Vodpod Widget

I am very happy to announce a new widget that is available to all WordPress.com blogs: Vodpod.com‘s video sharing widget. Vodpod has tagging and voting and LOL’ing and everything else you’d expect from a Web 2.0 mashup and we’re just as pleased as parking meters to have this widget on WordPress.com!

VodPod Widget

Here’s how it works. Vodpod is a place to keep track of videos you upload or find on the internet. Video feeds are published as “pods” which can be assigned a URL like trailerpark.vodpod.com. This pod is an excellent feed composed of—no, not backyard trampoline fight clubs—new and old movie trailers.

So you found a nice pod and you’d like to settle down and make a widget. How to proceed? Just take the unique part of that URL (trailerpark) and paste it in your Vodpod widget here on WordPress.com and you get this cool thing in your sidebar, just like that. Clicking one of the pod’s videos opens a mini-player without leaving your blog. How about that, eh? Fancy!

Trailerpark is a nice pod but you probably want to make your own pod with videos of your own choosing. Cool. You can upload videos from your computer or add videos from most of the major video sites. This is so easy to do… it’s a little too easy.

Vodpod.com even provides a bookmarklet (a little program that lives in your browser’s bookmarks) so you can add videos to your pod as you browse popular sites. Once you give your pod a URL (hint: click “Edit your pod”), you can use it with your WordPress widget. Enjoy!

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Stephen

    Cool! Will be trying this out soon.

  2. webmacster87

    Cool, but I’ve noticed that the recent widget additions seem to be kind of niche. This one, the Sonific one, these are more about sharing media, but doesn’t seem to be of much use to me, personally. I’d like to see more widgets added for more general uses that a large number of people use.

  3. Inexistent Man

    Nice idea.

  4. hardrockhideout

    Looks like something I can use. I will be testing it soon.

  5. simonesu

    awesome! so that we can listen to songs and music that one just one click on

  6. engtech

    That’s pretty cool. Looks a bit nicer than Splashcast.

  7. Tylor

    This could be just what I needed. Thanks.

  8. Brent

    It’s cool, but the text looked funky on it. Is this customizable via CSS?

  9. TheHype

    My goodness this just blew my mind… can’t wait to try out uploading hoop vids! Thanks Andy

  10. Wengistein

    This is cool. You’ve got that music thingo going and now videos! :mrgreen:

  11. charleslemark

    wow.. the best thing that you’ve done here!

  12. rjlight


  13. Farghana

    sounds great am surely gonna try out on my blog!!

  14. Kayakman

    VodPod ROCKS!!!!!

    Super cool service.

    I have many pods there and can’t wait to bring them into my wordpress.

  15. Trent

    Can we have this to have multiple instances of the widget, or are we limited to only one player?

  16. hardrockhideout

    I loaded up 20 videos in less than an hour. One click access for all of my visitors, now that is cool!! :) Thank you WordPress!!

  17. stevenunc

    Interesting. Worth a shot.

  18. nobody

    very very coooooooooool
    tnx ! ;)

  19. oldgreypoet

    I like this. Thanks!

  20. reaganpugh

    Awesome! Thanks homies

  21. Nicole

    Neat idea!

  22. stevenunc

    Awesome. Got it up and running. Will make a great addition to my blog.

  23. Sha

    Oh wow guys!

    Thanks so much!

  24. Bulong Sa Hangin

    So now, the waiting starts on who will get the first 10, 100, 1000 VodPod widgets.

    I dont have it yet! but will patiently wait.

  25. Michael Sync

    Thanks … Yahoo Video plz… :)

  26. Rizwan

    hmm, dunno what to say !!!

  27. Maltesh Ashrit

    Nice, shall try it out………

  28. The Nerd

    I probably won’t be using this simply because it wouldn’t be any use on my blog, but it’s pretty unattractive as far as widgets go :(

    Still, keep up the improvement work.

  29. Cristiano

    Cool stuff

  30. Helton

    Very Cool, nice idea. Thanks!

  31. Richard

    Thanks, try it out soon

  32. rumours


  33. drmike

    *chuckle* Pleased as parking meters?

  34. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Very nice idea! Will try it…

  35. TheShortFatKid

    Awww man I was looking for backyard trampoline fight clubs :(

  36. bookbabie

    Great, this is why I moved my blog to wordpress, keep it up!

  37. wars128


  38. grinder

    Andy, this is awesome. Vodpod is a great service… will try it out. Thanks \m/

  39. amiripz

    Fantastic idea guys :)

  40. spencermiles

    Thanks for the good feedback on the widget!

    I’ve noticed some people having problems getting the widget loaded. In order to load the widget, you need to point to the subdomain name of a Pod. For example, my pod is “http://spencerpod.vodpod.com”, so I would enter ‘spencerpod’ in the widget configuration screen on wordpress.

    If you’ve just signed up for Vod:Pod, your default Pod does not have a subdomain. To set the subdomain, go to your Pod, and then click “Settings” in the upper right hand corner. On the settings page, you will see a field for “subdomain.” Enter a subdomain here, and then use that in the wordpress widget.

