New Theme: Freshy

We’re catching up on some of the backlog of themes that have been requested, and the first up is Freshy.

Freshy is pretty neat, it’s got a grey page background with a centered two-column design. The header graphic is pretty prominent, and of course you can upload a new one with custom headers. Finally there is a page navigation menu at top that really highlights your top-level pages.

Freshy Thumbnail

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  • Feb 14, 2007 @ 5:02 am
  • Themes


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  1. zhanzhe

    Nice theme :)

  2. Anita Marie


  3. empressmaruja

    Ooooh…This got me interested…

  4. Love Fifi

    Thank a lot

  5. nightfire12020

    Nice! I’m going to switch to that one now.

  6. ideasmith

    It looks really great but for some reason, the sidebar has broken off from the main and starts showing from the end of the posts.

  7. blayde

    Ooh, i gotta try this one out, looks wicked. Much thanks.

  8. danski

    wow this theme surely stands out from the rest. Great job! Thanks!

  9. Jen

    Looks like a very cool theme. Maybe I’ll change to it in the future… :D

  10. Darmok

    It looks great! I personally prefer fluid layouts, but it still adds some nice diversity.

  11. Karen

    i like this one very much! thanks!!!

  12. lisele

    I am disappointed…I thought it came with a seascape. :(

  13. Trent

    This has been requested many times in the forums! Thanks for adding it in. I am sure this theme will go over well as it is so different than the rest of the themes. Thanks again Matt!

  14. Jamie Stern-Weiner

    Thank you!!

  15. engtech

    Hosting it on WPTHEME as usual.

    Very nice theme, I especially like the preformatting style.

  16. Rizwan

    Pretty neat guys .. thanks !!

  17. nobody

    oh whta theme
    very nice !!
    this theme work with persian language ( farsi ) ??!!! ;)

  18. Ankur

    I am gonna use it NOW!

  19. Sha

    Wow looks very pretty…might test that out :D

  20. identical

    Love it. :D

  21. plubius

    Wow, this one’s the best one so far =)

  22. Luthfi

    good … good

  23. resourceful

    Nice contrast! -Lars

  24. بهمن

    Good ;)

  25. Leedeth

    Wow! I really like this theme. It has a nice contrast to it and is information-oriented, ie. it has some post details and nice icons to go along with it. Very nice! Thanks a bunch! :D

  26. spvn

    wow.. this looks good :D thanks a lot, can’t wait for more themes..

  27. Brent

    Should be called funky.

  28. christoswinter

    Thanks it rocks

  29. Root Zero

    Nice one

  30. Kevin Guertin

    Amazingly wicked sweet! My one grip is that the section header background is too light. The diagonal lines should be black to match the rest of the theme. Otherwise, it’s perfect! :)

  31. Jersey Guy

    Flashy, but it’s eating about a 3rd of a viewing window before it gets to any substance.


  32. Kevin Guertin

    Oops… that’s suppose to say “gripe”, not grip. :o

  33. apek-kun

    looks great!!love it..thanks a lot..

  34. ranjhith

    Was waiting for a new theme. Thanks. But looks really sad in IE!

  35. onebreath

    great theme! Thanks a lot!… but I have some problems viewing in IE :-(

  36. kneda

    Thanx!! good to know we can change to more themes

  37. Rodrigo Venancio

    New themes are always welcome! Thank you!

  38. vinodvv

    Kewl theme, Thanks

  39. Load Start

    i’ve been waiting for this :)

  40. HoRtZoN

    Looks great, I’m gonna switch right now. Thanks!

  41. The Nerd


  42. Jamie Clark

    Woah, awesome theme. Fantastic work guys!

  43. amiripz

    A lovely theme I must admit.
    Good job guys :)

  44. ElKid

    Something with a glassy look… nice.

  45. Oromë

    Matt, for some strange reasons it looks ok in Opera, while it looks very weird on IE6.0.
    I checked with the author’s website and that one looks ok on IE as well.

  46. Chittaranjan

    Cool looking theme! *Scoots off to try it out*


  47. swftoys

    Wow… this theme looks sweet! Thank you for these good stuff as always! WP is the best!

  48. delimoon

    Thanks ! It’s a nice theme ! Almost what I’m expecting from your new themes to come. What I would find as theme, is one so: 2 columns with dark blackground, with changeable header, etc etc but the 2 columns on the complete (full) page and not only in the middle. I hope you understand what I’m meaning.
    I’m waiting for that, sure it’s come a day.

