Math for the Masses

Odd as it may sound, I miss all the equations from my days in grad school, so I decided that what needed most was a hot, niche feature that maybe 17 people would use regularly:


For those that don’t know, \LaTeX is a typesetting system particularly well suited for documents of a mathematical persuasion. It’s used almost exclusively by many technical, scientific and mathematical disciplines both in academia and industry. It also looks really good; I, among many, consider Donald E. Knuth a personal hero.

For those that do know, it’s now ridiculously easy to include inline \LaTeX formulas in your blog posts.

The syntax is reminiscent of \LaTeX‘s inline math mode: $latex your-latex-code-here$, and it allows you to produce most any equation. For example, the following code

$latex i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>$


i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>.

Pretty sweet, huh?

To further whet your appetite, these few standards show a bit more about what’s now possible on

\displaystyle\bar{M}=\frac{kT}{\Xi}\sum_N\left(\frac{\partial Q_N}{\partial D}\right)_{V,T}\lambda^N

G_{ab}^{(1)} = -\frac{1}{2}\partial^c\partial_c \bar{\gamma}_{ab} + \partial^c\partial_{(b}\bar{\gamma}_{a)c} -\frac{1}{2}\eta_{ab}\partial^c\partial^d\bar{\gamma}_{cd} = 8\pi T_{ab}

\displaystyle P_\nu^{-\mu}(z)=\frac{\left(z^2-1\right)^{\frac{\mu}{2}}}{2^\mu \sqrt{\pi}\Gamma\left(\mu+\frac{1}{2}\right)}\int_{-1}^1\frac{\left(1-t^2\right)^{\mu -\frac{1}{2}}}{\left(z+t\sqrt{z^2-1}\right)^{\mu-\nu}}dt


UPDATE: There’s a new LaTeX on FAQ entry that describes the “hidden” size and color options.

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)

  • Feb 17, 2007 @ 3:22 am


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  1. humbug

    Neat :)

    That will get the geeks around busy for a while!

  2. cleav_



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  4. tamino

    Outstanding! Until I saw this note, I thought the only way I could get equations in posts was to do ‘em in LaTeX, make a pdf, create an image file, and insert the image file. Now I can do it in native LaTeX.


  5. ..::porjai::..

    as a grad school of economic student, its a pretty good typesetting.

    good job.
    thanks load!

  6. charleslemark

    nice addition…
    but i think i will not use it for a long time (maybe forever) hehehe…

  7. curtisschweitzer

    This. is. so. hot.

    I would encourage folks to try out TeX or LaTeX for document composition as well- it produced unmatched typographical coolness.

  8. unintendedpurpose

    You wanna scare me???

    That´s serious?

    OUT OUT!!

    Anyway, you´re all doing quite nice -sometimes kinda ‘geeky’- stuff… but keep on , doing so!

    Greeting from Germany MIC
    unintended purposes, ya know ?! ;-)

  9. Carson Sasser

    Great! Before retiring I was a mathematician for the Air Force. We used LaTex in producing technical reports. Not that I write that many equations any more though.

  10. Ponder Stibbons

    Thank you so much.

  11. Anita Marie

    Math? Math?!NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wasn’t it Beavis and Butthead that said…”man I hate numbers there are too many of them”
    Make them go away!

  12. opinionated indian

    u guys are amazing. One cool feature after another…only if you’d allow javascript or some other way to earn money only in the sidebar that’d just be all I ever needed.

  13. katm


    That’s really cool. Not something I’d ever use in my blog, but still cool.

    (OMG, am I that much of a geek????)

  14. fracas

    I’ll just get right on that you guys, now I can show that troll (who implied I was stupid and a pig) how smart I am by making use of this at fracas.


    Seriously… I’m sure it’ll be more than 17 people who’ll use this. There’s got to be at least 29.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. nobody

    oh whata surprise !!!!!


  16. EclecticGeek

    That is pretty sweet. Now, I just have figure out a way to get this into my blog. I’m thinking stats perhaps… ;)

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  18. ocanto

    Well done, guys!
    Always improving :)

  19. Ryan

    I wish I could say I knew what that equation meant. It seems really sweet for people who could use that, though.

  20. talkislam

    you dudes are awesome, not that i’d have any use for it, but its a very diverse feature, keep em coming!

  21. Jon

    Awesome! Thanks!

  22. Hardliner


  23. rjlight

    Yes, now I can post all those math jokes I’ve been yearning to post! My new niche–the humor math blog!

  24. blayde

    Wow, if i ever want to show someone how far i’d throw my , i’d use this for calculation

  25. Röttgar

    That’s amazing! Finally I can write about important stuff! ;)

    But what would really be nice: Latex in comments, too. So we can have geeky math talk.

  26. jesch

    yeah. that would be really useful sharing homework with your buddies. lol

    yes, mr.knuth im gonna add you up in my “hero” list as well… no. your consent’s not required. :D

  27. Geminie

    This feature is definitely COOL.

  28. Gray

    can’t wait to try this out!

  29. robertaccettura

    What are the chances of seeing this in WordPress 2.2? Or is this a .com only thing?

  30. Zeon

    Haha, this would be really useful if I posted my homework on my blog :p

  31. mdawaffe


    There is a plugin for the self-hosted version of WordPress that does LaTeX. It’s implementation is different than what we do here on, but the end results are about the same.

