New Ranking Algorithim

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note that we have radically rearchitected our ranking system.

While previously we were pretty good at tracking things like traffic, it became apparent our system was a little weak with regards to measuring awesomeness. We’ve corrected for this deficiency and you should now see updated rankings on our home page.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off the new month. :)

Update: It was an April Fool’s day joke! Props to engtech for the great idea. It will still work for a few more hours.

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  1. axewielderx


  2. Agent KGB

    LOL I wish.

  3. adam

    wow. that’s brilliant :lol:


  4. jayleen

    How does the awesome meter work? :oD

  5. Brian

    :lol: Thanks for the ego boost. :P

    Now if you could only do this every day of the year. :roll:

  6. Sean

    I wish someone would correct my mind’s deficiency, but alas, this will have to do. Keep up the great work.

  7. Hameed Khan

    Matt, I have never understood what blog of the minute is? is it randomly picked? or you have an algorithm for it too?

  8. matty

    You bloody well got me there for a while. (An April fool joke after midday is poor form in this country BTW!)

  9. oraclewalkin

    Thanks a lot Matt !!

    I just saw our name in Blog of the minute.
    We are hoping to hit the charts again.We have tried to broaden ourselves rathen than concentrating on only one aspect.

    Hope to get in BOTD again!!

  10. Marein Könings

    Wow, my blog’s Blog of the Minute…

    I don’t know what you changed, but it was good! :D

  11. judyb12

    radically rearchitected?!? ;)

  12. lifeinmotion

    I’m flattered to be the “Blog of the Minute” on the 1st of April

  13. grandiosa12

    I know you guys are pranking us.. you’ve got me! happy april fools day

  14. Catherine Morgan

    Thanks Matt. This is a great new ranking system! :wink:

  15. Manymeez

    Is the new ranking system the same as top blogs on the home page? Other wise, I don’t see it. But then again, I can’t find my glasses either, has anyone seen those? But it sounds awesome.

  16. Chris Blumen

    except with like, I don’t know, an April Fool’s Joke.

    Scared me into shakes man.

  17. Caravaggio

    Woo hoo. This new algorithm must be applauded … especially if it’s played any role in making my blog the WordPress ‘blog of the minute’!

    Bah, I think I am the April fool !

  18. Ronnie Ann

    Very cute guys! You had me for a minute. Then I checked my other account login and saw the joke. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Cat

    What exactly does that mean then? How are you going to measure it?

    For example my blog somehow ended up on there with a post that I made hours and only had around 15 hits?

  20. Sheryl

    You people are goofy. Thanks for the laugh. This is the only way my blog would be “Blog of The Minute.” :-)

  21. broader

    If that ain’t an April fool’s joke it’s a cool news! ;)

  22. mon@rch

    Very cool and will check out!

  23. Philapple

    Wow, i like this new way to analize the traffic statics of blogs….
    I’m in the top of the page, in the section dedicated to the “blog of the minute”… That’s because is the first of April ;-)

  24. red01

    Wicked… measuring awesomeness… is the way of the future. :D

  25. megadix

    Uhm, very strange ranking algorithm…if I go to

    with Firefox, which is the browser that I use to do log-in, I see my own blog as “Blog Of The Minute”!
    “Wow”, I thought, “finally at WordPress they appreciated my wonderful contents!”
    Instead if I visit the same address with IE (not logged-in) I see other blog in the “Blog Of The Minute” box. sigh…

  26. April fools :P

  27. raincoaster

    That’s a good one, guys!

  28. easyrew
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  30. charonqc

    I don’t know how you guys do it… fantastic service / product – and I am glad you do

    Charon QC

  31. Evan


  32. stealbelow


  33. poppy8sd

    Well…it’s an April Fool’s joke, right? –Cuz MY blog ain’t listed #1 for “Hot du Jour” only for “Hot du Minute” (!) –which is a mistake, right?

    “rearchitected”??? –You invented a word??? (lol) How undumb!

  34. secondchancetolive

    Thanks Matt. I am not sure if it is true, but my post, Who is stealing my…has been blog of the minute for most of the day. Thanks. Please varify that this is not a fluke. Thanks Matt for your hard work and dedication, along with Mark and the rest of the staff. You all Rock!!! Have a simply phenomenal week. Craig

  35. janelles

    ha ha April fools!

  36. Χρήστος Μόρφος

    Nice job, Matt!

    I celebrated Fool’s Day with a post about the bankrupting of Automatic Inc. and the definite shutting down of the servers of WordPress [with a (404) link to CNN]. Of course, I tagged the post “Fool’s Day”, just in case!

    Have a nice month! Thank you all guys!

    PS. The “new algorithm” is wonderful, but unfortunately, for me, it’ s not Fool’s Day every day [in Greece it's already "tomorrow"].

  37. Jeff Ventura


    How does one measure awesomeness? How do you factor in coolness, kickassosity, rad colors, /amazing typography, humor and made up words? How do you weigh each, statistically speaking?

  38. TheHype

    This better not be an April Fool’s joke! hehe

    (I dunno if you guys intended it, but as soon as I clicked on the link, my blog was the Blog of the Moment — pleasant coinicidence :) )

  39. enkerli

    What’s the difference! It always looked that way. Do I need another browser to see the changes?

    Also, was this reimplementation spearheaded by the League of Awesomeness?

    Happy 4/1!

  40. dpcough

    april fools

  41. carthik

    Err, My blog is the “blog of the minute” (thanks a lot for that) – but the link to my article takes me to “” and not the actual blog post :)

    Thanks again!

  42. girlfriday

    I’m going say that I like this! Mainly because when I go to the updated rankings … my blog is up there as *blog of the minute* :lol: How cool is that???

