March Wrap-up

It’s that time again! Sorry we skipped the wrap-up in Feburary, but it was a short month and we also found an error in the way we were tracking posts, as you can see by the big drop in this graph, and we wanted a full month of accurate numbers before publishing them again. (We were counting edits in addition to new posts, doh!)

March was a light month feature-wise, partly because we were rocking out at SxSW:

What happened behind the scenes was more exciting though. We brought online 40+ new servers at a new datacenter location in San Francisco, and also cleaned up a lot of our code that does cross-datacenter replication and caching. (Which is still ongoing.) We also found some bottlenecks in the code that were adding at least a hundred milliseconds to almost every page load, so things should be generally faster now.

March stats: 105k blogs, 121k users, switched themes 567,119 times, 1.5 million posts, 554k pages, 1.9 million comments, 4,856 support requests, 728k file uploads, and 184 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.) For those following along at home, that puts user and pageview growth up 78% since December.

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  • Apr 5, 2007 @ 1:28 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. Fabio Bracht

    WordPress FTW!

    May come April, and with it a whole new bunch of features!

  2. Brian Purkiss

    HOLY COW. I am continually FLOORED by the stats. It’s incredible!

    Thank y’all SO much for everything you do!
    You make blogging a wonderful, easy, and professional experiance!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Anita Marie

    The slideshow was my favorite new toy here at wordpress- and keep turning out those new themes-
    keepin’ it odd an macabre

  4. Nobodyknows


    You guys are simply awesome. Thanks for everything you do for us end users, and I appluad the rapid growth of Congrats.

  5. axewielderx

    Looking good!

  6. Michael Sync

    wow.. great!!!

  7. Adaen of Bridgewater

    Thanks for all the great work. We have really been enjoying wordpress.
    ~Adaen of Bridgewater

  8. mysimsreality

    Thanks for doing an awesome job! :D

  9. Sandra's Dossier

    Good job!!!

  10. alicia5

    Thats stats are incredible!!! Is really good be in to the stats for me!!! Thanks for this information.

  11. journeytomom

    We are a busy bunch, aren’t we. :-)

  12. Md. Sakib Al Mahmud


    Nice Status ;)

  13. ehotel

    Yeah, great job done! I especially love slideshows. Thanks!

  14. aishel


  15. webmaster

    nice…great job, WP team!

  16. marklog3

    Thats great! (Except for the stats / code problems.) I have a feeling that the number will continue to rise up more and more in the coming months.


  17. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Keep it up, WP! You’re doing great.

  18. sulz

    keep up the good work! i’m having a wonderful time blogging in :)

  19. Chittaranjan

    W00t! W00t! to all of that /

    P.S: Long time since we’ve seen a new theme, wot say?

  20. dhfaouzi

    Thank you for all these features. I hope that you give more improvements to I suggested somethings via the feedback tool.
    Thank you again.

  21. P. A. Monteiro

    I know I’ve said it before but thanks for building such a good application, supporting and enhancing it and generally for all the good stuff that you guys do. Have a virtual beer (or ten) on me.

  22. Meg

    Way to go guys – some impressive stats there. Thanks for all the work, and making the platform so easy to use :)

  23. ffextensionguru

    Keep up the great work y’all! Been very happy here for the past six months and don’t plan on going anywhere. I do love the Blog Switcher feature as I suddenly found myself as on those who is “hyper-blogging”.

  24. blayde

    Wow, huge jump, and all those theme switchers, tsk tsk, stick to one will ya.

  25. Avatar DJ Flux

    Utterly brilliant!

    Interesting that on more than 860,000 blogs there have been only 3567 theme switches – that makes less than 0,50%. People must be really happy with their aesthetical choices…

    Not much bigger percentage for support requests That means that WP is really easy to use even for us computer illiterates!

  26. Andrie

    Thumbs up!

  27. urbanreality

    That’s cool. Keep up the good work.

  28. n0comment

    keep up the good work :)

  29. dinsan

    open ID was the greatest thing !!!

  30. Inexistent Man


  31. Donutfun

    OK :-D

  32. rumours

    i loved it WordPress :)

  33. Admin


  34. TJ

    You guys @ wordpress are good

  35. sheepoo

    Groovy :)

  36. Jeffrey

    Awesome! I love WordPress!!

  37. ikszray

    So it was a good month, at least for me :-)

  38. hromanager

    Its good to keep bloggers updated on the statistics as a whole giving a macro picture at large. We being a trusted corporate bloggers on WordPress, appreciate the pace at which improvements are taking place at wordpress and the amount of effort being put at the back end by the staff is remarkable. We hope WordPress continue its current efforts in bringing a cleaner, quality, resourceful blogs to the world of digital media adding to the revolutionary transformation of productive use of Internet as a resource tool.

  39. Mocha!

    Still a fan. WP rocks!

    I hope to see more plugins for users users and when can we see us changing the font and font colour before we publish without using codes?

    Like I said…..WP rocks!

    Happy Easter y’all!

  40. salahudin


  41. mannyfaja

    woah…78% growth! I’m glad I started out with wordpress!

  42. Woeful

    Wow, 78% growth in one quarter is phenomenal. Congratulations!

  43. miguelacho13

    great!! cool!

  44. kylydia

    Awesome. Keep rocking out.

