New Theme: Fjords

Forget 1- or 2-column themes, we’re going ALL THE WAY TO FOUR.

That’s right, we have a nifty new four-column theme available for you here on The content is pretty narrow, but you can probably squeeze more widgets onto this theme than any other one we have. Here’s a screenshot:

The theme does a neat little trick where when you upload a custom header, it automatically “slices” the header into four to fit in with the design. Give it a go, it might be right for you.

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  • Feb 25, 2007 @ 7:41 am
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  1. forchilli

    its awesome!!!!!!! 4 column is crazy!

  2. S

    Great! It is not narrow as the theme Sweet Blossoms on my newblog


  3. maltesen

    Hmm, thats different…

  4. K

    I’m sorry this theme is not for me. Avatars too big on comments. Too narrow to even add pictures on the post. How about YouTube? Would it fit in the post?.

  5. L Boogie

    This is Wonderful….But can you please make it so all video dimensions fit the narrow column…Right now only Youtube is fitting…Thanks…L

  6. wphj

    I like the header, but the splicey thing is not very functional. I do love that you’re adding more and more themes though!

  7. seguridad01

    I don´t like, is very.. confuses :s

  8. Brad

    Sweet, but I don’t like themes that have so many columns.

  9. nffc

    FOUR columns! Audacious! Not right for me, but does look great :)

  10. Pattie

    I like that. (o:

  11. Jen


  12. gingerporter

    I have been playing with all of the skins…..I confused all of my friends one day while I went thru 5 at one time…..I wanted something with more columns.

    This is great…..I am going to upload one of our new snow pictures and give it a try…..Thank You!!!!

  13. Rushi Vishavadia


  14. Brian Purkiss

    Very nice. I like it.

  15. Christopher Maunder

    That’s a cool idea but I don’t think that it would work for the majority of bloggers on wordpress. I think you should make more aqua like themes that look very pretty and professional. I think the pretty look of Windows Vista would be great for a blog theme but make sure that it works better than windows vista. (I use a Mac)

  16. Justin Losh

    I really don’t like this theme its hard on the eyes, and to find what your looking for you have to scroll a lot!!! But keep on bringing the themes!

  17. Olgierd

    Quite strange but sure I *must* try it out!

  18. cj


  19. Philip

    The content column is much too narrow. The theme seems a little too “busy” for me: four columns seems like a bit much. Blogs are more about the content than anything else, so it seems a bit silly to have a theme devoted to being stuffed with as many widgets as possible. It’s more of a widget repository than a blog.

  20. Elaine

    It looks foursome. :D

  21. Rami Nasser


  22. Mads

    I like the twist. Having one post on the front page you won’t need to scroll. Original.

  23. بهمن

    Oh, Thanks.
    If I have a time, I really try to make it right to left for Persian users ;)

    Its so delicious.

  24. fathercodex

    I dunno. Pretty tight for my style, but it looks pretty good. I think its neat though, that it automatically “slices” the header.

  25. Murat Canbaz

    this is a fantastic… :)

  26. 1ndigo

    thats different!

  27. dragonsvamp

    lookin good!

  28. deambulando


  29. Angel8o

    its cool. but i cant use it, i need a lot of space for my posts and stuff. :P

  30. Hardliner

    I must confess, I like it and I am using it. :) and I even got a custom image to work too! WOO HOO! :-D

  31. Chelsea

    interesting. Not exactly right for me, but its still really nice.

  32. rjlight

    Okay, I am trying it out. I like the way it looks, but I am not so thrilled with how narrow my content is–no pun intended. I think it looks great though and as long as my readers don’t get discouraged about the content being such a small part of the screen I just might keep it. The italics going to red is a bit funky too–I’m not sure if it looks like I have marked my errors with a red pen or something… Come check it out..

  33. Danyllo

    That’s really nice, but not for me… I like simple themes!
    Congratulations team!

  34. cherryblossomgirl

    For the widget happy, I can see where this would be quite useful. I like the divided header.

  35. danielmilhousechun

    nice im using this
    for now

  36. pexpert

    It looks nice. Slartibartfast would be proud.

  37. Dre

    Sweet. It’s more than three, and I’ve got to find some way to use this one!

  38. Benedict

    It is good, but frankly I’d like to see more options for 3 column themes!

  39. Nicola

    Very nifty – love the header image split – if I was to use it I would have to kill the pictures – but do like the sidebars – guess I will have to get all flickered!

  40. ceeque

    real “newspaper” style!! Very interesting!!

  41. pigtheday


  42. empressmaruja

    Weird theme (to think that anything above two columns is, I think, kitschy).

  43. akugel

    nice. keep it up with very eccentric themes. think you’ll attract some versatile applications of the “blog.”

  44. Roxanne

    It works awesome for me…thank you!

  45. mohamed

    nice looking but too narrow ,even though i can’t resist to try it ..
    i’ll think of something for it..

  46. gingerporter

    I gave it a shot…thinking I would like the 4 column. It does leave alot of space empty.

    The main column is a little narrow. When I looked at my Scenic page…it cuts off a little of my picture in there. I do like how the header is chopped and I love that I can change the header to whatever I would like…..I am going to leave it up for a day or two….then maybe try out the other new theme….

    I think I do prefer the three column to the four…I thought I would really like that one but it is a little narrow……..but I would like to see more options like changing the color…I don’t exactly like green…now a nice cobalt blue….lol….

    Thanks for the hard work in the creating department……I will continue to drive my friends batty by constantly changing the themes…….