  43. agentplex

    Can’t wait to hear what the awesomest person behind today’s “blog of the minute” has to say!!!!


  44. ferron

    No april fool?

  45. Spyder

    hahaha, sneaky :P

  46. pascal

    a fair ranking system ;)

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  48. mesablue

    Very funny.

  49. outofthegarden

    Excellent, I am Blog Of The Minute …. for about an hour thus far ;)
    I love a good April Fool’s!

  50. qbit

    Algorithm, not algorithim. ;)

  51. engtech

    Took a while for this to go live :)

  52. engtech

    What’s even funnier about this is that I’m #13 on top blogs and #20 on top posts of the day so I can’t tell whether or not you used my idea for blogs of the minute. :)

  53. matt

    all i know is that i ended up as the blog of the minute and i have no idea how

  54. rumours

    Amazing Matt, simply amazing
    Thaks WordPress :)
    i love it

  55. showmescifi


  56. Sagaro

    Happy fooling :P

  57. Trent

    I freaked out when my “private” blog post was on the first page! Luckily, I managed to think about what day it was before sending in an email to Mark! You got me!

  58. Brent


  59. Brent

    Hey, I’m the blog of the minute!

  60. Woeful


  61. Ryan

    Wow, I hope it isn’t a glitch in that my blog is blog of the minute, as of 9:24 PM central time :)

  62. shinyobjectsandbumblebees

    umm, my latest post is the blog o the minute. hahaha! lovely april fool’s joke! :P
    so how did you manage it? lol

  63. Ryan

    I guess it only appears as BotM because I’m logged in or something. When I view it in IE it shows a different blog, but in FF it’s my blog all the time.

  64. जगदीश भाटिया

    It is stunning !
    Thanks for giving smile on our face :)

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  66. Lauren

    This is the best April Fool’s present I’ve ever had! You guys are too good to us.

  67. alicia5

    thats will be great for me!!! Thanks

  68. Jeff Ventura

    Ah yes. Clever.

  69. rjlight

    Finally, I will be discovered… I just want to thank all the people who nominated me… WordPress for giving me the free blog even when you didn’t know if I could write…

  70. alejna

    You guys are funny. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this new system an “awesome.”

  71. Christ Almond

    What a great advancement. And what a great way this comments roll is going to be for getting all the top bloggers to look at new blogs, because they’ll all want to know how truly ‘awesome’ their ranking is. My ranking is nowhere but I did just appear on Blog Of The Minute, so I’m happy. just gets better and better. Kudos aplenty, y’all.

  72. delizenciler

    good Algorithim to blogger :P

  73. EelKat

    I’m not sure that I see what’s differant. uhm. What did I miss?


  74. Michael Sync

    It would be great if we can read the explanation about how wordpress ranking system works. then, we will come to know why those people are in top list and what we should do to improve our blog..

  75. abu ameerah

    great work guys. thanks!

  76. Harsha

    Wow! Being able to measure awesomeness itself is awesome!!

  77. whig

    Always good to know that I’m the blog of the minute. I doubt it will work as well tomorrow.

  78. bartonpublishing

    Works for me! I was happy to be ranked #59 today…

  79. wittyusername


    good one wordpress!

    ::rolls eyes::

  80. Catholic Writer

    Heh. Nice trick!

  81. Elizabeth

    LOL! LOL!

  82. scientaestubique

    I think your algorithm might be drinking margaritas. My blog is displaying as Blog of the Minute when I’m logged in, and it’s not on either Today’s Hot Blogs or Today’s Hot Posts.

  83. outofthegarden

    Great fun and a great April Fool’s!

    — which is not to say that spreading the ‘ranking love’ (as my 15 yo daughter would say) according to (very subjective) ‘awesomeness’ — or better yet random-ness — isn’t a good idea. Some of us can’t afford to pay for our 60 seconds of blogging fame, but we just might have fabulous blogs ;)

  84. Farghana

    hay u got me there.for a moment..but thank God i checked it again on IE without logging in…n i guessed the prank….hmm good one least it made me happy for a moment!!!

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  86. EelKat

    ah! now that you guys have posted the comments (which didn’t show up until 5 mins ago) I didn’t understand, but now reading the comments that have been being written the past 2 days, I understand that it was some kind of a joke.

    May I ask why? The joke, I mean… why?


  87. scientaestubique

    Great joke, except it’s April the 2nd in Australia, so it kind of fizzled here.

  88. Lou (Linda)

    Niiiiiice! Thanks for the chuckle!

  89. K

    I was fooled. I even took a screenshot of my blog after seeing it appeared on the BOTM. Well, even if it was for justa minute, it made me feel better.

  90. dinsan

    lol I took screenshots and sent out to friend :(:( good one matt

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  92. Karen

    hahaha! you guys got me there ;)

  93. peoplesgeography

    Kudos, and a great idea.

  94. drsubrotoroy

    TYPO “Millennium” corrected

    You got me! I thought my “Swindling India” magically became the top post on the day it was published. But surely there is a possible measurable index for awesomeness, which is the time spent at a blog. Aristotle, for example, would have had an awesome blog called The Nicomachean Ethics, and that would have been Blog of the Millennium twice or thrice in a row.

  95. outeasy

    wOw! Thanks for the pic. I really do need a haircut. heY!

  96. Leedeth

    Lol, you guys had me scared there. My latest post was simply a link and a single line of text. So I immediately checked my stats, and voila, April fools.



  98. Leedeth

    Just thought of this: Next time you guys should rig the stats as well. Would’ve made it more convincing for those that have a bit of sense. Heh.

  99. Christoph Wagner

    WP won:
    1. Price for the only April 1st joke that got me
    2. Price for the joke that got probably the most people (statistically)

    Well done!

  100. clukindahose

    LOL.. wakakakak.


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