4 New Ways to Embed Video

We’ve noticed that video embedding is mighty popular among WordPress.com bloggers. For example, there are over 3,000 YouTube videos embedded into new blog posts around here every day!

To add to the fun, we’ve added support for 4 additional video players:

DailyMotion: There was a petition for us to add DailyMotion support, so we got right on it. Embedding instructions are here, you can also post to your WordPress.com blog directly from the DailyMotion player by using their “blog this video” feature.

SplashCast: Splashcast is a brand new player that lets you combine video, music, photos and text. Embedding instructions are here, posting from their site directly to your blog is coming soon.

LiveVideo: LiveVideo is a rapidly growing video sharing site and we now support embedding of their player, as well as posting to your wp.com blog from their player.

PodTech: Last but not least, PodTech offers videos and podcasts on all kinds of tech topics. Embedding instructions are here.

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Toni Schneider


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  2. kuri

    Um, I don’t understand why this is supposed to be such great news. With Blogger, can’t you pretty much embed any video from any site? I’m just sayin’…

  3. forchilli

    awesome! love this new feature list!

  4. Digital Boy

    How about embedding iFilm clips?

  5. Vo_Thuong

    Oh, it is very wonderful, Bravo Bravo

  6. ahmad al - makassariy

    alhamdulillah, ada inovasi baru dalam penyebarluasan dakwah

  7. silkenhut

    Thanks! ^_^_ nice features

  8. Benvolio

    Excellent additions. Any plans to add Photobucket video?

  9. Jakop Dalunde

    Great. But please fix better flickr-support.

  10. ocanto

    As always, great news :)

  11. kevin bussey

    grovy! :)

  12. henlia


  13. jobinmartin

    This is great,
    as Blogger and similar blogs dont have these facilities

    great work

  14. mrcollector

    Great, thanks guys. That is really awesome.

  15. Surion E.

    Rarely using it, but it’s good it is :)

  16. 5h12

    Génial, merci les gars.

  17. Víctor

    Nice adds. I’m with billy37, goear would be cool. Cheers.

  18. monish

    Err..yes…wonderful. I shall have video on my blog henceforth. Yes. I promise.

  19. Rafaéu

    Great. But Vimeo? Any plans?

  20. spvn

    THANKS! :D this is gonna make posting so much easier..

  21. Netty

    Great! Thank you! :)

  22. chanux

    We are MP3 enabled & now Videos. How about social bookmarking links on WordPress?.

    WordPress Rox!

  23. Gizmy

    That’s awesome, I was hoping for a Dailymotion embedder^^

  24. Greencurry

    Thank you so mutch!

  25. chancevanek

    What about brightcove videos

  26. teddymonkey

    Hi cool stuff can’t wait to start putting up loads more cool vids TJ

  27. dowhatufear

    good one.. CHEERS!!

  28. thedanielrichard

    Love this add-on! Thanks!

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  32. javabeanwill

    I would love to see the option to embed video from the major news organizations such as MSNBC.

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