New Theme: MistyLook

We’ve got a new clean Pressrow-like theme for you.

MistyLook is a light-colored theme with a page navigation menu and a very clean sidebar. The custom header is pretty big and prominent in this theme, so be sure to choose a picture that really shows it off. Here’s a screenshot:


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  • Feb 26, 2007 @ 1:20 am
  • Themes


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  1. pearlview


  2. opinionated indian

    Cool…. I was waiting for this theme since a long time. Thanks guys! You guys are simply too good. :)

  3. thordora

    Me likey!

  4. alicia5

    Wowwwwwww…. me gusta!!! Graciassssss

  5. Hardliner

    Awesome, I discovered it, before I saw the announcement… I like this one alot. :) thank you again for bringing it on… I’ve already selected it and got a background image for it.

  6. goldcoaster

    Looks nice, the pic is little too big for me though.

  7. comitezentral

    beautiful and classic

  8. Jolie

    Thanks! This is a great theme. I’ve used it on my WP installs else where. Love it.

  9. Suz at Large

    I love the theme, but the font for the blogroll widget titles (Blogroll, and the various categories in which my links are organized) is inconsistent with the theme – glaring huge black and different from everything else. I assume this will be fixed.

    Again, I love this theme! Thanks!

  10. frup

    I like it. I may even try it.

  11. Dre


  12. Danyllo

    UOW! That’s a very beautiful theme!!!
    Congratulations WP Team!

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  14. Anita Marie

    I put this up as is….I love it when you guys help me stay odd -n-macabre
    Keep up the great work!

  15. blindsquirrel

    Wow, very clean. I didn’t think anything would pull me from Freshy this quickly. Very nice.

  16. Trée

    Done. My new template. Excellent work.

  17. Lensflare

    Nice clean look.

    Great job with the themes, guys!


    I like it! Very clean and mature. Thanks

  19. Lucila

    Really nice theme :)
    Love the colors

  20. Rizwan

    Thanks dude ..

  21. Nicola

    This is nice and clean but looks rather tame after the 4 way split. Great that you are rolling out a wide selection of themes for us though. Thank you.

  22. sulz

    nice! i love themes with bigass headers, and this has a very clean, neat look also. give me more.

  23. Penseroso

    Finally, a new theme that I love right away! This one looks like it’s gonna treat me right! Thank you!

  24. sockrebel

    very nice! thank you.

  25. Bruno Tsubouchi Yporti

    Very good!!

  26. Trent

    Home sweet home! I was using this for my personal journal before I moved everything over to! Sadish is great and has some wicked designs! Thanks Matt!

  27. Chittaranjan

    Nice! Seems that light-colored themes are the flava of da month! And thatz a really biiiig Custom Header……..sadly it would take that much more time to load :(

  28. invictus

    Looks really neat. I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks!

  29. adam

    very awesome. sadish’s themes don’t dissappoint. :D

  30. Jeffrey

    Thanks. I have switched to this theme.

  31. Patrick

    looks nice. will give it a spin

  32. Null Bit

    Finally a theme that I love :-) Good fonts, easy on the eye… and all the links and formatting shows through clearly. Thanks

  33. ceeque

    very cool, clean looking interface, very very nice! :-)

  34. Justin V

    I feel sorta bad. Not one’s said THANK YOU YET… so.. umm THANK YOU for the new theme.. Matt

  35. Kunal

    nice clean white look

  36. tomorrowsplayground

    Pretty cool! New themes are always a bonus.

  37. Michael Sync

    wow.. nice theme..

  38. donyale

    Love it – using it.

  39. mr fausty

    ooooooooooooooooo yeh

    T H I S is the useful theme matty matt !!

    thx BUT

    support RTL system ??!! ;)

  40. helgeduelbek

    I like it, thanks, 2 column is my favorit themes.

  41. Tom

    Awesome! Thanks so much, this is a great theme.

  42. lojol

    Nice one!
    Like the prominence of the posts over the widgets.

  43. talkislam


  44. Country Mouse

    Ooh. I quite like this one.

  45. bettehall

    Very Nice! I really like the clean look and love the header photo!

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  47. confusedgam3r

    cool. I love it!

  48. hazel8500


  49. Amy

    thanks! this is great, it’s nearly autumn here anyway…

  50. Karen

    nice, i like it. i used it right away. thanks!

  51. abu ameerah

    not bad…

    me likey…

  52. NAyK

    I can’t keep up with you guys! I still haven’t finished experimenting with Fjords yet! As a result, my MistyLook theme experiments are here:
    While I’ll be posting my review of MistyLook here:

  53. cpclare

    I love the header. It is very simple and streamlined.

