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This is part of a larger movement we’ve been working on a long time, but one of the first steps is now here.

You now have a global dashboard at that contains everything you’re used to finding under your dashboard tab.

What’s new? Before, people who didn’t have a blog but just an account didn’t have any sort of dashboard so they couldn’t edit their password, get their API key, upload an avatar, track their comments, or any of the other fun stuff you can do under your dashboard.

If you have a blog here, this probably isn’t a big or noticeable change.

Now blog-less users are first-class in the world, which is good because they’re over 100,000 of you!

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  1. oraclewalkin

    Great Going !!

  2. Grace

    Thanks, guys.

  3. digipudding

    Great news! I’m still trying to figure this all out being a new user, but it helps. Trust me. :)

  4. rahulnever2far

    That great!!!

  5. robyn

    right on! and my list for coming and remaining at WP keeps growing! its a good think i’m using virtual paper!

  6. saniroy

    Bravo Matt. Thanks!

  7. roopster

    Now if I only had a way to jump between the different dashboards of my blogs. Of course, I’m a new WordPress user so there may be a way to do this that I haven’t figured out as yet.

  8. Allan

    There goes one more; under WordPress’s kitty. Matt, who worked on this one? I guess Mr. Sharma contibuted some part of his suggestive decisions too. Great going!

  9. fmsglobalnews

    Way to go Matt! Thanks!

  10. kylydia

    Interesting. Will check it out. Was a little worried at first when I didn’t see both of my blogs’ dashboard.

  11. J. Alan Hendricks

    Good job! Will definately help our readers stay in touch with all of our blogs. Great Job WordPress, and it is always nice working with you guys and being a part of something so great!

  12. Bayu Indra


  13. roflgoat

    On I can’t just get to my blog. I have to go to my blog via address bar then press dashboard instead of clicking on my blog’s name via It’s very annoying.

  14. David W. Boles

    Excellent addition, Matt. We have lots of users who don’t have blogs but who do have accounts. They will be very happy with this!

  15. sockrebel

    uh… okay. *shrug*

  16. Chelsea

    Thats neat!

  17. Mark Wilson


  18. Zeezat

    Wow.. Growing… Growing..

    Keep growing with innovative ideas..

    Best smile,

  19. Woeful

    As always, WordPress continues to enhance what they offer… Thanks again!

  20. Kevin

    Over 100,000 blogless users. Wow! Akismet must be doing well.

  21. Ryan

    Awesome, although it doesn’t apply to me..

  22. evey

    wow agreat!

  23. Chittaranjan

    Nice Feature….

  24. Lensflare

    Great idea!

  25. nitecloak

    Please, please, unless you’re from North Yorkshire, get rid of that flat cap.

  26. The Moderate

    kewl man… :)

  27. Florence

    Excellent! Way to take care of folks.

  28. tfree

    Always enhancing, nice work!


  29. Trent

    It makes sense now after reading this post. Like others, I was confused for about 5 minutes scratching my head. Maybe a sticky in the forums for a little while?


  30. Patrick

    sweet. thanks for the continued work

  31. fifthdecade

    Great! How do you guys make a living? You must spend hours each day on WordPress… I’m really glad you do but wonder what finances you. You are making a huge difference to the world though, if that’s any help. I think blogging must be as important a next step as the invention of the Printing Press, and you guys are right at the centre of it all! You’re making it happen.

  32. spomenka

    Yeah … i dont like it.

  33. jewelosman


  34. ahouseholdkate

    Ach! The English teacher has to offer a minor correction. “They’re” = they are. It would have been accurate to say “there are”, which (after a discussion with the English teacher I married) can’t be contracted.

    Nonetheless, love the great work!

  35. Eleftherios Kosmas

    very useful especially for Akismet users

  36. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Useless in my view!Why they want an account without a blog?

  37. Miko Dela Cruz


  38. junanteola

    …which is why i just am so in love with wordpress… :-)

  39. intlxpatr

    What a great idea!

  40. Rizwan

    Good for end-users , who don’t have full privilege…

  41. Jon

    That’s a great idea. Any hints on what the “larger movement” might be? :)

  42. abu ameerah

    coooooooooool !

  43. syahid ali

    i wonder why my blog name doesn’t appear on my homepage anymore.
    quite confusing though.

  44. shashi2211


  45. enkerli

    So this has a lot to do with people who needed an API key to use Akismet, right?
    It does go well in the large move toward enhancing the community aspect of, making it more powerful than self-hosted WordPress in some respects (instead of being just a subset of what WP can be).
    Now, if we go OpenID, cross-platform commenting support à la CoComments, MySpace-like content, and Facebook-like networks, we’d be “in business.”

  46. mr fausty

    goood job !!

  47. QuillDancer

    You guys are awesome!

