Slideshows and Maps

We have added a couple of new ways for you to put content on your blog.

The first is RockYou slideshows. RockYou makes it super easy to upload a bunch of photos and create a slideshow with captions and music. We eagerly await collections of your kids, kittens and favorite celebrities. Instructions for how to embed one of their slideshows are in our FAQ. You can also find a link to RockYou in the slideshow tab below the edit window where you compose your blog posts.


The second is a way for you to add maps to your blog using the Platial service. You create a map, drop it on your blog and then you and your readers can add markers and comments to the map. It’s a great way to collaboratively figure out where to find the cheapest gas or the best beer in town. Their maps can be added to your blog’s sidebar using the Platial Mapkit widget. To try it simply go to the Sidebar Widgets section of your blog, grab their widget and follow the instruction in the widget’s configuration link.


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Toni Schneider


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  1. varna

    You chaps vanished for a long time! But thanks for the good work. Been looking forward to the maps for a while now. :D

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  3. firulaisco

    GREAT :)

  4. forchilli


  5. Grace

    Thanks! You’re spoiling us.

  6. miguelacho13


  7. sarahtoga

    woah. This is space age. Super cool features!

  8. shafi

    This is great Toni, will go and try it out…

  9. thordora

    ooh! I like the slideshows!

  10. deambulando

    Im usign platial few days a go, its very funny see where are from the readers, thanks guys ;)

  11. Ilya Lichtenstein

    Very cool! Platial looks particularly interesting- thanks for exposing us to these great new services.

  12. vishnuvardhan

    this really rocz………..

  13. Nikolakis

    Thanks for the additions! I already use Platial for Volos, Greece since 2-3 weeks now :)

  14. misslionheart

    Done! I have a bebo page (for what i’s worth!) and just transferred it over. I’ll add more pics soon.

    Thanks for this.

  15. alicia5

    Super, very easy!!! thanks!!!

  16. nicksmyname

    Very nice. Now if Platial and RockYou took the WordPress OpenID login, that would be really nice.

  17. Simão Freitas

    Thanks! that’s great!

    But there’s a pretty useful widget that you could put available: polls or surveys! That would be awsome!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  18. Anita Marie

    This is so cool!
    I can’t wait to use this- it’ll help add to the ‘atmosfear’ on my blog
    Your devoted fan

  19. arick

    the slideshow thing is really cool and i’m eager to use it… the map widget looks seems a neat idea, but seeing as how i live in the world’s smallest town it may not be so useful…

  20. wphj

    Awesome! I’ll have to check out both those sites.

  21. Rhys


  22. Ryan

    Awesome updates!

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  24. Miko Dela Cruz

    Another nice addition to the collection of plug-ins.

    I am however waiting for the much awaited Tag Cloud Generator feature.

  25. Amy

    Awesome! Thanks so much for giving us these options. I have a feeling I’m gonna have fun with these two. :)

  26. Cat

    Yeah, I’ve seen both of those earlier.

    Not too sure on the slideshow, the first look I had didn’t impress me very much. Need to play around with it a bit more. :)

  27. stupidtom

    Thanx! Something else to play with! I love this place.

  28. fengbrum

    how about photo/video montages from

  29. Anita Marie

    Just to follow -up I got this up on my blog and it’s so cool I’m telling the artists in my writer’s group to hook up to this as well…and yes indeed it added much needed atmosfear to my macabre little blog

  30. esqmsm

    Thank you people.

  31. Joe

    great work, gang. i’ve been using platial on my feeds page ever since you sneaked it into the widget options box. very cool app. thanks!

  32. Michael Sync

    Wow.. I love those features….. you guys rock!!! :)
    thanks a lot..

  33. togetherwillbe

    :::jump for joy:::

  34. Kevin Guertin

    Neat! Hmmm… wonder what I’ll do with this??

  35. Kunal

    Cool :D

  36. sulz

    i love the slideshow feature, and platial mapkit sounds like an interesting addition, but they’re both killers for my dial-up!

  37. JV

    Slideshow sounds great. Thanks

  38. Brent

    Hey, I noticed that. I saw and tested the Platial widget a little while back.

    The RockYou slideshow is a cool idea too. I see that it is compatible with Photo Bucket. Very cool.

    Thanks Toni.

  39. Harshad Joshi

    Thanks for the map service. I have already enabled it.. :)

  40. umair

    slideshows… i will love that …

  41. dinsan

    wordpress rocks !!!!

