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One of the things that has been a long-standing pain here is that if you run more than one blog on it’s pretty difficult to switch between the dashboards.

It’s actually easier to leave your dashboard and go to your blog’s home page, so you can use the admin bar to move between dashboards. Countless mouse clicks have been wasted doing so.

Look at the arrow!

No longer! Now if you have more than one blog you can hover over the title of your blog in your dashboard and it’ll show you a drop down with all your other blogs. Clicking on one will take you to the same page in the other dashboard, with one click! Mice around the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

When you hover over it

Just a note: It only shows up if you have more than one blog, or if you’re on the global dashboard.

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  1. Eleftherios Kosmas

    you are tempting me to start another blog :)

  2. Lensflare

    Wow! I actually noticed that change. Thanks guys!

  3. sapanlıköyü

    Thanks wordpress ;)

  4. videoparadise


  5. journeytomom

    you guys are awesome!

  6. defrostindoors

    You’ve got a webcam in my living room, haven’t you? It’s OK, I won’t be mad. ;)

  7. Trent

    That is terrific Matt! This has been sought for a long time and will make my life much easier!


  8. Yaser

    Thanks a lot, very useful!

  9. Nanyaar?

    Now thats something!

  10. skywindows


  11. hanz


  12. Christopher Wondra

    Outstanding! I had a feeling something like this was coming. That other junk was just too much.

    Thanks! You guys rock.


  13. Anita Marie

    Beyond Useful..this is cool and makes things much easier for us ‘multi bloggers’

  14. tfree


  15. emoat

    Sweet, that was a major pain. Good looking out WP!! Keep it up. :)

  16. rjlight

    well, if I add another blog that will be groovy. thx

  17. goldcoaster

    I have had this feature for a while now. Was it released to just a few people for testing?

  18. Orhan Temiz

    Bravo, WordPress!

  19. katm

    Woo Hoo…

    It’s the little things I guess :)

  20. Hameed Khan

    Cool, a very good feature for me :)

  21. Allie

    That’s amazing. I wish i would have started all my blogs on WordPress first. None of this pesky multi-site blogging…


    Thanks for all your hard work, this place is amazing.

  22. Rizwan

    This will come in handy for moi ..

  23. Sunil

    Thank you.

  24. blayde

    Much obliged, great for us two blog users.

  25. shortexact

    This is great timing, just as I was thinking about starting a second blog. :)

  26. mysimsreality

    Huge thanks from me and my mouse! :)

  27. tzaphoni

    I _thought_ something was different. Yes, that drop-down menu is a real time saver. Thanx.

  28. Miguel & Lieve

    I was longing for this. Thanks.

  29. crazycoolcam


  30. Sha

    Yay thank you so much. Makes life so much easier instead of having to go to the homepage and switching to the dashboard from there.

  31. ffextensionguru

    Wow what timing! I just decided to setup another blog now too.

  32. percem

    thanks, but i know that.

  33. simonesu

    Thanks so much….

  34. rismayadie

    Thanks so much…

  35. Jim

    now that’s very convenient!! Maraming salamat! Muchos Gracias! Khob Khun Krup! Merci!

  36. dearhaniey

    thanks! i really like this new feature coz i have more than one blogs in wordpress… :) cool!

  37. Raindreamer

    These latest changes have been great. Thank You.

  38. Avatar DJ Flux

    Mate, you don’t know how much I love you!!!
    I’ve been waiting for this since I started – two identical blogs, Italian and English, and then other two… Now I have nothing more to ask!
    WP rocks!

  39. JV

    Thanks I wanted it for long. I hope this function also allows to have different author id under different blogs.

  40. Rodrigo Venancio


    Thanks for everything!

  41. Sir Martin

    Cool! But the title text shrinked…

  42. freewarealternative

    That’s very nice :)
    Thanks for your hard work!

  43. clotho

    And so the masses cried “thank you!”

    Seriously :) It’s much appreciated.

  44. dianoia

    Thank you!

  45. darvesh

    Jazakallah – Shukaria – Thanks – Merci – Danke – Grazie – Gracias —– Enough :-)

  46. Farghana

    well well u guys never seem to stop amazing us!!!!

  47. plubius


  48. judyb12

    Awesome! Thanks, guys.

  49. oldboyjack

    Vey handy! Thanks!

  50. yongsheng

    very convenient indeed. thanks. :) much easier now

  51. ccsx

    What a wonderful update!!

  52. amiripz

    Ah, if it only happened a month ago.
    I had two blogs and then I had to delete one and start from a differet email addres (user name) because the dashbord mixes.

    Never mind my case, a superd addition Matt.

  53. Alexandre

    Merci !

