New Theme: Fjords

Forget 1- or 2-column themes, we’re going ALL THE WAY TO FOUR.

That’s right, we have a nifty new four-column theme available for you here on The content is pretty narrow, but you can probably squeeze more widgets onto this theme than any other one we have. Here’s a screenshot:

The theme does a neat little trick where when you upload a custom header, it automatically “slices” the header into four to fit in with the design. Give it a go, it might be right for you.

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  • Feb 25, 2007 @ 7:41 am
  • Themes


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  1. tukan

    heh, now this is properly strange

  2. stmaverick

    Neat. And I thought three columns was way too many already… *laughs*… then you guys come up with even more. Great job! It looks really spiffy, especially the header.

    ~verus rara avis~

  3. chacko

    Wow! That’s real nice.

  4. Maltesh Ashrit

    good, but is narrow…

  5. plubius

    Cool =-)

  6. mr faust

    thx again matt like forever !!

    very bieutiful
    but it real for RTL blogs like farsi and arabic blogs ??!! ;)

  7. talullah

    That is a great looking theme. Whenever I make a personal blog on here I’ll probably use it. Keep up the great work.

  8. simonesu

    pretty cool thank !

  9. womanek

    Whoa… Very, very nice theme. :)

    Thanks ;)

  10. ebarnieh

    probably a little too narrow for me, but an excellent addition all the same!

  11. spvn

    Wow. Cool unique theme, but I doubt it will be replacing Freshy for me. Still, thanks for constantly updating the themes.

  12. vettiliveinnorthcote

    gorgeous! is there anything you folks can’t do?

  13. Anita Marie

    This is very cool- not sure if I’d use it but it’s so non-traditional I’d like to try!

  14. MadMark

    Uhh… a strange lovely theme, but i’ll wait again.
    I’m looking for a theme with a better text management…

  15. Erevos

    Wow! Ingenious!

  16. Davis

    Wow! Nice theme! ;)

  17. rhyssmith


  18. whalesalad

    I like the auto-slice feature, but four columns?! Seems like a tremendous waste of space to me.

  19. zhanzhe

    The auto-slice on the header is very neat! :)

  20. bordo

    wow really original theme! i like it

  21. turmalina

    really cool..
    thanks boys.

  22. g4graphic

    The Web gets columns (real one).

  23. gamerconor

    THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nitro

    Wow.. 4 Coloumns ? I can’t use this themes for this themes. Must setting more advance to use this themes..

  25. umair

    i like similar theme having 3 cloumns. this 4 column may work too.

  26. ponzonha

    Interesting option for some particular uses. Thank you very much. 4 ever!

  27. soltys

    nah i don’t like 4 colulms themes….

  28. affan

    hey neat man!

  29. Michael Sync

    Thanks for adding new theme.. Matt.

  30. Manuel

    Narrow but looks cool!!

  31. oraclewalkin

    This is something really different.
    Keep it up !!

  32. bullish1974

    might be worth a try.
    lemme check :)

  33. gasolinejenn

    I love this new theme! The content area is a little too small for my pictures if I want to change layouts, but I love it, it’s so neat and clean! Thanks for this free layout.

  34. Woeful

    I use the “Chaotic Soul” theme that slices the header into two parts… It is a nice effect. I’m not sure about the four-column layout though…

  35. joseantoniook

    Very nice theme.

    Congratulations! That is a great job you guys are doing.

  36. Jeff Ventura

    Nice theme if 4-columns is your thing. Still can’t wait for Barthelme and VeryPlainText!

    Thanks for everything once again, guys.

  37. Aishah


  38. helgeduelbek

    I just like 2 column. it’s simple. :) I wait new 2 column themes always. thanks

  39. Tadas

    hm, nice ;) i think i should try it ;)

  40. drhaisook

    Look great..!
    Thanks! :)

  41. David W. Boles

    Now that’s wild, Matt!

    I wonder how hard it is to read long content, though?

    What happens to images? Are they resized on-the-fly or do you have to resize all your images to fit the narrow width?

  42. Inexistent Man


  43. caveblogem

    Was this inspired by the wicked competition in the shaving equipment industry? When are we going to get a blog that scrolls to the right instead of down? That’s one I could get behind.

  44. TAE

    Hmmm, that’s kinda spiffy! Although I think I’d make it three for me. The body column is a little narrow for my tastes.

  45. Ghost Dog

    Looks great. I might try it. Let’s see if longer text can be read properly on that narrow column.

  46. sulz

    very very interesting! i suspect it’s not very reader- or visual-friendly for long posts (looks too lopsided in contrast with the short sidebars), but i hope to see more unique themes like this. unique is good.

  47. uboat

    Awesome! I might try it out later.

  48. missprofe

    I like the four column layout. That’s crispy! Although I’m not really feeling the green and white color scheme. However, I would like to see offer more dark background themes. Although some may have difficulty with the light on dark, the layout is cool!

  49. Adi

    huh, this is really something :)

  50. Putera Emas

    Cool… will try later.

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  52. Lensflare

    Whoa. That is awesome!

  53. rantran

    i don’t like it at all. it doesn’t look good because there’s too many columns. also, you need to leave more room for the actual post iitself

  54. Jeff Ventura

    OK, I’ve played with it. Feedback below.

