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!! The best keeps getting even better!

    Best wishes to you and all the rest of thw WP.com staff.

  10. dimwittedmusings

    Myspace is becoming an increasinly new medium for uploading it seems. Wanted to post a few superbowl commercials that were on there, but no such luck on here. Just a suggestion? :)

  11. Mr L0ng3ta

    Good job!! Thankz.

  12. Jeffrey

    You guys are awesome! Thanks.

  13. Jim Norman

    How about allowing all embedding options so we can add more of the content on our blogs that we would like to? Jim

  14. engtech

    Cool, hope you guys add the ability to support different sizes of splashcasts soon.

    This is my first splashcast:

  15. saltlight

    Nice….. (i think)

  16. NW

    Fantastic!! Thank you WP. :)

  17. rhyssmith


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  19. chuckster

    Cool! Mucho thanks! WordPress is getting better and better! More power guys!

  20. allansiew

    DailyMotion is a cool site.

    P.s. I watch Prisonbreak there…

  21. materialmama

    Thank you! I’ve been adding them and my listeners really enjoy them.


  22. Hariadi

    great! this is another way to embed video. thanks Toni!

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  24. Rizwan

    Indeed, DailyMotion is getting very popular .. Good move !!!!

  25. webby

    Wow thanx for the efforts. WordPress really rocks. If you are a blogger, you can’t miss being on wp. With more options of support for 4 new videos, we will be embedding more vidoes.

  26. Khalil A.

    Awesomely cool. Whether this expression exists or not.

  27. Michael Sync

    great!!! i wanna post Yahoo Video also. Thanks..

  28. bizwriter

    Very nice development. Thank you.

  29. MadMark

    A very good news!

    Blogs on WP.COM are becoming the most interesting and rich on the internet!

  30. Toby Getsch

    Nice. Thanks!

  31. deambulando

    uoooo very nice!! thanks guys!

  32. E@zyVG

    Excellent feature, as always.

  33. Nita

    How do you guys manage to do all this? I am not a great video embedding fan but this sounds impressive. Its like every month one wonders: what is the next surprise? Ofcourse so far the best surprise I got is the one about the clicks.

  34. Robin Wauters

    Don’t forget Twango and vpod.tv ! :)

  35. nobody

    very very very
    ways !!! ;)

  36. Taufiq

    Cool!! Now we have more reasons to post videos!

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  38. Ralph

    Would be great if you added Sevenload to the list. Sevenload is a German video and photohosting platform.

  39. yellowduck

    Which is great, but any idea what the legal situation is re those videos?

  40. Sarah

    :D Great!!! I will perform my suscriptions on those four new too…!!!

  41. jean

    but i cannot even embed the youtube too
    how can i get about doing the above

  42. Kris Hoet

    Any plans on integrating Soapbox?

  43. Nobodyknows


  44. TheShortFatKid

    Things just keep gettin’ better here. You guys should go to Mexcio more often :) Thanks for the great service!

  45. Alexandre Mello

    Great, guys. Not a surprising, but a good stuff.

  46. Bruno Ribeiro

    The more, the merrier! :) Is there any chance that you might support embed videos from Sapo Video, a portuguese video service (http://videos.sapo.pt)?

    Either way, keep up the good work on providing the best blog supporting plataform on the Web.!

  47. Harshad Joshi

    Thanks a ton.. :)

  48. grinder

    Cool… Thanks. \m/

  49. Julia

    Even though I’ve only heard of one of those, I’m glad there’s a way to use them on my blog if the need arises!

    Thanks, folks.

  50. JanieBelle

    Now that’s pretty awesome. I love embedding videos.

  51. Miss Cris

    I have not been able to successfully embed my YT videos. My blog is not personally hosted so if possible, could someone contact me and let me know what is up?

  52. sanityforsale

    you are amazing! All we need now is a few more themes. preferably 2 columns with a wider layout. why is it that they always get designed so thin? i dont geddit!

  53. blayde

    Wow, thanks, embedmania!

  54. Brian Purkiss

    Thanks so much y’all!!!

    Y’all are doing such an awesome job with WordPress, thank you!!!

  55. cylithria

    WOW!!!I have to check these out! Thanks guys!

  56. ditikos

    How about embedding the Grapheine Bombay TV (and rest of) films?

  57. hardrockhideout

    Very cool. I am looking forward to testing out the new options!

  58. qphayes

    This is great! Thanks! I would love to see Veoh added as well if you decide to add more!