  47. abu ameerah

    an interesting approach with the “sliced” look…

  48. vjp

    Four columns is a bit too much. Wasted space on the blog. I like the header cutouts but I can’t see myself using this theme.

  49. Charmed

    I love it! I would like it better in 3 columns, but I do love it the way it is! Thanks guys.

  50. sagetikiartz

    The header looks really cool. Thanks!

  51. ish

    It’s well interesting but a bit too narrow.Could do the job for some bloggers.

    The auto-slice is excellent.

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  53. fracas

    I really like the look of this one, but being me.. I talk too much and my posts would be reeeally long. I still may try it out at some point though.

    So, the kudos are flying. You folks always impress.

  54. raincoaster

    That wouldn’t happen to have come from Bryght, would it? Great guys, but man, how they love their sidebars; I think they’re not sure what the not-sidebar part of the blog is for.

  55. orido

    just like news paper..

  56. Nita

    Different and cool. I don’t know whether it will suit my content but choices are something we all crave for.

  57. Farghana

    umm far too many columns..which makes d post area very not very much impressed!! :(

  58. SurfaceEarth

    :) Go figure: we love it!

  59. blogscapes

    strange but interesting!

  60. lisele

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it! I am using it!

  61. Christoph Wagner

    Seems nice for a Link Blog.. :)

  62. magicbody

    that is soo cool! I love the picture. Looks like a way out to me! I’m going to play with it. Maybe I can use it. I’m certainly going to enjoy seeing it in use. thank you. thank you.

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  64. Corey Clayton

    I double dog dare you to go to FIVE columns :-) Hehe…

  65. berlinkollektiv


  66. Julia

    if you like to post nothing but lists, this is for you. otherwise, scroll bar happiness!

  67. dogylover

    wow kool theme!!

  68. Hillsboro Banner

    Very cool. How do you guys do all this!!??

  69. Wayne Park

    Skeptical at first, but worked out pretty well for me.

  70. chestnutreecafe

    I have just converted my blogs to fjords and it is just what I was looking for – it’s like being able to keep my stuff on shelves instead of in drawers – so I am very happy. Thanks from chestnutree

  71. amiripz

    An interesting one indeed.

  72. Le Khoa Nhi

    Nice but not right for me!

  73. desertgrace

    simply irresistible! I am already using it!

  74. van Bragt

    Great Theme, only the font is a little small for me, I don’t know how to change that. But I really like it. It’s fresh and new. I usd it for my blog immediately. Have a look here:

  75. paradaus

    too narrow…not neat at all. whats the point of putting widgets in so many columns? it would suit an ad pop-up more than a blog :(

    but the header thingy is cool!

  76. vitaliysedyuk

    how can i install it…i like it and wanna check up

  77. EelKat

    that is so cool! I love the 3 column ones… I’ve never seen a 4 column blog before… does WordPress have the first one?

  78. EelKat

    well I’m back

    I tested it, and though it’s nice and I like the whole newspapery look… it just does not fit with my blog… I use a lot of photos and the skinny column only shows one sliver of each picture instead of the whole photo… I find that a bit frustrating, cause otherwise I like this theme… maybe I can use it on a diferant blog

  79. Maruti Borker

    auto feature rox …

  80. etherworld

    I love it, but it isn’t very practical. It might be best for people who don’t add large images or write shorter entries.

    However, like some of the previous posts said, it is unique. I like that.

    Keep it up! ^_^

  81. allatseawithabucketandspade

    Might try this.
    I don’t write much and usually have a smallish photo to add.
    I like it :-)

  82. abreurr

    Its interesting. wonderful.i want it!

  83. animelover515

    C’est tres magnifique aussi! J’aime tres la background aussi! Aurevoir:)

  84. bt

    It’s beautiful. I might actually try it.

  85. ochta

    nice themes bro, keep looking nice true…..

  86. gamini

    Very nice designs !

  87. yongsheng

    this is a very good skin (i will use it soon). easy to read, looks cool. nice…

  88. T.

    The header is really slick.
    Nice one!

  89. kittykat2552

    This one is cool
    I also like the other new one. :mrgreen:

  90. trulymarsha

    four collumns….probably too many for me. Prefer the content part to be more prominent rather than the sidebar. But thanks, anyway! I am sure others might fine it refreshing….

  91. Mick

    I like it. It’s very close to newspaper columns, the banner is kind of artsy-fartsy, like ’90s landscape prints.

  92. missvvqt

    Its really original but a little cramped.

  93. downstreamer

    Very classy… but narrow. If we could just get that first column to expand horizontally when clicked on …. now that would be something!

  94. ewilliams

    I don’t think it’s an efficient use of screen space, but I guess it’s good that they tried a different layout approach.
    Certainly not for me, though.

  95. bladebuddy

    Good one “Mat” it looks like a good one. Im not chainging my themes. So wheres the ya know, “Real Theme?” make them good!

  96. tawheedfirst

    Very unique.

  97. jojikaden

    Looks good. Only the left column is practically useful. If the other three could be followed as you scroll down and if at least one more column could be used for the posts, nothing like it.

  98. freewarealternative

    It’s a beautiful theme, I will give it a try ;)
    Thanks to the WordPress team! You guys are doing a fantastic job here!

  99. Sandy

    I am trying this theme. I think it is beautiful. However, I don’t care for the 4 columns. There is too much wasted space. So I probably won’t stay with it long. I wonder if it could be changed to 3 columns.

  100. Alexander Jiménez



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