  45. rjlight

    I must admit I switched themes at least 3,000 of the 3,567.

  46. itsmeritesh

    Nice improvement in the pageviews and overall growth. I have started blogging on my personal domain and have installed 2.1.2 there. Do those also add to these figures ? IF not then you should. Keep up the great work. waiting for your next release.

  47. Brian

    That is surprising that there were only 3567 theme changes. I must have changed 20 times myself. Thanks for all the growth, keep it coming.

  48. Chelsea

    Awesome guys!

  49. hardrockhideout

    You guys are doing a great job at WordPress. I am glad I picked WordPress to host my blog.

  50. qbit

    Damn those 100 milliseconds!, hehehe.

  51. rAfA vAlDéS

    I think wordpress is the best blogs server ;)

  52. Steve

    Keep up the good work and thanks for all the hard work that you put in to such a fantastic product! Blogging would be less fun if it wasn’t for you all putting the time in. and all the cool stuff that you keep on giving us to play with.

    Big Thanks


  53. jayleen

    I love my blogs! You guys keep up the great work. My Photo blog has only been open for 5 or 6 days depending on when you count the end of a day and it’s going on a 1000 hits. Thanks for making it so easy to use. You guys rock!

    Oh, and I was blog of the minute, all day on April Fools Day! Gotta love THAT! ;)

  54. pakosuperstar

    nice, wordpress rocks

  55. Yaser

    Cool. Thanks.

  56. opilia

    I love it here. This is the first time I’ve ever had my own blog and it looks like I came to the right place! Thanks for the support help and keeping us posted on what’s going on at wordpress.

  57. jeremiahandrews

    It always feels so comfy in this “Word Press” living room.

    Thanks Matt

  58. Adam Nash

    Great new features this month. Just curious… I saw some Adsense ads appear on my blog today, but just for a single page load. On refresh, they disappeared…

    …something you are experimenting with?


  59. Peter

    One word…Awesome!

  60. elvenbyte

    Don’t be unhappy. You are making a really good job. I assure to you.

  61. Shawn15


  62. growthumbs

    Impressive. Thats alot

  63. moscarey

    Thanks!!!!! Matt! :)

  64. Khurt Williams

    I am so happy I made the switch from blogger.

  65. MrArboc

    OK, I don’t really know what to say about those numbers, but it sounds impressive. ;-)

  66. Sha

    Wicked around up.

  67. Wengistein

    Hey, that’s a lot of stats. Sounds good all the time.

  68. Luthfi

    Still April Fool’s day joke or not?

  69. Lensflare

    Keep up the great work!

    Everything is running smoothly now…

  70. syahid ali

    great service. thanks

  71. plubius

    What a great month =)

  72. elgatosinbotas


  73. Al S

    How many of you are there?

    Pretty impressive.

    al sends

  74. fabiocpn


  75. yongsheng

    wooah! march has been quite a good month then… haha that’s great :D

  76. sgrvspks

    Wow, fast month..I don’t remember much about it either!!

  77. libralove

    wah i so like wordpress.

  78. klarasonnenschein

    two words: stay tuned! ;)

  79. Greyhawk

    40 servers? Woaw, that must’ve cost alot.

  80. ramoody5

    you guys really rock thnx for all the work done for us

  81. cod

    Always looking forward to the new stuff, keep it up!

  82. hasin

    You desrve that. Definitely a good target.

  83. robyn

    I continue to stand amazed! Who doesn’t love WP?!

  84. Harshad Joshi

    Thats indeed hard work. You are #1.


  85. VDO Vault

    I hope you guys ate at Threadgills at least once while you were at SXSW…you’re making me jealous :)

  86. katm

    Incredible work team! I love WP more and more everyday! I can’t wait what neat features will be released in the coming months.

  87. datingguy

    Keep up the great work! I specifically chose your blogging platform over the others because I like your features and the look of your site.

  88. Maruti Borker

    WordPress … ROXXXXXXXXXXXx

  89. gabryell


  90. motherb

    keep up the good work

  91. jareddiehl

    I have been blogging for three months…thanks for making it possible.

    Blogging has really helped me work on my writing.

  92. afokkema

    Excellent job guys. Keep up the good work!

  93. alejna

    Many thanks! The blog-switcher feature is mighty handy. And faster is always dandy. (Crap, I didn’t really mean to rhyme.)

    and 184 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section…
    I can’t help but wonder…how many counting admin section hits? Or stats? Not that I know anyone who would compulsively check stats…that would be wrong.

  94. perfectday

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to getting started and having some fun with this!

  95. Ken

    Great work! Thanks much guys! looking forward to getting started and having some fun with this!

  96. Vish

    Nice work you guys! I’ve enjoyed using my blogs. I guess now, I should get out there and check out the community.

  97. jessicaalbadiary

    WordPress will hit 1.000.000 blogs in April, that’s unbelievable!

  98. fanau

    nice work for a light month.

    two questions:
    1) i am surprised there are more users (121k) than blogs (105k). you sure?
    2) it would be good to see a total for RSS feed impressions…and especially to see if it is trending up?

    will anyone even see these questions??? :-(

  99. Prinsipe Langaw


  100. smurfman

    Incredible! When do you sleep, eat and …?
    Keep up the good work.


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