  54. Karura

    My second blog has always been a bit neglected because switching to it was just a little bit too much effort…but now there’s no excuse not to check it :)

  55. Nita

    Thank you WordPress. This is very useful to me.

  56. Administrator

    Nice One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  57. Nicola

    Very useful – thank you !

  58. cap

    That’s one of the best improvements you’ve been doing ever!

  59. Ujwala

    just checked it out. oooh! this one is a good one from my point of view. thank you!

  60. James17930

    I’ve been waiting for this for months — it’s perfect.

    Thanks WordPress! You, like, rule.

  61. cuzoogle

    awesome, just noticed it and wondered, was that there all along!

  62. Bubba

    Good job WordPress. Thanks.

  63. venu

    Thank You

  64. adam

    very awesome, i’ve needed that for a while.

    the aesthetics are a little wonky, but i trust you’ll sort that out.

  65. masterclasslady

    Merci buckets!

  66. kylydia

    Oh, this is lovely and very much appreciated. It was my biggest pet peeve with WordPress!

  67. KarenV

    I’ve just noticed this – thanks very much, it was a bit of a pain before!

  68. benny75

    Hey Matt, I´ve missed this feature… just until today! In my case, it was very good for switching all my blogs … before, I´ve had to go to wordpress home page or visualize a blog to switch ..
    Thank you!

    Saluti Celesti

  69. NAyK

    This is it! And sooner than expected! It’s what I (we all) wanted. Thanks so much. I guess now the only issue remains is the interface… to make it look more ‘pretty’. Right now the drop down is a little obtrusive and overshadows a bit of the screen space. Maybe with a little more design it will not only be useful but more aesthetically pleasing.

  70. Phoenix

    Cool I was looking for this all the time… you’re the god of small things! :)

  71. thesinger

    it’s a wonderful thing!!

  72. Burner

    Great job, Matt. Thanks! No more bitching when switching blogs now. :D

  73. ivoryhut

    You guys are awesome. I always look forward to checking out the dashboard every time I log on. It’s like checking to see if there are new little surprise gifts left for us while we were away.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. WordPress rocks!

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  75. Gymshoes

    Sweet! Thanks! :-)

  76. nicthegeek

    nice one! i’ve often wondered about the lack of it, and now here it is. thank you!!

  77. Seleria

    Very nice… saved me a gazillion mouse clicks. Thanks :)

  78. ivie

    great. I love it. it’s easy now to switch my dashboard.

  79. BurocraciaNeuronal

    wow wow, thank you!

  80. Josh

    Thanks a lot for this, Matt. Much easier on the clicking finger. :)

  81. Ray

    Thanks Matt….Great addition & Congratulations on making the “Top 50 Web Shakers & Movers” on PC World. Number 16, not bad…..,129301-page,1-c,techindustrytrends/article.html


  82. Md. Sakib Al Mahmud

    nice job

  83. wars128

    Makes me want to maybe start another blog…

  84. Tylor

    You guess never cease to amaze me how in touch with the needs of this community you are. Thanks again.

  85. Indigo

    thank you!!! I found the switcher by complete accident. It’ll be very helpful!!! :-)

  86. Ronnie Ann

    I LOVE this! Thank you. Thank you thank you!

  87. Susan

    Thanks! You guys are awesome about constantly upgrading things!

    I agree with JV’s comment above about hoping for multiple author IDs to go along with the separate blogs. (For us mulitple personality type of people!)

  88. lordgk

    Great! :D

  89. rivermaya

    excellent !
    you are smart, matt :x

  90. بهمن

    Good ;)

  91. linusmann

    Cool option. I guess I’ll have to start writing on my other blog, too.
    Thanks for the guilt trip.

    No really, thanks for making this stuff so easy (except for the writing part).

  92. Patrick

    awesome. I noticed this this morning. Thanks for the continued work.

  93. Brian Purkiss

    I posted a comment earlier telling you that I couldn’t use that feature with Safari.
    Well, I’ve got it now! It’s working! I don’t know why it wasn’t working earlier, but it’s working now.

    So, now I can give a report!

    It’s AWESOME.
    Thank you so much for that update. I’m using it a bunch already. It’s very useful.

    Thanks you SO MUCH for all y’all are doing with WordPress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. H.Constantinos


  95. crazyharp81602

    Much Better! Thanks!

  96. chanux

    Doing another blog??? It’ll make both blogs bitter.

  97. Pema

    Fantastic! This was a real pain. Many thanks.

  98. Merri Williams

    My mouse and I thank you all *so* very much! This is *cool*!

  99. LM

    Great improvement…
    What about make it easier include new users?

  100. Milla

    OMG!!! Thank you SO very much! Makes me feel like keep wishing on the shooting star of the feedback… This is fantastic. You are SO the best! THANKS!!!!!


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