  59. Richard


  60. Allan

    ’4 New Ways to Embed Video’, sounds just another sentence of interest as I read through. But one needs to appreciate the amount of effort and hard work that goes into the making-of-this-possibility. Its good to see, that from the time WORDPRESS has come around, it has always strived and tried to give a clear-cut view of blogging to many of its apprentices.

    Keep up the good work. My best wishes to you and your Team of dedicated personnel.


  61. rjlight

    Hey, thanks! More info. for my tech-deficient brain to try to process. :) Maybe you need to have a FAQFD (Frequently Asked Questions For Dummies) section. I think I read the FAQ just about everyday–only I have FAQ about the FAQ.

  62. kudou

    oooh, daily motion! yay! :D

    you guys rock, i knew it was only a matter of time. ^^

  63. unintendedpurpose

    Hi this might be a more local interest, but could You try how to embed video clips directly from http://sevenload.de (a german video clip portal, in a similar style as YouTube, but featuring also pictures) and *psst it is much more comfortable to use, has more cool features and is even miles better than the performance of YT :-)

    As announced this might concern just a little group of people but in germany it is a quite popular thing. Many of the german bloggers – I would assert – are using it (even if the most host their blog on personal webspace and use PlugIns for that reason and won´t need).

    It would make many things to me, more comfortable and easy-2-use…

    Anyway, also the state of art is very high level, first class and top supporting throughout the WordPress User Community!

    Thanks for that great job!

    MIC http://unintendedpurpose.wordpress.com

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  65. clubpenguin98

    Cool thanks!

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  67. Internet Monkey

    Great job, guys! Now on to the other 2000 services!

  68. icedmocha

    I haven’t heard of some of these – hooray, new things to try out!

  69. Nikki Rose Ty

    Thank you!

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  71. tobeme

    Love options! Keep em’ coming!

  72. Justin Losh

    This is awesome, thanks guys!!!

  73. jacky

    Thanks :)

  74. dpcough

    I also have a few more to reccommend: Soapbox from MSN is pretty good to and i need some help for my site and thexboxdomain with gametrailers embeddings.

  75. Yaser

    Interesting. I don’t post videos that often, but thanks for the support!

  76. mwatson32


  77. potatoboy


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  79. Leedeth

    Thanks for the DailyMotion support. I love how that site has a larger, better quality stream than YouTube, now I have more reasons to use it more. :D

  80. Kayakman

    SplashCast ROCKS.

    I now have it all over my site.

    Great for posting Flickr Slideshows and YouTube video as it makes a smaller video player.

  81. redaktion

    thanks, that’s great!

    but I use http://www.sevenload.com, it’s great!
    also a rapidly growing video and photo sharing site,
    could You also allow to insert videos from this site???

  82. Bruno

    Merci pour DailyMotion, c’est vraiment cool :-D

  83. judohobo

    great news… makes me want to put up some old bettie page stag films

  84. Tattum

    Thank you guyz, that was what we missed much on wp!!

  85. vinodvv

    :) thank you

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  87. Noscere

    I think the last comment I made was something about not being able to see how WP could get any better. Wrong again this time in a good way. Great work guys and galls, cant wait to play with my new toys.

  88. Kerri

    Can we get a version of Gametrailers player to work on wordpress?
    Theres a whole load of games blogs here that would love that support.

    All the best,

  89. the godfather

    cool dee la!!!!

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  91. sorenholmberg

    WOHO!! This is just what I needed.. Now I can publish my company videos.. This is sooo cool! Keep up the good work guys.

  92. Vivek

    Do I need to add to the long long list of thanks?? “Good show, WP, Keep the Customer Delight Quotient stratospherically high! You weaned my away from blogger in 15 seconds :)”

  93. emoat

    Awesome possum!!
    I will have to check out the sites added, thanks for the work WP.

    ps. I agree with Kerri, Gametrailers (gamevideos.com) would be a great addition as well.

  94. levi3man

    never heard of these sites except for dailymotion.

    where the hell is msnsoapbox support and xboxlive gamertag widget. u guys anti microsoft or something?

  95. levi3man

    oh and i support that kerri person, gametrailers.com videos would be a nice addition.

  96. billy37

    well, i’m going to still saying the smae thing why we can’t embed music from Goear http://www.goear.com it’s a great idea guys think about it

  97. Sha

    Wow…thanks guys. Another new way for us to express ourselves :D


  98. triomiseria

    thx guys!

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  100. KG

    That’s greate, thank you guy for always giving us more options.


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