    Hope that clears up any confusion. We’ll be working on a fix for this sometime today, so that new users get a subdomain for their pod, automatically!


    feedback AT vodpod DOT com

  41. Emir

    Could you change the widget settings so it’s not this high? I mean, I LOVE it, but the blog setup doesn’t require 5 of my videos to be displayed at all times, different options for, let’s say, one or two would be good. :)

  42. Juanjo Muñoz

    Thanks it`s great

  43. robyn

    and herein lies more reasons why i’m at wordpress! AMAZING!! Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the hardwork!

  44. Tarkan Fenerci

    Great! you guys read my mind! :)

  45. Neely OHara

    thats a great widget, thanx
    just bought me a videocamera, now i can put my movies on my blog

  46. baronen

    Super nice! Me like! Thanks!

  47. clubpenguin98


  48. Carlos Gonçalves

    Thats really cool. Thanks for this widget, it’s one of my favs now. Keep getting better wordpress.

  49. elblogdedani

    Thanks i will use it

  50. togetherwillbe

    sweet! THANK YOU

  51. dpcough

    I’ll try it out – sandbox video and gametrailers wanted!

  52. CajoleJuice

    Looks pretty darn cool. I’ve gotta try it out. You guys have been adding so many updates lately! Thanks a bunch.

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  54. forchilli


  55. chinaview

    Cool. I’ll try soon. Thanks.

  56. Zaid

    Niceeee, sort of.

  57. Feenix

    This is great!

    Is there anyway to choose which videos show in the widget though? It only seems to show my most recent additions.

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  59. tobeme

    More widgets are goooooooooooooooooooood!

  60. baronen

    Hey, me again!

    Is there any way to changes the size of Vodpod in the sidebar?
    The widget fit, but there is a long blue line above, that not looking nice.

    Rock on!

  61. Carlos


  62. Steve

    cool I have tried it and like it very much but have noticed that when Vod Pod is down it also slows the load time for my blog. but saying that I think it is worth living with.

  63. Kayakman

    Had this widget running on my wordpress all day and it works great.

    Was able to stream in some of my vidoes from Dailymotion via VodPod.

    Everything works so well.

    Looking forward to see the full page widget from VodPod on my wordpress.

  64. joan

    i have been pining for a widget exactly like this. many thanks!

  65. Doug Meacham

    Thanks for the widget, but I’m with webmacster87 on this one. A more general purpose widget like a Category Cloud would be much more useful to me.

  66. MC

    I’ve requested from VodPod that they enable the widgets to display 5 random vids instead of the 5 most recent. They say they’ll be making changes to it over the next week.

    Also, I’ve noticed 2 new widgets – Top Clicks and the Platial MapKit. I’ve tried them both already. The TopClicks widget displays the complete URLs, and messes up the page layout; the MapKit doesn’t work at all! What’s going on? I’d quite like a geotagging widget for my blog.

  67. isronax

    is it working know? how to put on my blog?

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  70. matty44

    Sweet Idea!

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  72. julieluongo

    I want! Very cool, Andy. Nice facial hair, too!

  73. plubius


    I’m checking it out right now =)

  74. Brian Purkiss

    I’ll definately trying that out at the first opprotunity!
    Thank you so much for what y’all are doing with WordPress!!!!!!

  75. jayantagrawal

    I want! Very cool, Andy. Nice facial hair, too!

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  77. Chelsea

    Thats perfect, I love it already!

  78. chanux

    This is new to me. And it means time for some adventure. ;)

  79. ravenceo

    Good stuff wordpress. More toys to play with

  80. Kayakman

    VodPod will change the way we do video on our worpress blog. This is because VodPod allows us to grab vids from almost any video sharing site that allows for embeding and put them in one player. This includes YouTub, Grouper, Dailymotion, Revver, and many more.

    I have been using the VodPod sidebar widget since WordPress released it.

    Greatly looking forard to WordPress releasing the VodPod widget for the main part of the blog. Once they do this, there will be no more need to send our blog visitors off site or post one video at a time.

    WordPress thanks for bringing us this widget and we all look forword to the next Vodpod widget release.

  81. hanz


  82. nutcrackerskiclub

    Just added it my blog. Very cool, love it.

  83. jsrm0226

    Very cool.

  84. pierro marie

    damn nice ! thanks for this !

  85. daninouta

    Haha awesome!
    Thanks a lot!

  86. Biho


  87. oneinspireddude

    it’s a great addition – some aspects of it, like ordering the videos you want seen are a bit cumbersome – but i’m grateful for the tool – thanks!

  88. swinco

    Yay! I really want to do that.

  89. 4shared

    Thank’s. Great Plugin

  90. Merri Williams

    Thanks so much, guys! Now I don’t have to recycle some of the favorite vids for my families. They’re all in one place just a click away. Super widget!

    This is just one of the many reasons my blog is on WordPress. :-)

  91. socialorb

    For some reason… I can’t wrap my brain around this one. What can we use this for?

    I need to take a nap…

  92. itdg

    Wowies. I’ll try.

  93. ladynina

    super cool.. thanks WP !

  94. Administer

    thanks a lot. it’s really kewl!

  95. coastalblog

    We’re using it and really loving it!! http://coastalblog.wordpress.com


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