    It seems to be more a proof-of-concept more than anything. It’s a horribly inefficient use of space, and while the top of the theme looks nice, as you scroll down and focus on just content, it’s awfully hard to read and 75% of the screen is empty.

    I suppose it’s OK if you have a bent towards some asymmetrical layout Zen thing, but for most of us I think this is something we try, go “Well, that’s pretty neat” and then discard in favor of something that honors content a bit more.

    Or, alternatively, I could be entirely full of it and this might be the best theme ever developed. Your call.

  55. cuzoogle


  56. cbjkelvin

    The new theme looking good, but the picture can’t resize and match the box if the picture is big.

  57. thejunkie

    Nice, but I’ll stick with Freshy for now :)

  58. simbel

    Blue, again… (: nifty tho.
    How about something like Treba but with some graphic abilities?

  59. Trée

    I love the creativity of this design. Good work!

  60. judyb12

    I LOVE this theme. It’s exactly what i needed for one of my blogs. Thanks!

  61. marlster

    Very nice! Thanks!

  62. Simen

    Too narrow for my taste.

  63. engtech

    Fjords is on display at

  64. syco

    Nice approach… ;)

  65. Thomas

    That is a rather good theme. Thank you.

  66. holger ebermann

    Funny theme :)

  67. Eduardo Vega

    Is a little bit “rare” however it looks nice
    Let’s try it!

  68. icedmocha

    I’ve never seen a four-column design before. That’s certainly creative.

  69. Martin

    A little too fragemented for me, but choice is undoubtedly a Good Thing. The more themes on, the better.

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  71. webmacster87

    Looks kind of weird and scrunched up to me. I wouldn’t mind having that theme in a 2-column variety…

  72. rjlight

    I like it, I like it. I might have to change my header cuz I don’t know what i’ll look like sliced into 4 pieces… Thanks wordpressers you rock!

  73. robyn

    I continue to be amazed w/ WP!

  74. dpcough

    Wow, a lot of options.

  75. NAyK

    Wow! Now that’s an impressive innovation. I’ve tried using it, and here is a sample of what it looks like (I’ll be using this theme for a few days and my notes/sample while using it are found here):

  76. Rizwan

    Nice shot guys .. keep ‘em coming .. I was hoping for a 4 column theme .. and here we have it.. Also, is it possible for us to download the Garland theme, I cant seem to find it on !!!!!

  77. eljunior

    great add!
    thanks a lot!

  78. Load Start

    wow awesome theme!

  79. fifthdecade

    Oops! I read that as “we have a new fifty four column theme” and nearly fell off my chair! :-)

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing on themes – I like the simple ones that have lots of links, trackback links and edit links. Keep up the good work!

  80. itsmeritesh

    awesome addition, nice name at that fjords, conveys the slicing message I guess

  81. aishel

    Like you said, its pretty narrow, and therefore doesn’t serve much use :( How about some more 3-column themes?

  82. nonah

    oh my god!

    I just go as such when I saw this new layout!

    It’s nice and I would just try it out.

    Yeay to new designs!

  83. rumours

    Gorgeous Theme WP, amazing :surprise: Thanks

  84. Jeff Ventura

    Very funny guys. ;-)

  85. cuddlymisy


  86. raseck

    Excelente theme, hay mucho mas espacio para distribuir el contenido del blog :)

  87. beckisbeck

    wow,,,,,this theme is too crazy!!
    …the pics are cutted when use big pics.
    – i won’t use it cause this reason :(

  88. kylydia

    Interesting. I’m not sure it would work for me, but it’s aesthetically pleasing.

  89. thehype2049

    Nice theme, but it does not fit the main page very well. The information is organized too much, fonts too small, picture dimensions are not set up correctly. Please go back to the old design :)

  90. yuE

    and it sure makes the post darn small… and picture artwork too big to put into =(

  91. Eowyn

    Unusual, but interesting. I will try it when I am bored with mine :)

  92. yuE

    so, it’s back the theme ‘freshy’

    but hey, fjords is way too COOL not to test it out!

  93. Just A Voice

    WOW! That’s a lot. 4 columns. Nice theme here.
    We can go widget crazy now.

  94. Gymshoes

    OK, that’s weird: the emoticons display normally in comments, but not in posts. :roll: Again, gorgeous theme! Once the post-emoticon problem is sorted out I predict this theme will become veeerrrrry popular. :-) Thanks!

  95. blayde

    Like the chaotic soul theme header, cool.

    This is one great theme, nice to see you’ll hvae used it as well

  96. Richard

    A very nice theme

  97. Sha likey!

  98. Me.

    Yech. ‘Can’t hardly tell what I’m supposed to be reading, with this theme. Would be much nicer as a three-column theme, with the “text” column as a variable-width column. ‘Course, probably wouldn’t be able to do the Slice-The-Header thing, then… which is pretty cool, I’ll grant you that.

  99. hummy

    That’s just amazing – the way it looks, i.e., there -> in both Opera in IE

  100. Keith Olbermann Is Evil

    Cute new opening page when I log into my account; nice way to hype your latest theme. But light green text on white? My vision is pretty good, but the lack of contrast kind of sucks. (My screen size is 1152×864, so I’m not pushing the resolution that much.) If people like this design for their blogs that’s fine. But for an official WordPress informational page I think you should select something a bit more readable.

    If you build it they will come, and if they can’t read it they won’t.


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