  42. dinsan

    I created one sample… check out

  43. range

    Really cool. What about Zooomr and flickr integrating for slideshows!

    Thanks guys.

  44. ElKid

    This new slideshow thing looks pretty good. WordPress just keeps getting better!

  45. ahmad al - makassariy

    Wow bagus banget, coba ah..

  46. mr fausty

    tnx ;)

  47. MadMark

    Wonderful Widget!!! Thank you!!

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  49. majhiduniya
  50. Chittaranjan

    I’ve been trying Platial since a while now! Wondered back then why there wasn’t any announcement :|

    Thanks anyways for these nifty features!

  51. Burner

    Nice features, especially the slideshow thingy. Thanks Toni. :D

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  53. erizabesu

    thank you!!

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  55. Menco

    Hmmm… Would rather have seen Picase integrated into WP…

  56. oldgreypoet

    Both of these are going to be very welcome. Thanks, guys!

  57. antsae

    Thanks, i wil try this

  58. Ujwala

    sounds excting! I’m off to try them out. u

  59. zhanzhe

    Nice feature… I like it. :)

  60. James17930

    Man, you guys are way too good for us. There are so many features now I can’t even keep up!

  61. Yaser

    That’s great. The more features you add, the more we enjoy using WP.

  62. vinu

    How about adding ability to add powerpoint slides? I think that would be really cool

  63. damiengwalter

    Fantastic stuff. Slideshows are a great addition.

  64. Maggie

    Cool! This will be a great way to put pictures of my scrapbooks up for my long distance parents to view! Yeah!

    I was growing tired of some of the youTube “singles” adverts–just decided to “boycott” them yesterday on that basis. This is awesome timing.

  65. the so-called "Dyiele Mi Luana"

    no more picture overflow! =) tnx wordpress!


  66. Dennis Pater

    thats cool
    thanks a lot.
    This would get handy, but I think the ma option is there quite a while ;)

  67. Mathias


    I’ve been waiting for this!
    Super, guys.

    I’ll be trying it out.

  68. Nicola

    Very very neat – thank you guys again!

  69. grinder

    Super!!!! Fantastic stuff guys. Thanks \m/

  70. sapanlıköyü

    ıt is very nice thanks wordpress ;)

  71. leandrohubo


  72. Jeffrey



  73. Tyler

    I love the Platial widget, but when will we be able to use a larger map in a post or on a separate page?

  74. Woeful

    Cool new functionality guys, Thanks!

  75. Kurt

    You ppl rock…

  76. mozey

    you guys are cool,

  77. abu ameerah

    sounds decent. thanks…

  78. Carlos

    Nice, thanks

    I always love wordpress, congratulations.

  79. The Eternal Wanderer

    Slideshows!!! Wow wee!! Finally I don’t have to clutter my blog with loads of pictures!!! Nice move, you guys!!!

    The MapKit sounds interesting too. Must try it out one of these days!

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  81. Milla

    That sounds WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you very much guys!!!!

  82. Nita

    Wow. I guess the best thing would be to say, you guys rock.

  83. Andrew

    Maps seem cool but right now it’s loading Phatty McSlow! Probably because Palatial is suddenly being assaulted by 100,000 WordPress blog requests…
    Cool addition though.

  84. Neville

    I’ve got the Platial map on my blog already. Very nice. Thanks, WordPress.

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  86. hazel8500

    This is very exciting, off to play wid it!

  87. twitchy67

    Awesome…slideshows…wooot!!! er…dammit now i need a camera

  88. tobeme

    Very cool, looking forward to playing with the new features.

  89. icedmocha

    Slideshows? As if I’m not wasting enough time already. ;) Thanks very much.

  90. blayde

    Used the map thing before, funny it wasn’t mentioned before, but the slideshow thing is way cool, thanks

  91. Sha

    Yay love the slide show. You guys are the best!

  92. skyblu

    I tried the maps and found them too small and too much of a fiddleeee thing. Could you add a giant footer widget to all blogs? It might serve many purposes – maps included.

  93. Rizwan

    Map thingy is good ..

  94. redrabbitslife

    I have gotta try this, I have three or four maps….

  95. baronen

    Super nice! I am on already! Rock!

  96. iceyfresh5

    wow!! kool! :)

  97. katm

    I’m looking forward to trying out the slide show.


  98. Stephen

    Flickr slideshows might be good too

  99. robyn

    and here i am again in amazement! thanks yall!

  100. Sean

    I noticed this earlier today. Nice.


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