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  33. Ice9

    This is a math major’s dream. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

  34. Ed Darrell

    Looks like more than 17 people are interested already.

    I hope some of these people come back to alert us to where they’ve used the feature.

  35. Klisiu

    Cool ;)

  36. yournotes

    Great! I’ll never use this since the operands I use are primarily +/-*….

    So when do we get email blogging?

  37. isaid

    This is indeed good news, for uhmm, although i thin kit’s easier to learn differential calculs than LaTeX

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  39. mannar

    Interesting…..i dunno if i will ever use it….but really interesting….

  40. girlfriday

    Excellent. Not that I expect I’ll be using this feature regularly. But I like that I could ;)

  41. Gunnar

    Best. Feature. Ever.

  42. Sha

    Woohoo can now explain the pain in the ass maths questions from my homework on the net!

  43. stelt

    Very nice.
    To make it even better: use img as a backup for browser-based MathML rendering
    And maybe also allow for MathML input

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  45. C4RL05

    Very nice! You guys rock!!!

  46. Nikolakis

    That’s SO amazing! I think of uploading my thesis in chapters now :P

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  48. Sacha

    Super. This will keep me busy for a long while, but then less busy in the long run.

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  50. Nicola

    Eeeeeek – maths formula – hides …………

    Looks neat though!

  51. Island in the Net


  52. kobak

    Amazing. Thanks for the plugin link too.

  53. Christoph Wagner

    yeah, thats cool:)
    Thx people!
    Now I can blog about my university math problems and hope someone helps me;)

  54. northcountrygirl

    nice. well, kind of. as a former english major, my first inclination is to say BAH!! and GO AWAY!! but as a former MBA student who did “ok” in finance and economics, i can say, “well, that’s something i can’t figure out (but sure do wish i could).”

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  56. rumours

    WP is Amazing :mrgreen:

  57. boliviafteroffice

    Nice tool! Thnx!

  58. jerjer

    Although I don’t understand the equation at all. I still think its a good step forward !!
    Well done !!

  59. Jojo

    Looks like the masses are happy.

  60. Brian

    Something I will never need to use. :)

  61. cedison

    As a mere high school math teacher in the inner city we don’t use those symbols much, nay ever. But my math degree, which lies comatose in my mind, sings with the inherent niftyness. Thanks.

  62. David W. Boles

    Brilliant and killer! Thanks for providing this important, if esoteric, feature.

  63. austria

    That’s what i’ve missed since I use WordPress!

  64. jonny

    dude, this is the shizzle! thanks! it works very well.

  65. S. Weasel

    My brain just exploded.

  66. dpcough


  67. jd2718

    Thanks, I needed that.

  68. Tripp

    Perfect timing, I need this for something due tuesdauy.

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  70. Chato Mor

    I love it! Finally i can share my advanced mathematic ideas with all the world!

  71. Rizwan

    cool .. might come in handy later on .. are there any tutorials on syntaxes usage !!!

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  73. blessed1

    Thats a wonderful application!!

  74. ccat


  75. yoozeq

    You guys rock! :) I don’t know if I ever have to use it (probably I will anyway – just because I can:)) but knowing it’s here feels really cool:)

  76. Alec Gullon

    I can feel myself going weak at the knees.

    Yes I am an unashamable geek. Perhaps now I can use my blog to explain mathematical principles for people. I look forward to seeing this introduced.

  77. helenl

    Thanks for providing features for people who know what they are. There is no reason we should all think alike or even want to.

  78. ramoody5

    Man I became dizzy with these formulas

  79. engtech

    I think I will use this around once, but I’m still very glad it exists.


  80. Moridin

    Even though there is a plugin for this, my vote is on making it a part of the default wordpress installation.

  81. JP Mitchell

    Does this feature now include the other non-math syntax of LaTeX? Because I’m using LaTeX to typeset my book. It would be nice to do similar things, or at least test them, on a blog.

  82. kalawski


  83. meteo

    hope i won’t need it, but if i should be unlucky, that’s really great news

  84. yuE

    ah… i refuse to learn this.


  85. بهمن

    Excellent WP boys ;)

  86. Peter Klein

    Is there a way to make it work in comments?

  87. Coconuts

    Damn, I just had a geek-gasm. Now I won’t have to manually \LaTeX equations and upload them as pdfs…not that I’ve ever or anything…

  88. hober

    Do you think you’ll release this as a plugin in its own right?

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  90. hottiehot4

    thats wierd

  91. leftymarine

    simply put, WOW!

  92. Pi

    Cool, people!

  93. bdzuver

    Recently I wrote article about inserting Latex code with some external code generator which require typing code after certain URL, but now the nightmare is over.


  94. Naughty Heather

    MATH! ARGH!!

    I am sure that is impressive but I think my brain just exploded…



  95. Renato

    This is really cool!

  96. Darmok

    Incredible! What a great idea!

    Now I must write a mathematics-related post…

  97. sandyblog


  98. Kyle

    Umm, first I have to get past geometry!

  99. matty44

    Well i’ll sum it up in one word…absolutelyconfusingbutpretycoolforthegeeks

  100. sooperkev

    I think I may be allergic to latex.


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