  49. ice2passion

    nice picture! (:

  50. insomnity

    will try this soon…

  51. Oromë

    Matt, a follow up. If you check mine and also “love fifi” sites you will see that the page looks weird on IE6.0. It will look “semi-ok” on IE7.0 (the buttons are ourside the toolbox). It will look ok on Opera 9.

    The strange thing is, the theme looks perfect on all programs if you check the author’s site at, so it seems that there must be something going on with the implementation of it.


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  53. Wengistein

    Ooh the green looks very nice. Looks very professional-like from the preview.

  54. Dickson

    Gosh! This looks cool and clean! Thanks!

  55. chrislang

    Great theme! I’m using it already!

  56. thefly

    Absolutely love it, editing my header for it now :D

  57. Cengiz Ç.

    Great and cool. Thanks

    for headers :

  58. Hameed Khan

    nice work matt!

  59. rumours

    Themes in WP ;) make the difference :D
    of course WP is Better..

  60. Sr. Silva

    A bit broken at 800×600, which is a shame – I really wanted to give it a whirl.

  61. thefly

    Oh yes and may I ask what the max size for posting images on freshy is then please?

  62. talullah

    I love it!

  63. Dennis Pater

    It look good lets try it out ;)

  64. chdot

    looks great – limited number of nav buttons – only one line – which is probably a good thing!

    (tried another of my blogs to see how it would look – some buttons went missing…)

  65. Replicant 77


  66. alamster

    very cool and neat theme, great thanks

  67. stupidtom

    awesome, but I’m afraid to switch because I just got everything the way I want it. These new themes always tempt me. change is good.

  68. wmcraver

    Wow, I like it! Great addition.

  69. charleslemark


  70. Nicole

    Oh, I like it!

  71. puddlejumper

    Beautiful. Does the picture come with it?

    I must be way ahead of the game, I’ve had the view of my local beach on my site since almost the beginning.

    I might borrow this one for my creative writing blog though. Its lovely and calm.


  72. mysimsreality

    Thanks! Gonna try this out. :D

  73. David

    Finally, I have been waiting for this one!

  74. Rui Martins

    Done! I´ve changed to it, and I am very satisfied!
    Elegant, clean and with very nice fonts!

  75. Catie Roche


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  77. dizzydream

    Very beautiful!
    (But what is the “Links for Freshy” widget? It doesn’t show anything except for its title.)

  78. martinolli

    very good!!

  79. Maltesh Ashrit

    good, but have seen on my friends blog b4, so nuthin new for me :(

  80. jcastaneyra

    I’m using it now and It looks really great! Thanks!

  81. Max Renn

    Wow! It’s so beautiful!

    Thank you very much.

  82. RegiVizz

    Trying it out now. Problem with my title being cut off though! Can that be fixed?

  83. Laurentiu

    at last, a new theme

  84. Nicola

    Another great theme – thank you.

  85. strategicalliance


  86. journeytomom

    Ooooo, nice. Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day! :-)

  87. D. Bell

    Nice. I like that one.

  88. قسام


    Ciao! :-D

  89. Milla

    Thanks a lot, and HAPPY HEART DAY, Matt!!! :)

  90. yuE

    changing… changed!

    love the theme!
    thank you wordpress!

  91. kirstennelson

    Looks great, but doesn’t seem to implement page order correctly.

  92. rjlight

    Like that one! Quite fresh — thanks!

  93. Scott

    I like it. The only problem is how the date pushed images to the left if they’re at the top of a post. So if all images are centered, the first one, isn’t. Oh well, I guess I’ll get used to it. Thanks for the new theme, it’s just what I needed!

  94. kirstennelson

    My mistake – it *does* order pages properly! What a great new option!

    (Moderators feel free to delete both comments).

  95. foobarph

    maybe i can give this theme a shot

  96. Lucas

    WOW! I switched a lot with themes last month, but I should try this one too…

  97. Christoph Wagner

    finally, a new nice dark theme:)

  98. Chris Rohde

    I’ve been using this one on my company’s blog for a while now, nice to see it finally added in to the repository now…. glad I have all the headers that came with the full theme too! lol.

  99. K

    The layout is nice with a little cool image on rss feeds/trackbacks action added at the bottom of the post. On the side note I like that little “information” on the number of comments and categories except that text for post titles are a bit large. FRESH theme speaks for itself.

  100. NAyK

    This is how Freshy looks on my site. I find the font a little too akin to arial narrow… and thus making it harder to read. But I like the structured layout… especially on the edit/comment side of things. I will be changing this look in a few days (maybe sooner than later)… so my site is just a temporary display. A longer display of freshy in action will be seen on my design experimental website found here:


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