  54. axewielderx


  55. cbjkelvin

    Great theme. It look perfect.

  56. worldisgreen

    You guys are on a roll this week. Great job on both the themes.


  57. axewielderx

    o.k. I put the new this theme on my blog.Check it out if you want..

  58. range

    That is a lot of new stuff for the end of the month.

  59. Liew

    i love it!

  60. Rattling the Kettle

    Ooh, nice one. Might have to give it a try.

  61. Admin

    Nice one, thanks!

  62. vettiliveinnorthcote

    nice! i’m still loving ambiru too much to change, but this is sweet… big header is great!

  63. darkhello

    OHMYGOSH, it’s absolutely beautiful!!! My ideal template! Thanks, wordpress!

  64. kyramas

    Great theme with contact and links template.
    Just changed into it.
    Thanks Saddish ! (and Matt)
    Hope you like my header !

  65. ish

    Pretty cool,I was going to register a new blog and maybe this will do the job for me.

  66. N. Patrick

    very nice!

  67. Vivek

    Like it.. looks a lot like the K2 series..

  68. Sha

    Wow pretty.

  69. Ann Spam

    Whooaaaa cool…!

    I love all these themes. The problem now is which to pick :)

    Thanks keep it up!

  70. daniel

    This is so cool! WordPress introduced two new themes in a week. Keep up the good job guys!

  71. fri3ng3r

    wow nice

  72. Prashant Shukla

    Beautiful. BTW, what location is this?

  73. yuE

    clean and sleek! rocks!

  74. Nicole

    Awesome! I was really happy with Cutline but I just tried out this new one and like it so much that I’ll be keeping it around for a while. Thanks guys!

  75. yellowduck

    Wow. First Fjords, now this. You lot are indulging us :)

  76. Luca

    Beautiful. The header but it comes cut.

    Sorry for my english.

  77. Thamrin

    pretty cool!!!

  78. Ika

    Really nice! I love it when you keep adding new themes, especially those with custom headers.

  79. CSL Manojna

    It’s a wonderful theme! Keep going…

  80. Werner Trotter

    Very nice additions to the themes catalogue recently. Love them all.

  81. Sandeep Jain

    It’s seems to be interesting……..

  82. Rodrigo Venancio

    Cool! Thanks Matt! As written before, new themes are always welcome!

  83. rumours

    Thanks Matt!! :)

  84. Sub Sol

    WordPress Rocks. I love this theme. Thank you guys.

  85. Farghana

    hey cool one huh!! me…. surely gonna try it out!

  86. talullah

    Ok, you guys have been bringing the goods lately.

  87. Nita

    The custom header looks great. I wish I could have this kind of choice in a three column theme.

  88. Simone

    It’s wonderful. Is just tried it and felt in love with it ;)
    Thank you

  89. the forester

    Awesome theme. I switched to it for a few minutes, then realized that it put my blog title in all caps — which counters my history of keeping it in all lowercase. Same with sidebar titles. Rats. I guess one day I’ll have to fork over the $$$ to do my own CSS edits. For now I’m back to good ol’ Kubrick.

  90. silverylizard

    i like the last two themes you have designed, especially this one. with one exception … i would really like to see something like this one, but black or dark gray. there isnt much to choose from for a gothier look. something just like this one, but with the option to have a black background. i have the chaoticsoul right now, but its still too brown for me. some of us are just not into bright and light colors. :)

  91. blogscapes


  92. watershed

    this is lovely! and exactly what I was looking for! thanks!

  93. Putera Emas

    Great, I’m using it now. Thank & More themes pls..

  94. robyn

    Again, amazed!

  95. icedmocha

    A nice one. I may be tempted to change.

  96. Anantya

    :) i am soooo much happier with this one, compared to the last theme (Fjords) you guys released. :) thanks for making the wait worthwhile.

  97. ascreamingwriter

    Finally, something interesting, even unique and mysterious to look at.

  98. plubius

    Clean and classy.

    All these new themes are great =P


  99. grinder

    Cool… Thanks!!! \m/

  100. magicbody

    two themes at once! wow! I love this one, too. I tried Fjords and realized that for my current blog it doesn’t work… my posts are too long and my mindmaps are slashed in half. I tried MistyLook and still had the issue of my mind maps being cut off…Maybe next time I’ll be putting mindmaps into “pages” or I will have outgrown them. I love the look of MistyLook and hope to employ it in the future. I think this would be a nice theme for my dad. Very poetic.


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