  48. Lijin

    Really Good Matt

  49. roopster

    BTW, I think it’s confusing that the “Global Dashboard” link is under the user name where the blog list use to be. For a second, I couldn’t find the dashboard to my blogs because I clicked that and got my “Global Dashboard” which has no reference to me having blogs.

    In other words, if you’re a blogger, go to, sign in, but DO NOT click the “Your Dashboard” link under your name. That takes you to the “global dashboard.” Instead. look on your menu bar for the “My Dashboard” dropdown and select the dashboard from there.


  50. spicydream

    great love it

  51. Haddy

    Nice!… Thanks.

  52. crazycoolcam


  53. vishnuvardhan

    thank u very much. very easy to navigate and extremely simple.

  54. plubius


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  56. Deera Chat Family

    cool … thanks

  57. whig

    Nice, the meta-conversations that have been going on between bloggers on WordPress so far are amazing, and having more people able to participate is good for everyone.

  58. Jonathan

    I have a blog, but your global dashboard (blog stats) say I dont have 1. This is really weird.

  59. Khaidar

    wow. that’s great.

  60. vettiliveinnorthcote

    nice one!

  61. elpolaco

    I find that I don’t get all my tabs and that the only way to get to a particular blog dashboard and all its tabs I have to open a post. Is there a better way? I preferred the old way I think.

  62. Brian Purkiss


    This is part of a larger movement we’ve been working on a long time, but one of the first steps is now here.

    ??? Now you’ve got me waiting in anticipation on what you’re going to do! I can’t wait!

    Thank you so much for what y’all are doing with WordPress!!!!!!!!!!

  63. maturita

    Sounds cool :)

  64. akbar47

    thanks.. it’s good

  65. Kendal

    Ooh, how nice :)

  66. kyramas

    Why these 100.000 people don’t the get a blog ?
    Its so easy and so fun !

  67. Fabrizio Mondo

    A really Good Thing… But Why create an accout, without create a blog? :S

  68. gioxx

    Nice job :)

  69. doozzo networks

    very cool!! THNX

  70. ish

    I’m still trying to find the differences lol.

  71. Luthfi

    good :-)

  72. Michael Sync

    Good idea.

  73. fri3ng3r


  74. Flamov

    Nice work guys!

  75. Sha

    Wow yay!

  76. Maltesh Ashrit

    Nice Work

  77. بهمن

    Thats a good idea ;)

  78. benny75

    I prefered the oldiest way, with the blog list after loggin in …

  79. NAyK

    Thanks for this. I think it’s in the right direction. But since I naturally work with multiple blogs simultaneously, I guess I’m looking for a more complete solution, where you can edit the look-n-feel of all blogs from a central place rather than going to the dashboard of the particular site. I’m sure this will happen in the future, so thanks again.

  80. myepinoy


  81. the so-called "Dyiele Mi Luana"

    for starters that should go out well!! tnx guys for this one! looks like more wordpressers will come out of the blue.


  82. Sister Julie

    Nice addition … a little help needed though … prior to the advent of the Global Dashboard I was able to open two browser windows with my blog in each so that I could be writing a post in one window and checking for a link or something else on my blog in another window. Now when I open the second browser window I get the Global Dashboard but without all the options of my normal dashboard. Not even a place to click “view site”.

  83. Inexistent Man


  84. gpessia


  85. FoRTu

    greate, thanks!!!!!

  86. Cheryl James

    More reasons to love WordPress. Thank you!

  87. ozrisk

    Nice – I have 3 of the 100,000 – I will let them know.

  88. unintendedpurpose

    Seems to be a pretty nice thing, well go ahead. MIC

    Especially tracking of comments was kinda lousy ;-)

  89. sapanlıköyü

    thanks!!! it is very good!!!

  90. deambulando

    really good!!

  91. Rodrigo Venancio

    Great move! Things are easier now – as far as I surfed to!

    Big thanks!

  92. kOoLiNuS

    people will be happy of that, as always good work !!!

  93. Robert C.

    This is nice, but I have one small complaint: I don’t see the different blog-specific dashboards on the main page. I can still go to blog-specific dashboards using the top menu bar, but this usually doesn’t work on my work computer….

  94. David Payne

    I’ve got it now. I’m just thick.

  95. Milla

    That IS VERY good manners! Well done, Matt, and thanks!

  96. charlottestjulien

    um, no pun intended…but it makes the write section hard to find.

  97. c1rcus

    Good idea! But why, when I look at the “Stats” link that says “this is your feed,” do I see the text “Global Dashboard”, etc.?

    You’re probably aware of this already and are fixing it even now. You guys do a great job, and I’m grateful for the service!

  98. bullish1974

    looks really cool.

  99. wolkam

    really nice but now i don’t found own to edit my blog, i don’t found menu to write on it, i just could use the admin link on my blog, because here i have the new version, but i don’t see link to the edit mode… very disturbing..

  100. marcosfaria

    So, where`s the “view site” feature gone to?


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